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Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 20 June 2000

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Present: Mr I.R.Stephen (Chairman)

Mr J.Thomson (Vice Chairman)

Mrs G.P.Foster-Axten (Secretary)

Mrs R.Deane (Treasurer)

Mr S.Andrew

Mr D.Chisholm

Mr B.Cook

Mr J.Lynch

Also Present: Cllr. P.Johnston (Aberdeenshire Council)

Mrs A.Leith (Ellon Times)

1] Apologies: Mrs L.Mackie

Mrs J.Wagstaff

PC G.Hall (Grampian Police)

Mr R.Williams (Barthol Chapel Assoc.)


2] Minutes: The Minute of the meeting on 18 April 2000 was adopted.


3] Matters Arising: Traffic Calming: As detailed in the 'Press', the traffic calming scheme for Tarves has been suspended pending further enquiries. AC has praised the work already done by the TCC . Taking local comment into account, new plans will be drawn up and will be presented, in due course, to the TCC after which all interested parties will be able to submit their views. AC has pointed out that it is its policy to install 'traffic calming measures' wherever possible thus the matter will not rest as it presently stands.

In the meantime, the speed restriction sign on the east side of the village will be extended, the central dividing line on Duthie Road will be reinstated and the residue from the 'build-outs' will be burned off. ++


4] Barthol Chapel -Old School Site: The committee had earlier made a site inspection. The area was to be cleared before December 1999 but nothing had been done and it appeared that further debris had been added (fly-tipping). The sale of the ground for housing development is presently under negotiation but it is clear that something must be done in the interim to prevent accidents particularly to children.

Roz Deane advised that apparently the site was to be used for 4 house plots and was concerned that the road plan should not be such as would allow for an extension of the development beyond the existing school site. She also advised that the developer is to apply to the Hydro Board to have some of the side trees lopped as they currently interfere with the overhead lines.

A photocopy of the relevant page of the 'Local Plan' will be provided to the BC Assoc. and the TCC will write to Cllr Johnston (who was absent at this stage) (Copy to Formartine Area Cmte.) re contacting the developers, ' McIntosh Plant Hire' to get the site cleared as quickly as possible. Leith arranged photographs of the site and will hopefully do an article in the 'Ellon Times'. ++


5] Barthol Chapel -Village Shelter: The money for this project had been available for some time and the new shelter should go ahead as soon as possible. Roz Deane advised that there had been a delay bringing everything together but that with the local fundraising having been successful and with the next 'Assoc.' meeting scheduled for the summer further progress should be made. Innes Stephen advised that in the present economic climate the grant from AC should be utilized as soon as possible. There was no telling if unused monies would be recalled.


6] Balgove Corner: Additional road marking and signs have been installed and the position is slightly better than it had been. The local residents have been strimming some of the verges to improve the scale of view but it was pointed out that there were several large potholes in the local roads.:


7] Barthol Chapel -A.O.C.B.: Williams had made a submission to AC regarding the location of speed restriction signs and street lighting.


8] Minute Taking in Sec.'s Absence: Innes Stephen had been disappointed in the lack of response for minute-taking when the secretary was not present. Glenison Foster-Axten  advised that it had been agreed at an earlier meeting (on 16 December 1997) that there would be a rota of members to take the minutes when the secretary was unavailable. It was agreed that this would be reinstated. ++


9] Response from Scottish Exec. Etc: Innes Stephen read out the content of letters from the Scottish Executive and the Scottish Finance Minister received in response to the TCC letter about the substantial cuts in AC funding. The letters basically refuted that the Government was the responsible party and laid the blame at the door of AC. Cllr Paul Johnston later commented on these letters and disagreed with their content laying the major blame on the increase in base costs.


10] Planning Matters: 


Tree Road: There were no objections to the planned house extension.

Redford: Linda Mackie  had asked if it was a competent site for development. As Linda Mackie  was absent and the TCC was uncertain of her objection this was deferred. ++

Ythsie: Application has been made for 13 plots, roads and services and associated landscaping. The 13 plots will incorporate 10 'low cost' houses built within a courtyard shape plus three detached houses. Elrick Mackie outlined the proposed development to be done by 'Churchill Homes' and said he felt that the Ythsie community would be considerably enhanced. There would only be 5 houses per acre as opposed to the more normal 10 per acre. E. Mackie was asked about the proposed golf course and tennis courts. He advised that while the tennis courts were a possibility the idea of the golf course was more of a pipe dream. There had also been mention of the proposed equestrian center which the TCC felt would be a useful local amenity. This project was on hold indefinitely as, apparently, horse centers may not be built near housing.

