Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 15 February 2000


Present:: Mr Innes Stephen (Chairman)

Mr John Thomson (Vice Chairman)

Mrs Glenison Foster-Axten (Secretary)

Mrs Ros. Deane (Treasurer)

Mr Sam Andrew

Mr Donnie Chisholm

Mr Barry Cook

Mrs Linda Mackie

Mrs Jenny Wagstaff

Also Present: P.C.George Hall (Grampian Police)

Cllr. Paul Johnston (Aberdeenshire Council)

Mrs Alison Leith (Ellon Times)

Mrs Pat. Williams (Tarves New Millennium Group)

Apologies: None

1) Minute of 18/1/00: Para. 5: Delete "Johnston". Insert "Stephen"


2) Matters Arising: a] The 'Partnership' is lending support to the TCC's complaint to the Government re the lack of rural development.

b] The lamp outside the Melvin Hall has now been fixed.

c] Action is now being taken in respect of the messy garden in Tolquhon Avenue.

d] Transco has now cut the hedge on the Barthol Chapel road but has taken no further action as yet.

3) Chairman's Report: Nothing to report.

4) Vice Chairman's Report: Nothing to report.

5) Councillor's Report: Nothing to report.

6) Millennium Project:: Williams advised that the "new" group had been formed in February 1999 for 2 purposes, viz. to arrange the Millennium celebrations and

to create a permanent reminder of the Millennium in the community. After a survey it was concluded that a clock tower was the more favourable option. Plans were drawn up and "Historic Scotland" had approved these. The plans were scheduled to come before

AC Planning Committee at the end of February, or beginning of April. Diagrams of the plans were provided to the TCC. The "tower" will be 34 ft. high and, including the shelter, will be 256 sq.ft. at the base. The clock will have 4 faces and will be lit at night. The height of the "tower" will be in keeping with the nearest buildings, viz. Duthies, the White House and the Aberdeen Arms. The whole structure will not impinge on the pavement. The "shelter" will be open on all sides. The stone used will be in keeping with the surrounding buildings

Although the residents of the "Square" had not been personally surveyed, each had been notified of the impending planning application and no objections had been lodged. The "Roads Dept" at AC had no complaints about the visibility at the Duthie Road junction.

Access to the clock mechanism will be via steps in the tower and there will be a substantial, padlocked door to prevent unauthorised access. There are, as yet, no plans to have any seating in the "shelter".

The forward plans for the New Millennium Group are, of course, subject to the approval of the planning application but should they get approval they would then put the construction contract out to tender and start the fund-raising. The length of time involved in the construction would depend on which contractor won the work. The current estimate of the cost is between 20,000 and 30,000.

There was a lengthy, somewhat heated, discussion by the TCC about whether or not they would support the project. The TCC suggested that it would be in the interests of the NMG to obtain photographic representations and put these on public view so that the community could get a better idea of how the proposed structure would look.

A vote was taken on the motion: "Do you support the plan to erect the clock tower as per the formal plans?


  • For the motion = 6

  • Against the motion = 1

  • Abstention = 2


7) Gas Pipeline: There are plans to install a substantial, above ground, gas pipeline at Garlogie. The pipeline will require a 500 metre cordon sanitaire in which there could be no agricultural, building or industrial development. Such a pipeline requires government approval but not planning approval.

The TCC is to write to AC to strongly suggest that the installation is re-routed to avoid areas of existing or potential development. 

8) Village Gateways: The Amenities Group has applied for a grant of 700 in respect of the planned "gateways". The application will be passed on to the "Partnership" in March.

9) Rural Challenge Fund: Stephen and Thomson had come up with 2 projects which they felt would be appropriate for a grant application:

a] To prepare a leaflet for tourists listing all the local points of interest to cover the area between Tarves, Methlick and Udny. They had sounded out the other 2 communities who were in agreement.

b] To provide "services" such as water, electricity and sewerage for the designated "industrial" area in the village. There was a further possibility of involving AC as a "partner" with AC providing small, basic work units.

These ideas were approved. 

10) Village Xmas Lights: As mentioned at a previous meeting, the state of the electrical connection between the church and the tree was in a dreadful state and must be renewed. Mr A.Middleton would be asked to supply an estimate and Mackie suggested that the TCC apply to the Community Club for the relevant funds. ++

11) "Young Scot" Fund: Stephen and Mackie will consider the literature and report back to the next meeting. ++

12) Web Group: The group is to apply to the Community Club for funds. The web site now contains a Haddo nature page. The group has also applied for a community computer under the BT scheme. The computer would be sited in the Queen's Room of the Melvin Hall and Mr Jim Mennie would be the "gate keeper".

13) A.O.C.B. a] Notification has been received of "National Spring Clean" week in April 2000. The Amenities Group is asked to look at this and the TCC is to write to Mr Marek Gorski at Tarves Primary School to ask if the school could become involved in the "tidy up". 

b] Ms Annette Holland 's job is moving her on to Peterhead and she will no longer be involved in our community projects. The TCC is to send a letter wishing her well. 

c] The "Joint Community Care Plan" has been received. Members are asked to consider this document before the next meeting and let Innes Stephen or Glenison Foster-Axten have any comments. 

d] Ros Deane asked if a slot for Barthol Chapel matters could be included in the main agenda as so often BC matters fell into AOCB when there would not necessarily be enough time to discuss them. 

e] Ros Deane said that it had now been 5 years since the rubble problem at the old school in Barthol Chapel had arisen. They had tried various avenues of complaint about this with no success. There was also the question of which body was responsible if any accidents occurred on the site. She now asked if the TCC could come up with any other ideas. This is carried forward to the next meeting. 

f] Hall advised that he would now be producing monthly crime stats. He hoped to be in a position to let the TCC have these in time for inclusion in the Minute.

g] Ros Deane advised that Barthol Chapel had had a fund raising evening on Friday 11 February. The entertainment had been provided by the "Wallace Collection", a brass ensemble, and a stovie supper had followed. The evening had been a great success.

h] Part of the "Dog Walk" had been ploughed over by mistake. This will be flattened as soon as possible.

i] The Melvin Hall Committee has now approved the plans for the new notice board. The planning application is currently being drawn up.



  • On 29 January 2000, on the B999 at Newseat of Tolquhon, an incident occurred which resulted in a male being charged with various road traffic offences.

  • On 5 February 2000 police received 2 complaints from residents in Bede Way and Old Aberdeen Road regarding youths knocking on doors and banging windows.

  • At 2215 hrs on 12 February 2000 a Renault Laguna motor car broke down near Little Raxton. At this time the car was secured and the owner left it intending to collect it on Sunday 13 February 2000. Unfortunately for him, vandals struck and the car was totally destroyed by fire.

    All of the above crimes are being investigated by Grampian Police and any information should be passed to Grampian Police on (01358) 720222.





    gfa 16 February 2000