Tarves Community Council

DRAFT Minutes of Meeting Held on Tuesday 15th May 2007

In Tarves School at 7.30pm


Members Present:

Gordon Brown, Bob Davidson, (Chair and Minutes), David Leslie, Colin Taylor and John Thomson.

Non Members Present:

Aberdeenshire Councillors A. Hendry, P. Johnston and 1 member of the public.



Sam Andrew, Jonathan Boughey, Gordon Brown, Keith Crichton, Ian Massie Dick Reville, Cllr. J. Gifford and Steve Pratt, (Grampian Police).

NB. Cllr.J, Gifford had been advised by Chair that meeting would not be quorate due to no. of prior apologies received and had decided to attend Meldrum CC meeting. It transpired that the meeting was indeed quorate and proceeded as normal.



Police Report – 

No Police present, possibly due to meeting arranged at Ellon to discuss operation of the Call centre (0845 600 5 700). Inspector Pratt had advised that things were fairly quiet in Tarves, although officers are continuing to monitor the village on a regular basis. Barthol Chapel had been visited also and officers were aware of some concerns re. teenagers entering the building site there. Insp Pratt had also enquired re the cost of repairing the all weather court lights as he was aware of some funding from a Community initiative fund. It is unclear what the cost would be to repair the lights. AC Cllr Johnston to enquire.



Minutes of Previous Meeting (17th April 2007)

Minutes were proposed by Gordon and seconded by John, with all members in agreement.



Barthol Chapel Matters

  1. Roads – Road junction at Balgove requires repairs.

  2. BCCA Correspondence - Still no response from BCCA to the letter from TCC handed to Mackie Bruce at the Feb meeting. It would appear that this was not tabled at their meeting on 26th April. Bob to write to enquire why there has been no response and explain the method of correspondence will now be via BCCA rep or TCC Postbox as agreed at last meeting.



Matters arising (from minutes)

  1. Mackie Avenue Affordable Housing – Greig Munro to review the new information re costings and the figures from the Housing in Ballater.

  2. Bakery – Area Manager agreed to get a response from Planners. Still no response from Jane Whyte – No progress on response, Bob to update Area manager.

  3. Bus Lay-by, Shelters in Square – Bollards or similar needed to avoid vehicles colliding with Shelter when parking in Square. Pole still to be removed from Duthie Terrace. Bob to contact John Shinnie

  4. Car Parking Opposite School – No progress on Traffic Order. (Temporarily) School buses using Braiklay Ave. Problems with vehicles getting stuck are expected in winter.

  5. Legal Contacts – Leask House - Paul to find out a contact with experience in Trust Law. John to contact Arthur re. getting the books to members.

  6. Old School House – Bob has now written to owner.

  7. All Weather Court - Lights need repaired – AC Cllr. Johnston to enquire.

  8. Cardboard Recycling – Tuesday is the day for emptying bin; more vehicles are to be put into this service.

  9. Community Newsletter (TBC News) - articles etc to be sent to Moira Allan, 36 Bede Way, Tarves or tbc@tarves.org.uk

  10. The Hut (Zone 98) - Confirmation of insurance arrangements awaited from Neil. – Colin to pursue this. Open Day on 2nd June.



New Matters arising

  1. Mid Formartine Ward – As a result of Ward changes and the recent election, Tarves now has 4 AC Councillors. Jim Gifford, Allan Hendry, Paul Johnston and John Loveday.

  2. There was general discussion about this and members are of the opinion that they do not want 4 AC members at TCC meetings. AC members will have to get together and rectify this. AC members are ex officio CC members however in Constitution terms are invited by each CC to attend meetings.

  3. School Extension – AC Local members to lobby for this to be prioritised as a matter of urgency, due to the condition of the Horsa hut building.

  4. PUT - Garden Waste recycling scheme at Pitmedden open Sat & Sun, has received a grant from Shell. Currently seeking concrete blocks for building work.



Matters Outstanding

  1. Noticeboard - Dick currently coating with preservative. Ian will organise brackets.

  2. Tarves Website - Keith to liaise with potential helper and Web group.

  3. Glebe Field - Fencing – Bob to speak to farmer re moving gate down to opposite cemetery entrance.



Local Member’s Report

  1. New Bus shelter for Duthie Road has now been installed.

  2. Road Repairs - Ongoing around Tarves as well as Uppermill road.

  3. Mackie Ave Housing -Will liaise with architect to ensure he has new info and completed documents for AC in due course.

