Tarves Community Council

Minutes of Meeting Held on Tuesday 17th April 2007

In Tarves School at 7.30pm


Members Present:

Sam Andrew, Jonathan Boughey, Gordon Brown, Keith Crichton, Bob Davidson, (Chair and Minutes), Ian Massie, Dick Reville (Treasurer) and John Thomson.

Non Members Present:

Sgt Colin Donald (Grampian Police) and 1 member of the public.


David Leslie, Colin Taylor, Councillor Paul Johnston and Steve Pratt, (Grampian Police).

2 Police Report– 
  1. Sgt Donald from Ellon gave an update of Police activity in the Tarves area. There had been some reports concerning a "booze cruise" around the Local pubs and it is hoped that a Pub Watch scheme would be extended to include all local pubs. 
  2. Officers were continuing to monitor driving standards on the A947 and were now using new powers which allow cars to be seized for repeat Anti Social Driving offences.

Minutes of Previous Meeting (20th March 2007)

  • Minutes were proposed by John and seconded by Ian, with all members in agreement.


Barthol Chapel Matters

  1. Viewfield – A decision has now been issued dismissing the PP appeal. Although the reporter had initially been minded to grant conditional permission, there was a failure to reach agreement on the reduction of use of the applicant’s commercial premises at Crichneyled, St. Katherines. Concern had been expressed at the use of Viewfield for Auctions. It was pointed out that farms having roups was accepted practice and that TCC would not object to this as any farm in the area could hold a roup and Viewfield is better accessed than some.

  2. Roads – Road junction at Balgove requires repairs.BCCA Correspondence - Still no response from Mackie Bruce to the letter from TCC handed to him at the Feb meeting. Info is currently being sent to Bill Kelly due to BCCA Secretary not accepting correspondence. This should be formally rectified at the next BCCA meeting


Planning Matters (1)

  1. Methlick Farmers Wind Turbines App. TCC had requested a site visit for the applications at Balgove and Hattonslap as it appeared that there was particular concern about these. Jonathan queried whether or not a copy of the initial TCC response had been sent to BCCA for approval. TCC members had agreed the formal response at their March meeting (as per minute); there was no requirement to have this or any other Planning App response approved by an external body. BCCA had been sent a copy along with Councillor Johnston and AC Planning.



Matters arising (from minutes)

  1. Mackie Avenue Affordable Housing – Information has now been received from Elaine Blaine and this will be included in the Information to be given to AC.

  2. Bakery – Area Manager agreed to get a response from Planners. Still no response from Jane Whyte – Both Paul and Bob have asked, Paul has asked for plans of the proposed access .It was noted that the old ovens building had been demolished and rebuilt and no permission exists for this.

  3. Bus Lay-by, Shelters in Square – Works now completed, shelters and lay-by being used sign has been moved from Duthie Terrace. Pole still to be removed.

  4. Car Parking Opposite School – No funding currently available from Safer Routes to school budget for Traffic Order.

  5. Legal Contacts – Leask House - Paul to find out a contact with experience in Trust Law. Arthur will get the books to members soon.

  6. Old School House – Bob still to write to owner.

  7. All Weather Court - Lights need repaired – no money currently available.

  8. Cardboard Recycling – There is still problems with capacity/regularity of emptying.

  9. The Square - Bollards are needed to avoid vehicles coming into contact with the new bus shelter.

  10. Community Newsletter – A new free newsletter for Tarves and Barthol Chapel (TBC News) is to be produced. Volunteers to help with this are Ian and John. Advertising to be offered for Local Businesses, articles etc to be sent to Moira Allan, 36 Bede Way, Tarves.  Email: tbc@tarves.org.uk.

  11. The Hut (Zone 98) CC have been asked if they would take over ownership of the hut, with the proviso that the Management committee and AC would have full responsibility for Maintenance etc. This was agreed on condition that written confirmation is received from AC Insurance officer indicating that the CC insurance would cover the building. Colin to pursue this.


