Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 25th July 2006

In Queen’s Room, Melvin Hall, Tarves at 7.30pm

Members Present:

Sam Andrew, Keith Crichton, Bob Davidson (Chair), Ian Massie, Dick Reville (Treasurer), Colin Taylor and John Thomson.

Non Members Present:

Councillor Paul Johnston, Jim Benton, Alan Forbes and 1 member of the public.


David Leslie, Gordon Brown and Emma Cameron.

Police Report – No Police present.

Presentation by Jim Benton and Alan Forbes (Architect) on future Development at “The Grange” (South of Duthie Road on the Western approach to Tarves).

Plans were circulated showing layout and design of 15 fairly large houses, all 1 and a half story with dormers and integral garage(s). 5 houses shown along the edge of the B999 with driveways onto the same and an access road off leading to the remainder to the rear.

Basic design and materials is similar to houses opposite Torryburn Hotel in Kintore which feature off white harl and granite effect features in the front elevations. A play area is also included. After discussion it was suggested that the building line from Lyndhurst should be maintained and consideration should be given to a link road with Braiklay Ave, particularly given the possibility of further development of the site. A Development Brief or similar will be drafted along with a “Master Plan” to indicate the layout etc of the whole site including future housing, Open Space, landscaping and mixture of housing including density.

Mr. Benton then explained that there would not be Affordable Housing on this site as he had arranged to make a contribution to this at his site in Newburgh. It was pointed out that there was a clear demand for Affordable Housing in Tarves and that he had told a Public meeting in Tarves that he would provide this on his site. Both Mr. Benton and Mr. Forbes agreed to return to a future CC meeting and would provide further information.

Minutes of Previous Meeting (20th June 2006)

Minutes were proposed by John and seconded by Keith, with all members in agreement.

Barthol Chapel

No one from Barthol Chapel in attendance, Bob waiting to hear from Jonathan Boughey.




Matters Arising

Bakery – Safety concerns were expressed over the use of the access of Mackie Ave. at the back of the Bakery and conflict with vehicles using existing garages. Bob to write to Director of Law and Administration on behalf of the TCC.

School Bus Tickets – Paul awaiting a response on this.

School Extension - Paul arranged a meeting which Dick, Marek Gorski and Bob attended with Stuart Cornwallis and Neil Reid from AC. The possibility of having the new build on the same level was discussed and building on top of the existing flat roof extension ( this would ensure new pitched roofs) Officer agreed to look at the possibility and get back to Paul ( which they didn’t).

A.C. Local Member Report

Tarves School Extension - Back at FAC today with no major changes to design. Report stated the CC’s suggestion of raising the corridor and having new build with the same floor level as existing hall was too costly. Councillors agreed to ask for a report to come back to them showing how access could be improved and the building made fit for purpose.

Ythsie - Request for variation accepted at FAC. Plot 6 app approved Delegated Grant.

Members consider the possible loss of vehicular access to the Prop as a retrograde step by Councillors who voted for this, particularly after it was previously agreed by FAC to retain this

Boudiestone – New House This application was rejected at FAC

Braiklay Avenue Traffic Calming and new Pavement – Progressing slowly, new gate will be fitted to end of Road into park, which will be kept locked with a key available in Duthie’s

Local Place Names - Paul agreed to liaise with Members of Tarves Heritage re drafting a comprehensive list of local road names and areas around Tarves and Barthol Chapel for use in address referencing.

Youth Hall - Negotiations ongoing re the proposed new roofing material.

Tarves Housing Project Paul is continuing to press those who may be holding up the progress of this project, some progress hoped for soon.

Area Meetings - Paul confirmed that there were proposals to remove the existing practice for CC’s being permitted to speak at Area Committee meetings re Planning Apps. This is to harmonise the arrangements across the ‘Shire. Members were disappointed by this and it was agreed to write to SE to raise awareness, although no formal letter had been received to confirm the proposal.

Developer Contributions - These are now being sought for single house developments.

Bus Lay-by in Square No progress to date.

Committee Reports

John attended the recent Formartine Partnership meeting; - Community garden at Methlick looking for volunteers. There will also be a Community Garden in Oldmeldrum. Formartine in bloom judging ongoing.


Roads, Paths and Signs

Some potholes have been filled in; Kirk Brae and Braiklay Ave. still to do. New sign arrived for Toilets, await Mini Recycling Centre one.

Matters Outstanding

Noticeboards – John will ascertain if a local resident is willing to help with this.


Braiklay Park, Tarves (Aberdeen Scotch Meat site). – OPP Residential Development for 18 houses. Drainage info now received showing difficulties in achieving acceptable results for surface water soakaways. Tests were carried out earlier this month in fairly dry conditions. Foul drainage proposed to use existing private system currently used by factory. Numerous issues that go against Local Plan policies well as concerns previously discussed. Formal objection to be sent.

Burnside of Keillyford – FPP Alterations and Extension to Dwellinghouse - no concerns

Cairdseat Cottage - FPP Alterations and Extension to Dwellinghouse. - Concern re. design, Bob to respond.

Cairdseat Farm - FPP New Cattle Court – no concerns.

Mosside - Approval of Reserved Matters for New House – No concerns.

The following applications had been discussed by the sub committee due to timescale;-

Dunardy, Craigdam – FPP for Erection of Dwellinghouse (replacement) – no concerns.

Keillyford Farm – FPP Erection of Dutch Barn – no concerns.

5 Manse Walk – FPP Alterations and Extension to Dwellinghouse – no concerns.

Tarves Football Club – FPP Levelling and Drainage of Football pitch – no concerns.

Backmoss Croft Balgove – FPP Alterations and Extension to dwellinghouse – no concerns. The plans also included a Garage/Workshop but this was not included in the consultation. Bob queried this, Alyson James (Planning officer) hasn’t responded to e-mails. A communication has been received from Planning indicating that the garage/ workshop forms part of the application. It was noted that the App had been readvertised on the Weekly List - no concerns re FPP Garage/ Workshop.

Hillhead of Tulloford Barthol Chapel – FPP Erection of Dwellinghouse and Garage and Change of use of Agricultural Land to Residential. – Planning were asked whether or not justification or a need case was relevant to this app. They confirmed there was no justification. Response sent that this was against policy.

Maryville – FPP Erection of Dwellinghouse. 2 letters of support have been received.

Members agreed that their content would not have changed the CC’s response to the consultation (which has already been submitted to Planners).


Nicola Sturgeon MSP – SNP 2007 campaign literature.

Street Lights Connections - for Christmas lights cost around £80 each. It was agreed that around 8 would be acceptable on the mane brae approach to the village.

CC members Eligibility Bob has contacted Keith Newton to find out if the eligibility for CC members can be made similar to that of local Authority Councillors. (Response awaited.) Proposal to allow co-option of 14 year olds and over with full voting rights. Response to consultation to be in by end of August

Barthol Chapel Offer of £150 has been received for bus shelter materials. Bob to respond that this would be acceptable only if it has been adequately advertised.

Bob has written to Keith Newton re new BC Rep – no response

Formartine Partnership minutes

Conservation Area Report a copy of the Heritage Project’s report has been received – to be discussed at the next meeting.

Funding for School Extension – A response to Bob’s public question has been received, stating that no assurances could be given on funding or future investment at Tarves School.

AOCB There was no other competent business.

Next meeting Tuesday 22nd August 2006 in Tarves School at 7.30pm.