  4. Dinneswood – FPP for new dwellinghouse recommended for refusal by Planners, given delegated Grant by FAC. Will be advertised as a departure.

  5. TCC Members considered the recommendations by Planners for the following applications to be ill informed and not evidence based;-

  6. 6 The Square, Tarves – FPP for Replacement wooden windows (Retrospective) recommended for refusal by Planners as deemed wrong colour. Delegated Grant by FAC.

  7. Old Aberdeen Road – FPP for Amended Design (Monocouche earth coloured external Plaster and Galv. Rainwater goods) recommended Grant by Planners, Refused by FAC.



Committee Reports

  1. Formartine Partnership – John has been nominated to Board of Directors.

  2. They are currently promoting grants including Youth Transport Grants. Formartine in Bloom now sponsored by Sinclair Contractors.

  3. CDG Colin to attend forthcoming meeting.

  4. City and Shire Structure Plan – Bob and Dick attended a meeting in Meldrum, which was fairly informative re the siting of new development over the next 25 years. The importance of linking the amount of housing land to the amount of Employment land was stressed. Development is likely to be concentrated on main Transport corridors. Further consultation will take place in due course. There was confusion by some attendees over what was a Local Plan matter and what was Structure Plan.



Planning Matters

  1. Wind Turbines It was noted that the applications had been deferred by FAC to allow a site visit and a Hearing (prov. Date 11th June) venue not finalised.

  2. The Grange, Duthie Road – Appeal – It would appear that this has been cancelled, reason not known yet.

  3. Little Meldrum- FPP for Ext. to Telecoms mast Ancillary Development – No Comments

  4. Interim Apps – dealt with by Planning Sub Committee;- Canach, Little Ythsie – FPP Replacement Dwellinghouse – No objections, requested Policy to be adhered to due to inconsistency in Aberdeenshire. Little Ythsie – RMA for 4 Dwellinghouses – No Objections, suggested written agreement is reached to ensure future maintenance of Communal private drainage infrastructure and avoid disputes due to possible siting on 3rd party owned land. Tanglewood, Craigdam – FPP for Erection of Garden Shed – No Comments.



Roads, Paths and Signs

  1. Recycling sign still awaited.

  2. Braiklay Croft housing – street names suggested – Duthie Webster … in recognition of the John Duthie Webster a prominent Tarves businessman in times past and Tillygonnie … to retain the local place name of the former estate now known as Keithfield which has since become part of Haddo Estate.

  3. Dick to enquire about signs for village entrances re Formartine in bloom / Coat of Arms.

  4. Raxton to Sonach - road needs upgrading, particularly drainage issues.




  1. Letter from Reverend Isabel Buchan. This explained that the Kirk would have preferred direct consultation with them before suggesting Barthol Chapel as a possible point for Developer contributions from Wind Turbine apps. It was also stated that funding would be welcomed from any source. Bob to seek clarification.

  2. Maryville, Haddo Lane. Colin had received a note and some Drawings of house types outlining 2 possible options for re-submission of an application for a Dwellinghouse on the Garden ground opposite Maryville Cottage. It was not absolutely clear from the info what exactly was proposed, and due to the level of concern on previous proposals it was agreed to defer to the next meeting where more members would be present.

  3. Friends of the Earth having Planning info meetings – Dick may attend.

  4. Scheme for Establishment of CC’s – Sam to review for next meeting.

  5. Old Tennis Court, School Lane – Indicative sketch of area proposed for using for Car Sales in fenced compound alongside existing garage premises (as discussed previously) Parking for communal use included at rear of Bowling Green. - Agreed to discuss at next meeting.




  1. Potential new member. – Member of the public present indicated a willingness to become a member. Two Councillors agreed that they would nominate for co-option. Formal co-option procedure will be carried out with a view to finalising this at next meeting.

  2. Prop of Ythsie – Maintenance - Keith Newton looking into budget issues – no update.



The next meeting is on Tuesday 19th June 2007 in Barthol Chapel School

at 7. 30 pm.

Community Council meetings are always open to the public.

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