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Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 14 December 1999



Mr Innes Stephen (Chairman)

Mrs Glenison Foster-Axten (Secretary)

Mrs Ros Deane (Treasurer)

Mr Donnie Chisholm

Mr Jimmy Lynch

Mrs Linda Mackie

Mrs Jenny Wagstaff


Also Present

Cllr. Paul Johnston (Aberdeenshire Council)

P.C. George Hall (Grampian Police Community Liaison Officer) Ms Annette Holland (Aberdeenshire Council - Community Education Officer) Mr Arthur Gill (Aberdeenshire Council - Community Education Officer) Mrs Alison Leith (Ellon Times)



Mr Barry Cook andMr John Thomson 0/ice Chairman)



1 Minute of Meeting 16/11/99: Agreed.

2 Matters Arising

a] Manse Brae Bus Stop Bluebird Bus Co. has agreed in principle to the siting of additional stops. AC has the matter under enquiry and will get back to the TCC in due course.

Chisholm advised that he had surveyed the opinion of the Oakwood Park residents. 29% of those surveyed replied. Of this, 60% were in favour, 13% were against and 27% had no views either way.

b] Burn at Barthol Chapel: AC had advised that SEPA had considered the condition of the watercourse and considered it to be satisfactory. They would not, at present, consider any further action.

3 Chairman's Report

Responsibility for the maintenance and erection of the village Christmas tree was still not decided. Whilst temporary arrangements have been made for this year it was stressed that a formal arrangement should be in place for future years with, ideally, responsibility being shared between the TCC, the Kirk Session and the Royal British Legion. The electric wiring and connection to the church supply is now becoming dangerous and would have to be replaced before any future use. Cllr Johnston advised that a small grant might be available towards the cost if 50% of the total could be raised locally. Stephen suggested that it would not be inappropriate to - pass round the hat' at the millennium celebrations. ++

4 Councillor's Report:

The department responsible for winter maintenance of the roads has confirmed a re route to cover the Craigie Brae in the morning approximately between 0800 hrs and 0815 hrs.

5 Mobile Telephone Mast

The TCC had been consulted by 'Orange' about the erection of a mobile telephone mast in Tarves. It had earlier been pointed out that as no planning permission was required the mast could be sited anywhere in the area but 'Orange' felt it would be better to consult the local community via the TCC. The mast will be styled after a lamppost. Following a tour of the village 'Orange' considered that the most advantageous siting would be at the Football Ground. Annual compensation of 1500 would be paid to the club if they agree to the siting of the mast. The Football Club Committee was to discuss this matter this evening but it was felt that they would agree to the proposal. The TCC agreed the proposal and Innes Stephen will write to Drummond Contracts to confirm. 


The TCC expressed thanks to A Leith for the Ellon Times Christmas card recently received.


A Holland advised that the portacabin presently housing Zone 98 was in a dilapidated condition; the cabin cannot be made permanently watertight. A Gill confirmed that it could only be used for possibly 2 more years and permanent accommodation is vital. Zone 98 is open 4 nights per week and generally attracts 25-30 young people. Holland had distributed leaflets through Ellon Academy and judged that the whole project had been a great success. The AGM will be held on 10 January 2000.

As regards a permanent site, it was suggested that Zone 98 may be able to use any extension to the school for the 'under 5's'. Johnston felt that it was too late for that as the school extension project would be implemented as soon as AC got the go-ahead and, incorporating facilities for Zone 98 would not be possible at this stage. The units to be added to the school are purpose built for the under 5's and would not be suitable for older children. It was, of course, possible that additional units could be added in later years.

So far, the repairs had been funded from the old Millennium Group and the old Youth Club.

The possibility of renting land from AC was discussed with a view to topping this up with a grant from the Lottery Fund. It was decided to form a small team to consider all aspects of the future facilities and funding of Zone 98; Stephen will initiate the group which will also include Cllr PJohnston, L Mackie, B Cook, G Hall and Mr Bill Rattray. ++

It is not yet known if, in consideration of the new pre-school developments, the school will require the return of the land which presently houses Zone 98.

8] Junior Badminton

Innes Stephen had made enquiries about the drop in membership of this club. It was confirmed that Zone 98 had had no effect and that the drop in numbers was apparently due to a general lack of interest. It was felt that recruitment should be extended to Primary 6 children with the aim of creating a continuing interest into the senior group and secondary school.

The club is having severe problems finding enough money to pay the hall rent and is also badly in need of replacement equipment. A Gill advised that a grant towards the rent may be available. He will contact Ms Sylvia Campbell of the Badminton Club. It was felt that the school should be doing a lot more to publicise the sports clubs. It was also suggested that the Sports Development Officer (Mr Gordon Young based at Ellon Community Centre) should be contacted as he may be able to arrange coaching sessions etc. Help may also be available from the Young People's Challenge Fund and, for visiting facilities outwith the community, the Rural Youth Transport Fund.

9 Pre-school Provision

Following the meeting on 7 December 1999 the TCC had been asked to comment on the proposals for provision of new facilities. The money was now available to build customised facilities at Tarves School for pre-school children. If the community decided that new facilities should not be sited within the school grounds then no money would be available. After a deal of discussion it was agreed that the TCC would support the project. All communication concerning this scheme should reach AC by 17 December 1999 and the plans will be finalised in January 2000. Cllr Johnston stressed that the new facilities would run along side the existing 'Playgroup' which would continue to be accredited and funded, thus giving parents a choice. ++


10 Safety Group-

The group will meet in Meldrum House on Thursday 16 December 1999. A Sleigh was nominated to attend. ++

11 Grants 

a) The Amenities Committee is to apply for an environmental grant to create the

village gateways. Application is to be submitted before the end of January 2000. b) The Heritage Group has applied for a grant of 1 000 towards the cost of converting the 'Old School' premises. After some discussion it was agreed that the TCC write to AC stating they felt that such a grant would inappropriate given the fact there was no guarantee the Heritage Group would get full funding for the project, their Lottery Grant application having been rolled over until next year. 

12] Website Group-

P Johnston advised that the Tarves Web has now been updated and more pages have been added. The Community Club has been asked to contribute 250 to help the Group.

The TRDA had applied to the 'Partnership' for approximately 400 to pay outstanding bills in respect of the all weather court. They had not yet had a response. Stephen advised that no money would be forthcoming from the 'Partnership' but that Mr R. Tinch of AC was presently investigating alternative funding. Cllr Johnston advised that there is nothing in the AC budget to cover the cost of either repairs or electricity for the court.



Glenison Foster-Axten 15/12/99