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Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 16th March 2004

In Tarves School at 7pm



Bob Davidson, Linda Mackie, John Thomson, Gordon Brown, Keith Crichton,Dick Reville, Sam Andrew, Mackie Bruce (Barthol Chapel rep), Ian Massie (arr 7.50pm), also Councillor Paul Johnston and 3 members of the public.


Apologies David Leslie , Jim Mennie , Colin Taylor , Emma Cameron

Apologies from Linda and Ian for late arrival and from Keith for missing previous meeting.


Minutes of previous meeting (17th February)

Minutes were proposed by Gordon and seconded by Sam .


Matters Arising

  1. As a result of the road improvements being made to Braiklay Crossroads there is very little room for pedestrians to walk between the road and the dyke on the Tarves/Methlick corner.  Bob wrote to the roads department and it has been agreed that the dyke at that corner will be altered to prevent pedestrians having to walk on the road.

  2. A formal response is still awaited from D Presly with regard to handing over of the Christmas lights.

  3. The screening fence for the recycling centre will hopefully be undertaken in the summer – Bob to continue trying to find sources of additional funding.

  4. Bob to write to Scotia Homes reminding them of their commitment to bring the open areas at Oakwood Park up to the standard required for the Local Authority to adopt.

  5. Dick read the Rural Development Draft Consultation and will pass this to Bob .  Response needed by 21st April 2004 .  Paul explained that rural development is constrained at the moment and the thrust of the consultation is to make rural development easier, so an important paper.

  6. Keith to attend the Community Safety meeting on 31st March 2004 .

  7. No-one is available to attend the Community Safety Awards.

  8. Paul yet to arrange convenient date to meet the Recreation Officer to discuss the all-weather court.

  9. Bob and Dick attended CC Forum meeting in Methlick where the main topic was training on ‘how to comment on planning applications’.  Bruce Stewart , Area Planning Officer, outlined the process that applications go through and how best to comment.  He also informed the meeting of the structure of the various departments and how they operate in relation to the process.  One of the important themes pointed out was that Community Councillors should always declare any interest they may have in an application and ideally should utilise the guidelines contained within PAN 47 (Community Councils and Planning).

  10. Following objections to the area to be covered by the proposed 20mph zone on Duthie Road , the proposal may be revised.  It is hoped that the changes suggested by both the school and the CC will be taken into account.

  11. Bob to write to Bruce Strachan re Local Plan to say that there should be a clear division between industrial and housing land on Braiklay site.  He will also ask that the 1980 Conservation Area Guidelines be used rather than the draft 1995 guidelines which the Community Council considers inaccurate.

  12. Gordon has been in touch with the Council about the need for more dog bins but has not had a response yet. Will keep trying.

  13. No information has been received about drainage relating to the planning application at Kirk Lane , despite our request to Planners

  14. It was agreed that a conditional letter in support of the Skatepark application be sent to Formartine Area Committee asking that the responses from residents living near the proposed site be taken into consideration. It was noted that no objections, verbal or written had been received by members present. Bob to draft letter.

  15. In response to a letter from the planning subcommittee, planning officers have agreed that dry dash (to match the existing) would be a more appropriate finish on the proposed extension to Craigmuir House.



New Member

It was agreed unanimously that David Leslie of 13 Braiklay Avenue be co-opted onto Tarves Community Council. 


Police Matters

There was again no police officer present.


Barthol Chapel Matters

The Roads Department has been in contact with Barthol Chapel school about the proposed 20mph zone at the school.  It was pointed out that there are also to be 20mph flashing signs at each end of the zone.


Councillor’s Report

  1. Paul reported that the first outline costings to the planning permission stage of the proposed development at Mackie Avenue is £13,000 and finance for this should be available from developer contributions.  It is expected that on-site servicing will cost £10,000 and the construction will cost £55,000.  It is intended that the houses will be the size and shape of traditional houses and will be made of wood.  There will be much emphasis on making them environmentally friendly and economical with the inclusion of photo-voltaic roof tiles and insulation.  This design is being considered for the Cairngorm National Park. Copies of the architect’s proposal were distributed to members and will be discussed at the next meeting.

  2. The housing allocation for the period to 2010 may be brought forward and future sites for housing development may soon be identified for the period from 2010 to 2016.  The Council’s 2004 housing land audit is due to be published in August.  Paul suggested that the public be consulted as soon as possible on this matter. All members to consider which areas if any would be suitable for development and report to next meeting.


Committee Reports

  1. John attended the Formartine Partnership meeting where farmers’ markets and farm diversification was discussed.  EU funding has been withdrawn from the Highlands.  £700 remains in the Rural Youth Transport fund.

  2. No-one attended the Tourist Group meeting as this clashed with the CC meeting.

  3. Colin to go the next Meldrum NDG meeting.


Roads, Paths and Signs

  1. Some holes had been patched on the road around the square and some more have been marked for repair.

  2. The schedule of works for road maintenance includes the resurfacing of Duthie Road from the Square to the crossroads.  It was requested that Paul check that the road will not be dug up as soon as it is laid.

  3. Paul has informed the roads department of the drainage problems on the Raxton road.

  4. The dog walk is in hand.  Dick to take proposed plan to next meeting.

  5. The notice board on Braiklay Avenue is in need of repair. Bob to find out where AC got cemetery one and costs involved.


Matters Outstanding

  1. Bus Shelter (The Square) Paul indicated that in order to allow buses to access this stop, some parking spaces would be lost. It was suggested that there may be more practical options including removing parts of the stone dyke and realignment of the entrance opposite Old Aberdeen Road . A further suggestion was to remove the planted area opposite the Hotel and to utilise this for extra parking. Paul to look into the possibilities.


Planning Matters

  1. Planning applications have been submitted to AC for glazed courtyard at Mains of Kelly, garage at Craigies Smiddy house and conservatory in Pringle Avenue .  There were no objections from members.

  2. Applications have also been submitted for the building of a new shed at Bruntstane and the change of use of an existing shed to Manufacturing, Retailing, and Storage/Haulage uses etc. at Viewfield (both in Barthol Chapel area).  There are concerns that the roads in this area are inadequate for the type of traffic expected and the exit onto the main road (A947) is considered by some to be dangerous.  There is also some confusion about the purpose of the shed at Bruntstane.  It was also felt that the Industrial Estate in Oldmeldrum might be a better site than Viewfield for developing the complexity of uses mentioned in the application, although it is unclear if this is a new business or relocation of an existing.  It was agreed that the Barthol Chapel Community Association put their concerns about these planning applications in writing and these will be submitted along with the response from Tarves Community Council, who will respond once all essential details relating to the application are received. In the interim Bob will ask again for all these to be made available. Members of the public present indicated that they will be making representations to Planners regarding these proposals.

  3. The planning sub-committee to meet to view further details of the affordable housing scheme proposed for the Mackie Avenue site. Paul will arrange this once he has details.



  1. Re housing land audit from Aberdeen/shire councils

  2. Mail to and from Nora Radcliffe MSP and Allan Garvie of AC Planning about Conservation Area Guidelines

  3. Letter from Bob to Bruce Strachan , Local Plan Team, re our wish for 1980 Conservation Area guidelines to be included in Local Plan and for division of area to the west of the village to be clearly divided into housing and employment

  4. Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002, a consultation on charging fees – Linda to respond



Paul to attend SCARF meeting.


Date of next meeting is Tuesday 20th April 2004 at 7.30pm in the school.  PLEASE NOTE LATER MEETING TIME.  Community Council meetings are always open to the public.