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Minutes of AGM held 16th September 2003

In Tarves School at 7.00 pm


Present:          Bob Davidson (Chair), Gordon Brown, Dick Reville (Treasurer), Jenny Wagstaff, Linda Mackie (Secretary), Emma Cameron (Minute Secretary), Colin Taylor, Ian Massie.

Apologies:      Paul Johnston, Jim Mennie, and Sam Andrew.

Minutes of Previous AGM ( 17th September 2002 ) were proposed by Ian Massie and seconded by Jenny Wagstaff, with no disagreement from those present.


Constitution Changes

The proposed changes, namely Appendix 1 (attached to the minutes) as discussed at the previous Community Council Meeting on 19th August 2003 , and posted on the Notice Boards 14 days prior to this meeting, were discussed and formally adopted.  These changes will be made to the Constitution with immediate effect as all present were in agreement, notice will be sent to Aberdeenshire Councillors for their approval.


Chairmanís Report

  1. The issue of safety at Braiklay Crossroads continues to be a concern and the Council seem to be dragging their heels with regard to safety changes.  The TCC will continue to keep up pressure on this issue.

  2. There has been an intermittent Police presence at the TCC meetings.

  3. Requests have been made to the Local Plan team to have the original Conservation Area documents included in the new Aberdeenshire Local Plan.

  4. Changes to the Notice Board have provided a new more secure way of posting up important notices internally in one of the windows of the Queens Room in the Melvin Hall.

  5. We would like to acknowledge John Thomsonís long service as a member of the Tarves Community Council.

  6. This year the TCC have seen a number of controversial planning applications.  Ythsie has received permission for 9 plots.  Ladyleys planning application was refused, however, this is now going to appeal.

  7. We would like to express our thanks to the Amenities Group.

  8. Thanks to Arthur Watson who organised improvements to the path at the graveyard.

Treasurerís Report

Dick Reville presented the balance sheet for this year pointing out that little had been spent.  Again the incurred costs for this year have been insurance costs and secretarial fees. Some of the current funds are already allocated for projects that are not yet completed. It was agreed to continue to use Maureen Presly as auditor and thank her once again for her help.



There was no further business.