Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 19th November 2002


In Tarves School

Present John Thomson, Jenny Wagstaff, Colin Taylor, Councillor Paul Johnston, Ian Massie, Gordon Brown, Dick Reville, Bob Davidson, Linda Mackie

Also present, Anne Robertson of Ellon Times


Apologies Donny Chisholm, Sam Andrew, Karen Cooper-Bonner, Alison Leith of Ellon Advertiser

Minutes of Previous Meeting - 15th October 2002 were approved by Bob and seconded by Dick with the addition of Paul Johnstonís apologies


Matters Arising

Amended plans for the design of the Melvin Hall noticeboard are under discussion

Bob had approached the landowner at Mill of Tolquhon regarding the possible loss of the right of way on his land. It was pointed out that the land owner is obliged to make the right of way safe for the users by either erecting a fence between his land and the right of way, or by providing an alternative route for users. It was decided to take this back to Mr Colin Millar as it is felt that the right of way should not be lost.

Bob will write to Mr Reid (?) in support of village orderlies and to praise the work done in Tarves during the summer months.

The railings on the Sonach bridge are due to be painted next year.

Responses to the Finalised Aberdeenshire Local Plan should soon be available.

No progress has been made with finding a chairperson of the TRDA. Paul mentioned that he had brought up the subject of the all-weather court at a recent Area Planning Meeting. He has asked that the all-weather court be included in the Councilís programme of review of existing recreational services.

There was further discussion about whether or not to sell the old tennis court site. Members decided not to sell the site and letters would be written to both interested parties to this effect. It was felt that the only way forward was to lease the site for community use if a local group showed an interest.


Planning Matters

The planning sub-committee reported that they had met and discussed the outline application at Waterside Smiddy and it was decided that further information was required.

Police Seminar

This was poorly advertised and poorly attended. Paul mentioned a further meeting to be held in Meldrum Academy on Wednesday 16th December. He will attend the meeting and will feed back.


Zone 98

It was reported that the Community Education Department at Oldmeldrum Academy are to take over responsibility for Zone 98 from Ellon. Linda Dawson has been taken on temporarily at Oldmeldrum and she is currently advertising for two youth workers who will work in Tarves and other rural areas. Over the past couple of months two youth workers have been coming to the village to talk with the young folk. They are now using the cabin on Monday evenings. It is hoped that once the new workers start, the cabin will be open on a more regular basis.


Roads, Paths and Signs

Suggested alterations to Braiklay crossroads were discussed. It was decided that a site visit would be necessary so that all the concerns raised, and all other possible solutions could be considered. Paul undertook to try and arrange a site visit for next week with Andy Duff/Bill Murdoch and at least two Community Council members.

Poor drainage on the road between Marquis Cottages and the play-park seems to be getting worse. Bob to contact Ian Rendall/Bill Lennox.

Paul mentioned that work had begun on the park on Braiklay Avenue to prevent water draining onto the road.

Signage is to be improved on the Sonach/Raxton and Raxton/Keithfield roads. Also, signage needs to be improved from both Ellon and Oldmeldrum to Tarves.


Correspondence in

Community Safety Awards 2002/2003 application form

Formartine Community Council Forum 02.10.02


Correspondence out

Draft letter to Ombudsman re applications for development in the Conservation Area.  This will be sent to all those with e-mail and posted once any changes required have been made.




Grants are still available from the Rural Youth Transport Fund.

4 extra bollards have been erected at the junction of the Old Aberdeen Road and Bede Way instead of a barrier. Paul to look into this.

Complaints have been raised about the poor condition and unreliability of the buses on the service routes.

We are still on the lookout for a minutes secretary.

A.C. have agreed to the posting of minutes on the school noticeboard instead of the bakery.



The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 21st January at 7.00pm in the school. Meetings are open to the public.