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Minutes of Meeting held on November 16, 2000 at Tarves Primary School

Members Present:

Innes Stephen (Chairman)

John Thomson (Vice Chairman)

Linda Mackie (Secretary)

Colin Taylor

Also present at the meeting were Councillor Paul Johnston, Constable George Hall, Lucy Gray, Kath Galbraith, Lindsay Cook, Joanne Ligertwood, Charlie Ligertwood, and Martina Hickey Laing.



Ian Massie, Keith Newton.


1. Zone 98:

There were two developments since the last meeting.

a) George Hall said that he had secured an offer of a 30-foot mobile home from Wallace Caravans, Denhead, Mintlaw. As well as providing it free, the firm would carry out various repairs and safety servicing and would transport it to Tarves.

b) Colin Taylor, Paul Johnston and Charlie Ligertwood said that when salvaging equipment from the portacabin they discovered that apart from the dampness problem, the roofing, and rear and side wall panels that had deteriorated badly, the structure was relatively sound. They suggested the roof could be sheeted with an extra overhang to take water clear and that later the rear and side walls could be wire lathed, plastered and harled. The cost of roofing materials would be about 500 and volunteer labour could be found. It was suggested that the total materials cost for the entire work would be about 1,500.

Possible financing was discussed. The youth group have about 800 in their bank account and have started work on fund raising. A small amount of money would be available from the Ellon Network Development Group. Oldmeldrum Rotary had about 100, which was already committed, and with Ellon Rotary were considering a concert or Tartan Ball in Tarves Melvin Hall. PC Hall said that the Diced Cap police charity might be able to contribute up to between 200 and 300 but they would like that to be used for facilities within the portacabin.

Members also agreed that the Tarves Community Club should be approached for financial assistance and it was agreed that Innes Stephen, Linda Mackie, Lucy Gray, Joanne Ligertwood and Kath Galbraith should meet with them.

The meeting discussed, on Lindsay Cook's suggestion, the possibility of accepting the mobile home offer, as it could well be next year before the portacabin would be in use again. When Tarves no longer required it, the mobile home could go to one of the other neighbouring villages where a drop-in centre was also required.

It was decided that the mobile home could be sited adjacent to the Youth Hall to hook up to the electrical supply there and so that the youngsters would have access to the toilets and water supply there. A volunteer electrician would be contacted.

Concerns were expressed about the Aberdeenshire Council's community education department future funding of a worker to supervise the portacabin. Councillor Johnston said he felt there was a genuine commitment to Zone 98 on the part of the Formartine area committee and they would do their very best to see that things continued. It was estimated that if Aberdeenshire funding didn't continue the cost of keeping it open for three nights a week would amount to about 3,000 a year and that that amount was beyond local fund-raising capability.

Despite the uncertainty the meeting agreed that the go-ahead should be given for the improvements and new roof to the portacabin and that Wallace Caravans generous offer should be accepted. Lindsay Cook agreed to ask the Kirk Session's support for siting it in the Youth Hall car park.

It was also agreed to write officially to Oldmeldrum Rotary asking for their support, to Lodge Ythan for assistance and to Tarves Heritage Project to update them on developments in view of their earlier financial assistance. Cllr Johnston agreed to update the school.

Linda Mackie, Lucy Gray and Kath Galbraith were to meet to reconstitute and find additional members for a management committee for Zone 98.

The next meeting was arranged for December 11 at 8 p.m.






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