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Tarves Community Council

Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 18th September 2007

In Tarves School at 7.00pm.

Members Present:

Bob Davidson (Chair), John Thomson (Vice Chair), David Leslie, Ian Massie, Sam Andrew, Colin Taylor, Gordon Brown and Dick Reville

Non-Members Present:

AC Councillor P. Johnston, Councillor J. Gifford, Steve Pratt (Ellon Police), Norma Dougall (Minutes Secretary), and one member of the public.


J. Boughey, K. Crichton, B. McPetrie.

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting (21st August 2007):

Minutes were proposed by John and seconded by Ian, with all members in agreement.

  1. Police Report:

  1. Insp. Steve Pratt looked at the crime figures in the area, which were as follows:

  2. Low crime and negligible seriousness – 20 in calendar year to date, 28 last year (2006), and 14 in 2005.

  3. Locally, in Ellon, they have ‘Text a Cop’ – George Hall, Community Officer, who deals with youth related issues, e.g. Pupils in Ellon Academy have his number and can get in touch – so far he has had no ‘crank’ calls – The card issued to the pupils has his number along with the Young Peoples Project number.

  4. Also starting in Ellon, Off-Sales Challenge 21. This is an extension to the Proof of Over 18 Policy. They are also going to pilot marked carrier bags to check which shop supplied the alcohol.

  5. Insp. Pratt has also asked if anyone has problems in getting answered by the Service Centre, if they could pass details on to the CC, they will be forwarded on to him.

  6. Steve also agreed to look into protocol for B999 diversions following RTAs.

  7. The CC are delighted with the clear system of contact that has been established between Insp. Pratt and the CC and his willingness to assist if practically possible.

  1. Barthol Chapel Matters

  1. Village Enhancement Grant – John to report to Formartine Partnership that Tarves CC support the Barthol Chapel application.

  2. BCCA Minutes – Copy not yet received by TCC

  1. Matters Arising from Minutes

  1. Mackie Ave. Affordable Housing – Elaine Blaine to report management costs to CC.

  2. Bakery – Ref. Lane at the back – waiting on response from AC Law and Admin.

  3. Car Parking Opposite School – Support expressed for this from locals including school bus operator. CC has sent letter of support.

  4. Leask House – John to contact Arthur re. Getting the books to members.

  5. All Weather Court – 3 lights now okay, 1 still to be seen to – Colin to monitor.

  6. Community Newsletter (TBC News) – Next deadline Friday 23rd November 2007. - articles, etc. to be sent to Moira Allan, 36 Bede Way, Tarves, or

  7. The Hut (Zone 98) – Confirmation of insurance arrangements awaited from Neil. Colin to pursue this and grant applications from Area Top-Up. To do.

  8. School Extension – AC local members to lobby for this to be prioritised as a matter of urgency, due to the condition of the Horsa hut building. No Progress.

  9. CC, Councillors, Mike Porter (Council Property Services) and Head Teacher Marek Gorski, are trying to arrange a meeting regarding this issue.

  10. The Hut Representation at CC - This is thought possible, Colin to confirm.

  11. Recycling and Waste Issues – Guides and information – Dick to post in noticeboard.

  12. Christmas Lights – Sponsors appeal to be placed in TBC.

  13. Haddo CPR – Consultations meeting to be held on Thursday 15th November 2007, in the Melvin Hall, members of the public are invited to attend.

  14. School Nursery – Storage container now in place. Extra costs incurred due to the ramp, Councillor P. Johnston is monitoring this.

  1. Matters Outstanding

  1. Noticeboards – Braiklay Ave Recently vandalised - Glass is now to be replaced with Perspex. Melvin Hall - Dick coating with preservative and Ian has brackets.

  2. Tarves Website – Paul to speak with volunteer (Jim).

  3. Glebe Field – Bob still to speak to farmer re. Moving gate down to opposite cemetery

  1. Local Member’s Report

  1. Wind Turbines – Sites approved at Courtstone, Denhill and Haddo – at ISC soon.

  2. Aberdeen Scotch Meat Factory – Planning appeal allowed by Reporter. No action from AC. Chair has written to Alex Salmond MSP who has passed it to Stewart Stevenson.

