Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 13th February 2007

In Tarves School at 7.00pm


Members Present:

Sam Andrew, Gordon Brown, Keith Crichton, Bob Davidson, (Chair and Minutes) Ian Massie, Dick Reville (Treasurer), Colin Taylor and John Thomson.

Non Members Present:

Councillor Paul Johnston (latterly), Mackie Bruce BCCA and 3 members of the public.

Apologies: Jonathan Boughey, David Leslie and Steve Pratt, Grampian Police.


  1. Police Report – Inspector Steve Pratt from Ellon had sent his apologies and reported that all was quiet in the Tarves area. Bob has written to NESCAMP re safety on the Tullo to St. Katherines stretch of the A947. Response not very constructive. Bob will write again.

  2. Barthol Chapel Matters

Methlick Farmers Wind Turbines App. Representatives from BCCA sub committee addressed the meeting, outlining their concerns as submitted in their formal response to Planners. (this had been copied to CC members). Their numerous concerns were noted after which they left the meeting. General discussion ensued and it was resolved that a formal representation would be submitted in respect of the applications within the Tarves area. This would include concerns about height, impact on the landscape and to query the appropriateness of the distance from the settlement of Barthol Chapel. In recognition of the lottery like Planning system it was agreed that a realistic approach to the possibilities that the applications would be approved would be taken and as such the formal response would include areas where developer contributions and compensation for the effects of the developments could be utilised for the benefit of the community of Barthol Chapel. Examples were Kirk and local unadopted roads and (if an annual contribution was available) the School.

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting (16th January 2007)

Minutes were proposed by John and seconded by Ian, with all members in agreement.

  • Matters arising (from minutes )

  • Mackie Avenue Affordable Housing – Several CC members and Councillor Johnston attended a meeting with Janelle Clark and Elaine Blaine to try to progress the project. Janelle stated that she had only recently been made aware of the project, this despite it being reported to Formartine Area Committee and various other officials. It was agreed that due to the delays in progress that up to date figures were required and info on financing the project. TCC to contact Greig Munro and to hopefully report back to Janelle and Elaine in the next 2 months.

  • Bakery – Still no response from Jane Whyte – Both Paul and Bob have asked, Paul has asked for plans of the proposed access .It was noted that the old ovens building had been demolished and rebuilt and no permission exists for this. Bob to ask Area Manager to get a response from Planners.

  • Bus Lay-by, Shelters in Square – Works ongoing.

  • Car Parking Opposite School – No funding currently available from Safer Routes to school budget for Traffic Order. May be available in future

  • Legal Contacts – Leask House - Paul to find out a contact with experience in Trust Law. Arthur will get the books to members soon.

  • Old School House – Bob still to write to owner.

  • Community Planning Officer (Lorna Harris) – will attend March meeting.

  • All Weather Court - Lights need repaired – no money currently available.

  1. Local member’s Report

  1. Roads, Paths and Signs -

  1. Matters outstanding

  1. Committee Reports

  1. Planning Matters (2)


  1. Correspondence Rural Housing Enable – officer (Elaine Blaine) attended the meeting as per Housing project report above


The next meeting is on Tuesday 20th March 2007 in Tarves School at 7.00pm.



Community Council meetings are always open to the public.










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