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Minutes of Meeting held on April 18, 2000 at Tarves Primary School

Members Present:

Innes Stephen (Chairman)

John Thomson (Vice Chairman)

Linda Mackie

Ian Massie

Colin Taylor

Also present at the meeting were Councillor Paul Johnston, Keith Newton (Formartine Area Manager), Constable George Hall, Lucy Gray and two members of Zone 98.

Apologies: none


1. Zone 98:

Lucy Gray, community education worker responsible for Zone 98 said that water had come in through the back wall of the portacabin and through the roof and the entire building was now waterlogged. The electrics were affected and although some furniture had been rescued, the rest would not be able to be used again. The building itself could not be used again either. However heaters, a sink unit and shower and some other items could be salvaged and storage was required for them.

Colin Taylor had been in touch with Haddo Estate and had been offered use of a steading at Wedderlairs for storage for Zone 98.

Councillor Johnston, who was also representing Oldmeldrum Rotary Club, said that they wanted to find projects where they could do work with your people and Zone 98 had been identified. It was agreed one of their members would see what needed to be done top the portacabin, but then the damage occurred. They had agreed that it was a project for which they would attempt to raise some money. He didn't know how successful that would be, but they were trying amongst their members to find any alternative, similar buildings.

Constable Hall said that from a policing point of view since Zone 98 came into being the number of calls-outs to Tarves had dropped, and Lucy Gray said that 15 to 20 youngsters were using the centre each night it was open. She also stressed that she felt some temporary solution needed to be found to keep the centre going during the winter months when it was most needed.

The chairman questioned the long-term commitment of community education to the project but was assured by Keith Newton that they were very supportive, and by Cllr Johnston that the Formartine area committee would like to se Zone 98 continue.

Actions agreed:


The youngsters have already started by planning a 'van-boot' presence at the Thainstone car-boot sales.

It was suggested that there should be a sponsored sledge-hammering of the present building to help over come the problem of removing it.

Zone 98 members are to contact Safeway, Ellon to investigate a bag-packing fundraiser there.

Members and Constable Hall are to consider an 'Everest climb' sponsored event probably in the Spring.

Publicity campaign to solicit support from local firms and individuals.

Opportunities for charitable funding to be investigated by PC Hall (Diced Cap), Keith Newton (Prince's Trust and Landfill Tax), and Ian Massie (matched funding scheme).

Building Replacement

Initially continue with Oldmeldrum Rotary

Caravan for Temporary Use

George Hall to contact two caravan retailers to investigate possible purchase of large but low-cost caravan as temporary measure.


Innes Stephen to arrange

Equipment Salvage

Ian Massie, Colin Taylor and Paul Johnston and youngsters to meet at 2 p.m. on Sunday November 12 to transfer equipment to Wedderlairs.


2. Computer

The chairman reported that he had spoken to Holyrood and subsequently Udny Community Council as a result of which Pitmedden Hall Committee had agreed to house the computer. He asked for support to reach an official agreement with Udny CC on joint use of the computer and this was agreed. He also said that Jim Bruce of Bruce Electrical had reaffirmed his offer of the specialist computer cabinet and that he would transport it to Pitmedden, and that the Tarves Community Webgroup were unanimously in support of the latest move and were hopeful of support for installation of a phone line at Pitmedden for internet access.


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