  3. B999 Route Action – We have been informed that there are no protocols in place for diversions, when required. Councillor P. Johnston is going to make enquiries with I Gabriel (Roads Dept.) to see what can be actioned on this.

  4. Western Peripheral Route – Public Meeting has been advertised in Newmachar at beginning of October. We advise as many members of the public to attend.

  5. Formartine in Bloom – Winner Fyvie, runners up Pitmedden, Tarves highly commended.

  1. Planning Matters

  1. Mains of Tolquhon Steading conversions –Agreed to respond as previously discussed, information taking too long to be sent by Planning.

  2. Maryville – At FAC soon.

  3. 8 Forbes View – conservatory to rear extension – no comments

  4. Bothy Shethin, Revised plan – Still no use of granite – reiterate comments.

  5. 7 Bede Way,– no comments

  6. 50 Pringle Avenue,– no comments

  7. Burnside of Keillyford - Dec. notice granting games room on 1½ Storey Granny Flat

  8. Cairnbrogie – Pre App discussion meeting in Abdn. for 3 proposed 119m turbines.

  1. Roads, Paths and Signs

  1. Braiklay Avenue – Sign needs replaced – Paul has reported this.

  2. Stuart Crescent – Overhanging tree. GB to contact AC 01467 620981

  3. Smiddyhill/Cairnbrogie crossroads – Sign needed to depict Oldmeldrum and signs for Tarves from Oldmeldrum incl. By-pass – Graeme Steel looking into.

  4. Disabled spaces in Square – Roads dept. are assessing provision currently.

  5. Potholes in Square etc – NO PROGRESS.

  1. Correspondence

  1. Community Care info. AC Insurance for CC’s info. – Paul to review and report.

  2. Tarves School – Chair has contacted all mid-Formartine members that they discuss the issue of the school extension as a matter of urgency. No progress as yet.

  3. Ythsie/B999 junction – Roads are to request landscaping and consider pushing for a layby for safety to improve 2-way traffic – no progress.

  4. Community Planning – David to review P. Johnston also spoke about community profiles – Colin Taylor to get in touch with Neil Ironside regarding this.

  5. Recycling and Waste Info. – more copies now received Dick to post on Noticeboard.

  6. Decision Notices Received – Canach, Little Ythsie – replacement dwelling

  7. Granted, Aberdeen Arms House in Car Park – (amendments to conditions re. External material) monocouche and galv. Rainwater goods – Refused.

  8. Plants application – Amenity Group to progress – to do.

  9. Letter from Scottish Water – Bob to write to.

  10. Letters received – Leader and Rural Aberdeenshire Questionnaire, Aberdeenshire Community Planning Report – 2006/07, Local Transport Strategy.

  1. AOCB

  1. Recycling at Pitmedden – a vote of thanks to all involved, including Chris York, Bert Innes. Well Done and Thank you! From a standing start, 50 tonnes have been processed. NB. Volunteers required to assist with project – training will be given (use of chain saw, etc.).

  2. Prop of Ythsie – Maintenance – NO PROGRESS

  3. Little Park Goalposts – have been removed – Paul to progress return

  4. Village enhancement grant – Dick/Sam to apply for this for Village gateway signs.

  5. FAC reports – now being sent to those CC’s that ask.

  6. Friends of the Earth – can be obtained at £3.00 per sheet or download free at www.foe/

  7. ASCC meeting in Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh on 3rd November 2007

  8. Formartine Area Bus Forum - meeting at Meldrum Academy on 9th October 2007.

  9. Recycling Bins -CC encourage residents to phone if they see any overflowing recycling bins – phone to have emptied. (Number to call is on site).

  10. Tree Road - CC have had brought to their attention about cars parking on the pavement – please try and park responsibly, remembering safety and passage for pedestrians.

  11. Last but not least, dog fouling – PLEASE clear up after your dog.



The above minutes were approved at TCC meeting on Tuesday 9th Oct 07 in Tarves School.



Robert P. Davidson



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