Tarves Community Council

Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 16th January 2007

In Tarves School at 7.00pm



Members Present:

Sam Andrew, Jonathan Boughey (latterly), Gordon Brown, Bob Davidson (Chair and Minutes), David Leslie, Ian Massie, Dick Reville (Treasurer), Colin Taylor. and John Thomson

Non Members Present:

Councillor Paul Johnston, Steve Pratt, Grampian Police and Mackie Bruce BCCA.


Keith Crichton.

2 Police Report – Inspector Steve Pratt from Ellon was welcomed to the meeting. 

Minutes of Previous Meeting (12th December 2006)

  • Minutes were proposed by Sam and seconded by Gordon, with all members in agreement.



Barthol Chapel Matters

  • Viewfield – There was still no update on this application/appeal.

  • Wind Turbines. Mackie Bruce requested that TCC delay their response to the application in order for responses from BCCA to be sent to TCC – this was agreed and a decision will be taken at February meeting provided it is not at FAC before this time. Copies of SNH response were provided for members and ALP Policy was copied to ensure BCCA were aware of the content of these documents.

  • Roads - Water is running onto the road beside the school causing icing in cold weather, it was hoped this would be adressed when development at the Old School site is progressed.



Matters arising (from minutes )


Local member’s Report

  • Corner at Auquhorthies –Paul to update at next meeting.

  • School Extension No progress. Bob asked for inclusion in Formartine Area Plan

  • Bakery Awaiting a response from Planning re access arrangements.

  • The Grange Application (1) This was discussed at FAC and it would have been given Delegated Grant had an appeal not been lodged.

  • Roads Issues - Numerous potholes need repaired – Kirk Brae, Braiklay Ave, The Square, New Road etc, still a couple at Sonach junction. Gully sunken in Kirk Brae. Paul has been in contact with Stuart Macfarlane (Roads) and work will be done along with bus lay-by in Square. A paved area suitable for trough type planters would be created alongside the bus lay-by.


Roads, Paths and Signs -

  • Water gullies in Braiklay Estate - some have sunken – Paul to add to list for repair

  • Recycling sign still awaited.

  • Dick to enquire about signs for village entrances re Formartine in bloom.

  • Uppermill road/B999 junction sign renewed after accident. This road needs to be gritted more often. Agreed that AC should look at upgrading and improving visibility on this road, as more traffic will use it once Meldrum bypass opens.


New matters

  • TCC 2007 dates – list has been distributed

  • All Weather Court - Lights need repaired – Paul to arrange.

  • Distribution and Posting of TCC minutes/Draft Minutes. Discussion was held on posting draft minutes for public inspection. Agreed only approved minutes would be available for public inspection, in line with other organisation and normal practice. Discussion also on e-mailing minutes to members of public, it was agreed that once minutes were approved they were a public document and as such members could distribute as they wished. Minutes are still to be posted in Notice Boards including Barthol Chapel and on Tarves website.


Matters outstanding

  • Noticeboard This has now been finished by joiner, Bob to arrange collection. Dick may fit aluminium to back to keep water out, liaise with Ian re fitting at Hall.

  • Tarves Website - Keith still to ask re someone to maintain, Paul may know someone.

  • Recognition of Public service – David Williamson – John has given Davie the gift in recognition of his service to Tarves over the years, including being Boys Brigade Captain, teaching piping and latterly running the local shop.


Committee Reports

  • Formartine Partnership Steering group – John reported that there may be some changes to the categories for Formartine in Bloom.

  • Haddo Country Park Regeneration – Updated plan for improvements still under discussion. Clarification is required re. legal status of C.C. reps for indemnity against litigation, Dick to ask Keith Newton to clarify. Meeting at Haddo on Thursday 18th Jan. Dick to attend


Planning Matters 

  1. The Grange Duthie Road (1) – Application now subject of appeal for non determination to Scottish Executive. TCC had responded as it had been on agenda for FAC Jan. meeting. Information on drainage and approved Development Brief not yet received at the time response required.

  2. Water Pumping Station – Manse Brae – Gerry Main, AC Planning Inspector has responded saying this is Permitted Development although he can not state where Planning Acts allow contactors to be Statutory Undertakers as Scottish Water are. Newseat of Tolquhon Cottages – Application approved at FAC after vote, another example of inconsistency from Aberdeenshire Planners and FAC.

  3. East Newseat of Tolquhon. Agricultural building approved, decision notice received.

  4. Milton of Fochel FPP Erection of Conservatory – Revised plans received no comments to be made.

  5. 3 Kirk Brae FPP Replacement Windows, to be sash and case timber – no comments.

  6. The Grange, Duthie Road (2) – New application for 15 houses, similar to previous application. Drainage details now included. No copy of approved DB received, although it is now on AC Website. Members agreed that the affordable housing should be built concurrent with the other dwellinghouses and should accord with ALP in terms of layout and design/materials. To reflect majority opinion from the Public meeting, the access link through to Braiklay Avenue should be included to ensure integration with the neighbouring estate and the new open space should be adopted by Aberdeenshire.



  • Rural Housing Enable – TCC to invite officer to future meeting re providing housing in rural areas.  

  • Aberdeenshire Council Online Planning – Improved access to planning applications etc on AC website from January 8th. 

  • Mackie Avenue Affordable Housing – A meeting has finally been agreed with Janelle Clark to progress the housing. – Wednesday 24th Jan 7.00pm Tarves school, all members to attend. 

  • Postwatch Scotland Information, NESTRANS Information, 

  • Formartine Partnership Information. 

  • Tarves Football Club – Portacabin now completed – still some screening to be planted to enhance the area, although not a requirement for planning purposes. Container will be painted green to blend in, (no pp required for siting on existing site).



The next meeting is on Tuesday 13th February 2007 in Tarves School at 7.00pm.

Community Council meetings are always open to the public.




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