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Tarves Community Council


Minutes of the 7.30 p.m. meeting of 20 November 2001 at Tarves School





Committee Present:

Bob Davidson (Chairman); John Thomson (Vice Chairman); Ros Deane (Treasurer); Linda Mackie (Secretary); Sam Andrew; Dick Reville; Muriel Thomson; Ian Massie; Colin Taylor; Donnie Chisholm; Jenny Wagstaff.


Also Present:

Councillor Paul Johnston; Sarah Pumfrett (minutes); Alison Leith (Ellon Times), Jim Benton (Osprey Homes).



Gordon Brown.










Minutes of 23 October 2001 Meeting


A - The minutes were proposed as a true and accurate record of the meeting by John Thomson and seconded by Dick Reville with the following amendments.


B - Dick Reville noted that the minutes recorded that the Community Club should decide how many strings of Christmas lights were to be purchased. This was to be changed to record 2 strings of lights had been agreed by the Community Council, although it was noted that the Community Council felt that as the Community Club was funding the purchase the decision was theirs to make.













Matters Arising


A Christmas Tree Lights

This had been progressed by Dick Reville.


B TRDA Update

The Council was awaiting an independent valuation of the costs of resurfacing from an expert contractor. The Council has undertaken to re-fence the court and repair the wall and gate at a cost of £2500. Muriel Thomson will report back in due course on the costs and actions taken. TRDA is likely to take on the lease of the court once it has been brought up to an acceptable standard.













Co-Option of New Member

Bob Davidson welcomed Jenny Wagstaff to the meeting. John Thomson proposed Jenny as a new Community Councillor. Muriel Thomson and Bob Davidson both agreed to second the proposal.





Barthol Chapel Matters

One of the 2 grit-bins was full the other hadnít been filled. Councillor Johnston stated that this work probably should have been carried out by now. Ros Deane to check and follow up directly by the end of November.






Path at rear of school Ė lighting, surface etc.


Councillor Johnston stated that he had obtained 2 prices in relation to the re-surfacing of the path. If kerbs were required the cost would be £4900; a bitmac surface would cost £2000. Ian Tillet had stated that there was no budget for the path to be kerbed but that resurfacing might be possible. It was noted that Outdoor Services managed the path although the budget was recorded to the Education Account historically.


It was unlikely that lighting would be available if the path wasnít kerbed. However, the budget restricted the choice to resurfacing or nothing.




Proposed 20mph speed limit in Tarves


There is no chance of the speed limit being put in place on a through road therefore Duthie Road would not qualify although Braiklay Avenue would. The definition of a through road was unclear although it was thought that the signposting through the village to Methlick was the problem.


Tolquhon Avenue/Duthie Road site


A portacabin is based on the site, which may indicate that the site will be tidied soon. Councillor Johnston confirmed that there were no live planning applications at present. Bob Davidson is to follow up in due course with the selling agents.






Melvin Hall and Braiklay Avenue Notice-boards

The Braiklay Avenue notice-board had been vandalised. Arthur Watson had undertaken repairs at his own cost and was seeking reimbursement for the materials. The Community Council agreed to reimburse the full cost of £38.89 including VAT.


The new plans for the notice-board at the Melvin Hall are being drafted at present. The Melvin Hall Committee has agreed to part fund the project in principle, subject to approval of the final plans. Wood may be donated for the project.









Aberdeenshire Council Design Awards


Consideration should be given to any proposals that the Community Council may wish to submit. The closing date is next year.


















Planning Matters

A Ythsie

There was no progress on this subject. Final submissions were to be made in writing by the appellant and the Council by the end of November. The reporterís decision would be taken by the 3rd week of February. Sam Andrew stated that attendance at the meeting had been a worthwhile experience and encouraged other Community Council members to attend in the future if the opportunity arose. Bob Davidson thanked Sam for attending on behalf of the Community Council.


B Draft Local Plan

Councillor Johnston stated that there had been a change in the details previously reported. The 5-year plan was to be prepared by January for a decision on the settlement and policies to be taken by Area Committees; the Infrastructure Services Committee would then ratify these decisions.

The planners are required to report what is to be recommended by 15 December 2001 and comments on the plan by the public and the responses to the comments from officers would be in the public domain at this time. Publication will be on the Councilís website and at public libraries.