Local Member’s Report

Councillor Johnston had e-mailed some info as he had to attend a FAC hearing;-

  1. New Bus shelter for Duthie Road is in stock, waiting on solar panels before taking to site.

  2. Road Repairs are due to start soon with surface dressing.

  3. Ythsie Junction - Work has been carried out here, not much of an improvement, however there is slightly more usable space.

  4. Mackie Ave Housing -Will liaise with architect to ensure he has new info and completed documents for AC in due course.


Roads, Paths and Signs

  1. Recycling sign still awaited.

  2. Dick to enquire about signs for village entrances re Formartine in bloom / Coat of Arms.

  3. Stuart McFarlane (AC Roads) has indicated that the gully on Kirk Brae needs to be sunken to catch water and avoid flooding of properties. It is unclear how he reached this conclusion.


Matters Outstanding

  1. Noticeboard - Dick currently coating with preservative. Ian will organise brackets.

  2. Tarves Website - Keith to liaise with potential helper and Web group.


Planning Matters (2)

  1. 11 Gordon Place – FPP for Installation of Oil Tank – Decision notice received.

  2. The Grange, Duthie Road – Appeal – It was agreed to send comments indicating that the appeal was both unnecessary and premature.

  3. Boudiestone Appeal against refusal of PP for new house – dismissed by SEIRU Reporter.

  4. Aberdeen Arms - Letter from Planning Inspector indicating that all was under control and the car park would be closed indefinitely. (This was not an option of the existing conditions).

  5. Aulton of Fochel – FPP for Steading conversion to dwelling – No Comments.

  6. Bankhead Croft – FPP for Alts and Ext to Dwellinghouse – No Comments.

  7. Little Ythsie – FPP Erection of Agri Building and demolition of sheds – No Comments.

  8. Old Manse, Tarves – FPP and LBC Internal Alts to Dwellinghouse – No Comments.

  9. West Auchedly - FPP for Steading conversion to 2 Dwellings and Business unit – No Comments.

  10. Nethermill Farm – Updated Plans for Agri Building – No Comments.



  1. Letter from Ian Rendall re Ythsie Junction.

  2. City and Shire Structure Plan – meeting in Oldmeldrum, Hopefully reps from TCC will go. Jonathan to extend invite to BCCA.

  3. Friends of the Earth having Planning info meetings locally TCC will try to send a rep.

  4. Scheme for Establishment of CC’s – Sam to review.

  5. Grampian Fire and Rescue – 3year Plan (viewable online).

  6. Letter from Mackie Bruce in relation to an e-mail Bob had sent to Rob Barker.



  1. There have been numerous e-mails sent to the Chairman’s personal e-mail address from Rob Barker as Chair of the BCCA Wind turbine action group regarding the applications from Methlick Farmers and Wind Turbines in general. The Chairman had eventually pointed out that he did not wish to receive this either personally or as Chair. Jonathan expressed concern at the tone of the Chair’s responses. Mr. Barker was critical of the TCC response to the Planning Applications for the Wind Turbines and had suggested that the Chairman was "lobbying" for the Turbine apps by way of accepting and circulating the letter of support received and copying this to the local Councillor.

  2. It was agreed that if BCCA wish to correspond with TCC on any subject including Wind Turbines, this should be done via Jonathan or to the CC Postbox. TCC do not sponsor any of their members’ internet connections and as such rely on individuals to use their own equipment and supply their own ISP. As such it is entirely at the discretion of each member what they send or receive for or on behalf of TCC.

  3. Prop of Ythsie – Maintenance - Keith Newton looking into budget issues – no update.

  4. Christmas Lights - Design of new lights agreed, Dick to order. Sponsorship funding to be sought – appeal to be put in new Newsletter.

  5. P.U.T. Garden Waste recycling scheme are currently looking for a venue in Tarves for their trailer. Braiklay Ave park was suggested.



Community Council meetings are always open to the public.

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