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Minutes of the Tarves Community Council Meeting

Tuesday 16th September 2003

in Tarves School


Present:    Bob Davidson (Chairman), Linda Mackie (Secretary), Gordon Brown , Ian Massie , Dick Reville (Treasurer), Colin Taylor , Emma Cameron (Minute Secretary), Jenny Wagstaff .

Apologies:            Jim Mennie , Sam Andrew , and Paul Johnston .


Minutes of Previous Meeting – 19th August 2003

The minutes were proposed for adoption by Dick and seconded by Linda with all members in agreement.


Matters arising from Minutes.

Mill of Tolquhon Track – John to report at next meeting.

Braiklay Crossroads – Bob to contact Ian Rendall .

Old Bakery – The slates and guttering have been removed for safety reasons.  Bob has raised this issue with Paul as this could effectively cause a further danger due to sliding slates with no guttering to intercept, and further roof timber deterioration.  Bob to take concerns again to Paul .

Dog fouling – Bob to contact the Dog Warden, as it appears dog fouling is becoming a problem again.

Skateboard Park  - Skaters awaiting a reply from Aberdeenshire Council regarding a site next to the All Weather Court .

Planning Aid for Scotland – Questionnaire found.

Village Orderly – This year the orderly scheme has not worked as well as in previous years.  Pass on concerns and ask Sam to report back.  Linda to follow in writing after speaking with Paul and Sam .

Litter Bins – One bin still needing to be replaced in Tarves and one missing from the Square.  Bob to speak to Paul .

Haddo Car Parking Charges – Not currently in use.

Draft Local Governance (Scotland) Bill Consultation – Sam to comment at next meeting.

Forest and Woodland Strategy – Forestry in Aberdeenshire – use of home produced timber.  Insch has introduced a wood burning scheme.  Promote community woodland for recreational activities.  Must be replied to by 31/10/03 .

Formartine Community Safety Group –  Select a member to attend after elections.


Matters Arising

Bus Shelter – Heard nothing – No update

Recycling Bin Site – Neighbours have raised concerns about the recycling lorry reversing up Tolquhon Avenue to empty the bins.  There is a safety concern and Bob agreed to raise this with the relevant authorities.  The possibility of moving the bins further back in the site was also discussed.

Formartine Partnership Village Enhancement Grant – The TCC are to apply for the maximum grant available for both Barthol Chapel and Tarves.  The Amenity Group want some for hanging baskets.  The grant is £500 per village and to date the Amenity Group have not received anything from the Formartine Partnership.

Police Matters – A number of diversion signs had been removed and placed in Tree Road .  The police were called to come and remove them.

Barthol Chapel – Still no sign of signs!

Road, Paths and Signs – The link between the old road between Tarves and Raxton and the main road to Sonach Croft is a right of way beside the burn.


Planning Matters

South Braiklay Steading: Application for dormer windows on a steading deemed inappropriate by planners.  Plans have been amended and re-submitted.  TCC did not comment.

Smiddy:  Plans have been received showing soakaways, one of which is very close to the butcher’s shop and also showing the use of perforated drainage pipe near to the Melvin Hall .  TCC will write to Planning expressing concerns; that the design does not meet with local plan policies for the Conservation Area and also with regard to the surface water drainage. Justification for the proposed window design is awaited.

Ladyleys – Appealing to SEIRU regarding the refused Planning Permission.  Community Council had submitted letter to Area Committee expressing concerns about pollution and floodplain.




Scotia Homes Oakwood Park landscaping: Scotia has acknowledged Bob ’s letter. They are looking to resolve the issue with Aberdeenshire Council.  Scotia wish to have more time to reach an agreement maybe in spring 04.Members agreed that this was not acceptable as almost 10 years had passed since the initial development of the scheme, Bob to write again.  Scotia stated that “it is not now possible” when referring to the use of an independent contractor.  

Public Internet Access Points:  Val Gun has passed Linda ’s name on to the relevant person.

Aberdeenshire Sports Council News Letter:  Passed to Ian for review.

North East Master Composter :  Offering Compost Units, ask for leaflets for Notice Board.

South Aberdeenshire Command Area Police Quarterly Report April , May, June .

Bus Area Timetable

Finalised Aberdeenshire Local Plan – Draft Provisional Timetable for Public Inquiry.

Formartine Area Bus Forum Meeting, 6th October 2003 Meldrum Academy 7.30 pm .

Bus Users Complaints Tribunal



Elections – Keith Newton has agreed to be returning officer and will accept nominations and he will also do the advertising. Around the 2nd October advert seeking nominations going in local press.

Colin spoke to Jim Duncan about the ball going in his garden and had he considered a chain link fence above his existing fence.  Members of the TCC expressed concern that their involvement in constructing a higher fence at the site could result in a number of other Tarves residents making a claim to the TCC for similar assistance.  The playing field has been there a lot longer than the house and the TCC does not want to set a precedent with this case.

The Clydesdale Bank in Tarves is to reduce its opening times.  Letters have been sent out to customers.  Linda will write on behalf of the TCC to express its concern regarding this reduction in hours.

The date and location of the next meeting has been changed to Tuesday 28th October 2003 at 7 pm in Tarves School.  Linda will contact the School to rearrange.


The next meeting of the Tarves Community Council will be held in Tarves School on Tuesday 28th October 2003 at 7 pm .  PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF DATE AND LOCATION.

Meetings are always open to the public.