Tarves Community Council

Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 20th March 2007

In Tarves School at 7.00pm



Members Present:

Sam Andrew, Gordon Brown, Bob Davidson, (Chair and Minutes) David Leslie, Ian Massie, Colin Taylor (latterly) and John Thomson.

Non Members Present:

Councillor Paul Johnston (latterly).


Jonathan Boughey, Keith Crichton, Dick Reville (Treasurer) and Steve Pratt, Grampian Police.

2 Police Report – 
  1. Inspector Steve Pratt from Ellon had sent his apologies and reported that all was quiet in the Tarves area. He also informed (by e-mail) that colleagues in the Traffic department had been busy on the A947 and had dealt with numerous offences committed on the stretch between Tullo and Fyvie.

Barthol Chapel Matters

  1. Viewfield – There was still no update on this application/appeal.


Planning Matters (1)

  1. Methlick Farmers Wind Turbines App. A draft of the formal TCC response had been circulated to members. Chairman had decided that it was important that this response was approved by all members formally and had not sent it to Planning in order for this to done in public. A copy of a letter of support from a resident local to Barthol Chapel had been received, this was circulated. Further information on the applications had also been received including the Cumulative impact info. It was agreed that no changes were required to the draft response and the letter should be sent as soon as possible. Bob agreed to do this.



Minutes of Previous Meeting (13th February 2007)

Minutes were proposed by Ian and seconded by John, with all members in agreement.



Matters arising (from minutes )

  1. Mackie Avenue Affordable Housing - Awaiting update from Greig Munro.

  2. Bakery – Still no response from Jane Whyte – Both Paul and Bob have asked, Paul has asked for plans of the proposed access .It was noted that the old ovens building had been demolished and rebuilt and no permission exists for this. Bob to ask Area Manager to get a response from Planners.

  3. Bus Lay-by, Shelters in Square – Works now completed, sign still to be moved from Duthie Terrace.

  4. Car Parking Opposite School – No funding currently available from Safer Routes to school budget for Traffic Order. May be available in new finance year

  5. Legal Contacts – Leask House - Paul to find out a contact with experience in Trust Law. Arthur will get the books to members soon.

  6. Old School House – Bob still to write to owner.

  7. Community Planning Officer (Lorna Harris) – will be invited to meeting later in year.

  8. All Weather Court - Lights need repaired – no money currently available.



Local member’s Report

  1. Corner at Auquhorthies – Improvements will be made.

  2. School Extension – Bob and Ian attended meeting held at School with education officers and numerous officials including AC architects. A lot of old ground was covered and little progress made other than the Architect has agreed to look at options suggested by CC which address the flat roofs, raise the corridor and include Disabled toilets on the same level as existing hall. Architect suggested that Planners had wanted flat roofs retained – if so Formartine Planners and Architect need more training in practical issues. Still no funding in place. A further meeting will be held later in year.

  3. Bakery - Planning awaiting response from Developer re access arrangements.

  4. Roads Issues - Numerous potholes need repaired – (Almost every street in village) Kirk Brae, Braiklay Ave, The Square, Mackie Avenue, Tree Road, New Road etc, still a couple at Sonach and now Raxton junction. Gullies sunken in Kirk Brae and Braiklay Ave. Paul has been in contact with Stuart Macfarlane (Roads) and work was to have been done along with bus lay-by in Square. Paul will update Roads of the latest sites, Again!

  5. Forthcoming Improvements; - Raxton to Sonach road now on reserve list. Craigdam Road resurfacing. Tillycairn to Tarves road improvements.



Roads, Paths and Signs –

  1. A new Bus Stop has appeared at the West end of the village.

  2. Repairs as listed in above report also; - Braiklay x roads, Manse Brae, Tolquhon Ave.

  3. Recycling sign still awaited.

  4. Dick to enquire about signs for village entrances re Formartine in bloom / Coat of Arms.

  5. Uppermill road/B999 Graeme Steel has agreed to take a look at this road and the passing places.

  6. Ythsie junction/B999 – Concerns raised re the layout and angle. It is awkward for larger vehicles, causing them to go on wrong side of road - Safety issue – Bob to contact Roads.



Matters outstanding

  1. Noticeboard - Dick currently coating with preservative. Ian will organise brackets.

  2. Tarves Website - Keith to ask re someone to maintain, Paul may know someone.



Committee Reports

  1. Formartine Partnership Steering Group – John reported that new sponsors are being sought for Formartine in Bloom.

  2. Local Access Forum - John attended meeting in Inverurie, raised issue of access road to Prop of Ythsie

  3. Community Development Group. – Colin reported that concerns had been expressed regarding clarity of new accounts system. There had also been a presentation from AC Library service, which is now much expanded and includes toys etc for Playgroups. Currently visiting Schools, Elderly care homes etc to promote the service.



Planning Matters (2)

  1. 11 Gordon Place – FPP for Installation of Oil Tank – No Comments.

  2. 2 Balgove Farm Cottages – FPP for Alterations and Extension to Dwellinghouse – No Comments.

  3. 54 Pringle Ave – FPP Alterations and Extension to Dwellinghouse, Sub Committee had agreed ask Planning to ensure neighbours concerns were resolved by discussion and mutual agreement. (no comments on principle of proposal). 8 Braiklay Ave. – FPP for Alts and Ext to Dwellinghouse – No Comments. The Grange, Duthie Road – FPP 15 Houses Delegated Grant at FAC with conditions.




  1. Community Newsletter - Superseding Parish magazine – will be issued quarterly and will include advertising to offset production costs. Meeting for steering group early April.

  2. Prop of Ythsie – Maintenance - Keith Newton looking into budget issues. Scheme for Establishment of Community Councils. 

  3. nfo. P. U. T. A new scheme is to be established for recycling Garden Waste to serve Pitmedden, Udny and Tarves (hence name PUT). Chris York is to co-ordinate the Tarves facility which will be a trailer in which locals can place garden waste which will then be taken to Pitmedden quarry for composting. It was agreed to ring fence £250 from Tarves CC funds towards this project. (the same amount as Udny CC).

13 AOCB - 
  1. It was reported that an unofficial road had been roughly laid beside North Ythsie Farmhouse/ side of field. No Roads consent app known of.
  The next meeting is on Tuesday 17th April 2007 in Tarves School at 7. 30 pm.



Community Council meetings are always open to the public.





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