A public meeting would be scheduled for Tarves in January in order to discuss the proposals. It was thought that 20 houses would be proposed 10 each to the North and South of Duthie Road relating to proposals by Osprey Homes and Haddo Estates. Development would be undertaken between 2006 and 2011 if approved.

Barthol Chapelís figure would seem to be static at 4 although this could change.










Code of Conduct

A document relating to the Code of Conduct for Aberdeenshire Councillors was circulated. This was considered to contain appropriate guidance for Community Councillors in the absence of a document specifically for them.







John Thomson reported that Collieston was struggling to obtain lottery funding for a £100,000 project in their village.

At the Community Council Forum meeting, it had been stated that the "private" meeting, which had been held to discuss the planning applications, had in fact been a public meeting. The press had been excluded on the basis that only one newspaper was represented and it was considered that this would be unfair to other local publications. Linda Mackie and Bob Davidson both stated that this was not the reason that had been given at the meeting. Aberdeenshire Council had maintained that the meeting had not been a secret.

Tourist Group Nominations

John Thomson stated that more members were required and that anyone with an interest in Tourism should put themselves forward to represent the area. The aims were to attract tourists, keep tourists in the area once they arrive, and improve facilities such-as the Formartine Pathway.

It was noted that tourist businesses were strongly represented and that it was members of the wider community that were being sought. John Thomson is to approach the Heritage Group to nominate a representative in the first instance. Kirsty Egnor was suggested as someone who could be approached and if neither of these approaches produced a nominee Dick Reville would agree to represent Tarves.






















  • An invitation to Aberdeenshire Councilís Budget Briefing evening at the Council Chambers, Gordon House on 5 December 2001 at 7pm had been received. Coffee would be served from 6.45pm. Each Community Council had been asked to nominate 2 representatives. Ros Deane is to attend. Anyone else who is interested should liase with Ros who will confirm attendance.

  • A police seminar is being held at the Station Hotel in Ellon on 27 November 2001. Gordon Brown, Ian Massie and Bob Davidson to attend.

  • A New Opportunities Fund questionnaire had been received. Linda Mackie to respond.

  • The Youth Survey distributed at the last meeting was a draft not final version. However, as both Udny and Tarves Community Councils had circulated them widely Graham Donald had agreed to utilise this version rather than the amended one. Muriel Thomson to respond.



















































Any Other Competent Business

Road Surfacing at Cemetery

Aberdeenshire Council Highways are to obtain 2 written quotes as it is estimated that the costs will be in the region of £7000.

A proposal that the Community Council should meet at 7.00 rather than 7.30 pm was accepted on a trial basis commencing 18 December 2001.

Hogmanay Celebrations Ė The Community Council was asked for any comments in relation to the planning of the Hogmanay party and whether any of the Councillors would object in principle to a licensing application if this were proposed. It was confirmed that there would be no objections at present and that there was support for the event.

An open meeting on Countryside Access was to be held in the Aberdeen Arms Hotel on 29 November at 7pm. It was noted that access to cropped land had been withdrawn from the draft.

Tarves had received a certificate of excellence from Scotland in Bloom in the category of "Large Village". This would be fully reported at the Amenities Group Meeting on 29 November. The Community Council thanked Dick, Sam, John and Gordon for all their efforts and asked that thanks be passed on to others at the Amenities Group.

The Formartine Partnership was seeking applications for projects up to £1000. Projects should benefit the environment, have no revenue implications and require community involvement. Suggestions to the next meeting please.

Ros Deane asked whether anything was to be raised at the Budget Briefing meeting on behalf of Tarves Community Council. Nothing was raised. Councillor Johnston noted that expenditure cuts in the region of 6 million were still required to address budget shortfalls next year and that the Community Councils should put forward proposals as they saw fit.

It was noted that Draft minutes were posted at least 5 days prior to the next Community Council meeting in accordance with the requirements of Community Councils.

The print size is amended to minimise the document length. Large print version available on request to the Secretary.

It was noted that the Ellon Times was selling Snowman Badges at £1 each for an appeal with the intention of redistributing profits to community projects such as Playgroups. Full Details would be available in this weekís Ellon Times and applications from Community Groups would be welcomed.



































Details of the next meeting


The next meeting will be held on 18 December 2001 at 7.00 p.m. in Tarves School. (Please note change of date.) Community Council meetings are always open to the public.