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Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 20th August 2002


In Barthol Chapel School at 7.30pm


Present: Bob Davidson (Chair), John Thomson (Vice Chair), Sam Andrew, Dick Reville, Ian Massie, Linda Mackie (minutes), Ros Deane, Gordon Brown

Also Present: Councillor Paul Johnston, Alison Leith (Ellon Advertiser), Kathleen Robertson (Ellon Times) and Roger Williams, Mackie Bruce & Jim Hepburn of Barthol Chapel Community Association

On behalf of the Barthol Chapel Community Association Roger Williams welcomed everyone to Barthol Chapel.

Apologies Jenny Wagstaff, Colin Taylor

Minutes of July Meeting


Matters Arising

  1. Melvin Hall Notice board - Ian to check condition of notice board and Bob to speak to Sandy Davidson about progress to date. Paul to contact Jenny Wagstaff to find out who has key for bus shelter notice board.

  2. Potholes - Pothole at church has been mended temporarily.

  3. Development within Conservation Area - Aberdeenshire Council chief executive, Alan Campbell, has responded to the letter from the CC regarding our concerns about developments within Tarves conservation area. He stated that there had been no maladministration on the part of the Council and that consultations with outside ‘bodies’ is discretionary. Paul has since met with Alan Campbell, George Chree of the planning department and Eric Melrose. As a result of this meeting: ward descriptions are to be included on planning applications to make it easier for CCs to identify relevant applications; the descriptions of sites to be improved; all planning applications relevant to Tarves Community Council will automatically be posted out to the CC post box; Chree and Melrose both willing to meet with Tarves CC. Bob to invite them to next meeting on 17th September 2002 at 8pm to find out how recent applications within conservation area have been passed and to seek assurances that guidelines will be followed with regard to 2 sites currently being put forward for development within the cons. area.

  4. Tourism Group - Next meeting 22nd August and John to attend and report back.

  5. Speeding cars - Bob still to deal with this, and Linda to send Ellon Police minutes, agendas and list of dates for next year in the hope that they might send a representative along. Police report to be added to agenda.

  6. Dog signs - Paul to investigate.

  7. BBC Scotland fundraising - next meeting

  8. Mill of Tolquhon track - John has received 2 replies from regular users and he will forward these.

  9. Beetle bank on glebe/dog walk - Linda to ask Kirk Session property convener.

  10. Skateboarders - railings still not installed on Old Aberdeen Road. It was again stressed that unless the skateboarders get together and prove that there is a need for a facility in Tarves, very little can be done.

  11. Braiklay Crossroads - still no progress with improving safety. Bob to contact Bill Lennox/Ian Rendall of Roads Dept to report poor visibility at crossroads.

  12. Village Orderly - has recently been appointed. Comments and appraisal needed from villagers.


Barthol Chapel Matters

Housing development - correspondence has been received from Alan Garvie of Planning re ALP - ‘housing allocation has been removed but not prohibited’ at Barthol Chapel.

Bus shelter - progress has been made in that the Estates Surveyor has replied saying that he has no significant objection to using part of the school wall for the construction.


An incident of dangerous driving was reported near Balgove junction. This was reported to the police who dealt with the offending driver but who said that the driver could not be charged because no-one was injured.


New CC member from BC - no-one has been found as yet.


Village Orderly

The Community Councils will be expected to provide feedback - to be added to agenda of next meeting.


Conservation Area

Already discussed.



Deferred for report from Donny and Colin.


Roads, Paths and Signs

Already dealt with


Village Notice Board

Already dealt with.


Planning Matters

Smiddy - the planning department said they would write with details of the process - nothing to date so Paul to investigate.

Ladyleys - SEPA currently being consulted as there appears to be a problem with drainage on the site.

Aquhorthies Croft, Delegated grant - may be delayed for drainage impact assessment.



Waste Management Strategy - Dick attended a meeting on 19th July. Collecting is a problem and much educating is needed to persuade householders to segregate their waste to allow successful composting. Also, it was again mentioned that if pressure is put on manufacturers to reduce packaging and to encourage reuse of packaging waste management will be much more successful. There was some discussion about whether incineration would be necessary for a small amount of the waste - it was suggested that allowing incineration simply encourages incineration.

Formartine Partnership - Bob to invite Kelly Birnie to October meeting.



  1. Linda to reply to local resident’s letter re concern about road signs.

  2. Letter from Alan Garvie stating that Finalised draft Aberdeenshire local plan should be available for inspection from 30th Aug 2002 (and on the website) and notice will be given in the press. Objections should be submitted by Friday 11th October 2002.

  3. Formartine CC Forum - agenda for 21st August 2002-08-22

  4. Copy of letter written (16.07.02) by Bob to Planning re proposed development at Ladyleys

  5. Copy of response from Alan Campbell re planning applications in Tarves Cons. Area


  1. Dick has replaced broken spar on bench in square.

  2. It was reported that young folk are regularly going onto roofs of buildings in the centre of the village - to be reported to the police.

  3. The railings on the bridge at the Sonah are in need of repair - Bob to mention to Ian Rendall

  4. The Council is to supply the Amenity Group with plants for the tubs etc.

  5. The grass on the dog walk is proving difficult to cut. No solution was found to this.

  6. Zone 98 has been closed because of a lack of staff at Ellon Community Centre. Linda to arrange a meeting of Paul, Rod Stone, users and management committee to discuss.

  7. The damaged areas of the playing fields on Tolquhon Ave appear to be in the process of being returfed.

  8. A request has been made for new Recycling Bins

  9. The Grass next to the Bowling green is being investigated.

  10. There is a drainage problem on the playing fields behind the school. An expert has been consulted and a drain is to be dug diagonally across the field below the path. Another drain may also be needed above the path.


Tarves Community Council Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 17th September 2002 at 7.00pm in the school. The normal monthly meeting will follow on immediately after the AGM. Meetings are always open to the public.