Whilst the TCC generally approved the plan bearing in mind the benefits to the whole community it was paramount that the interests of the existing community was not overwhelmed by the project. ++

Tarves Manse: The TCC had written to AC expressing its concern at the proposed erection of a second house within the Manse grounds but the plans had been passed. Innes Stephen said he was concerned that, having created the conservation area, AC ignored it whenever it suited them. The Manse grounds are within the conservation area where a modern house is apparently now to be constructed. Also, various families were erecting satellite etc dishes on the front of properties within the conservation area. He understood that, officially, planning permission had to be granted for each aerial. The TCC will write to AC to question the overall position as more and more projects encroach on the designated area. More particularly, we will question the plans for final disposal of the existing Manse as there are concerns from local residents that the building will be allowed to fall into disrepair and will be free to children and vandals to do their worst. ++


11] Web Group Brief: Innes Stephen outlined the present position regarding the problems of housing the 'Community Computer' within the Melvin Hall. Mr Jim Bruce had volunteered to approach the Hall Cmte. again and Cllr Paul Johnston will contact him to ascertain the latest position.


12] Mini Recycling Centre: There had been rumours that the recycling center was to be moved from its present site behind the blacksmith's to the top of Tree Road. Cllr Paul Johnston advised that no change was planned and anyway, the TCC would be consulted before any change was made. ++


13] Public Toilets: Apropos the proposed closure of the toilets by AC, Mr Arthur Watson has suggested that 500 from the 'Tarves Book' be used to keep the toilets open this year. The ensuing discussion raised several points, viz.

a] Would the money from this source not be better kept for special projects?

b] What would happen in future years?

c] What would be done about public liability insurance?

d] If capital expenditure was required from where would the money come?

Cllr Paul Johnston advised that he is presently in contact with the 'Infrastructure Cmte' discussing exceptions but that it was possible for the maintenance etc of the toilets to be handed over to the local community. A 'pack' on this subject was available from Raymond Reid at Gordon House, Inverurie.

He further advised that no matter how enthusiastic a community was to care for their local toilets, they would be unable to take care of the cleaning until a hygiene certificate was held by each participant. Johnston also confirmed that there was no AC specific provison for 'mothballed' public toilets.

The TCC will write to Watson to advise that a majority of the committee. was against his proposal. ++


14A] Notice Board: Plans for the notice board have now been finalized and C.Massie, W.Massie and C.Ligertwood will be approached to tender for the work. ++


14B] Ythan Project: The 'Ythan Project' has now been launched. All cmte. members should consult the brochure in the 'box'. ++


14C] Safety Group: A 'drugs awareness' session is to be held in Ellon. Concern has been expressed by Fyvie at the number of youths roaming about. This will be investigated.


15] Junior Badminton: AC and others have provided 400 to the Junior Badminton, which places the club in a sound financial position, funding the purchase of new equipment etc. There is the possibility that in the next session younger children may be invited to join.


16] Teenage Mt. Points: In the absence of Hall, Leith produced brochures detailing the various projects which were available. The TCC agreed that these were good and vandal-proof but very expensive. Such a project might be funded by Lottery money. The brochures are in the 'box' and should be read by all cmte. members before the July meeting. ++


17] Local Plan: The latest draft of the 'Local Plan' is now available for community perusal. On line consultation can be made on www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/localplan. After discussion it was agreed that the TCC would arrange for the plans to be made available to the public over two days (preferably including one weekend day) a after which any interested parties may submit their written comments. Whether or not the comments will be collated by the TCC or submitted directly to AC will be decided at the July meeting. Full details will be promulgated once final arrangements have been made. ++

The Barthol Chapel Assoc. is to consider if they wish to have a joint consultation or a separate one.


18] A.O.C.B.: Zone '98: All cmte members are to consider, before the July meeting, the position of 'Zone '98' as the overall review of the project is now due. The 'Zone '98' cmte. has money to make repairs and they are also in touch with Meldrum Rotary which has agreed to arrange for an assessment or the repairs needed. Mr Arthur Gill is to be invited to address the July meeting of the TCC. ++

Chairman: Due to other commitments, Innes Stephen will not be available for the next 6 weeks or so.

Social Fund: Due to the Secretary's recent absences the 2000 collection has fallen sadly behind. Glenison Foster-Axten  will issue details to each member with their copy of this minute. ++

'Beautiful Scotland in Bloom': Sam Andrew  advised that the judging for this competition will take place on Monday 3 July 2000. He and Glenison Foster-Axten  will escort the judges round the village. ++

Posters from Grampian Police: Crime posters and 'bogus caller' stickers are available from Hall. ++



Key: ++ = Further action by one or more TCC members

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