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Tarves Community Council

Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 9th October 2007

In Tarves School at 7.00pm.



Members Present:

Bob Davidson (Chair), John Thomson (Vice Chair), Sam Andrew, Colin Taylor, J. Boughey, B. McPetrie and Dick Reville

Non-Members Present:

A’ Councillors J. Gifford, A. Hendry, Norma Dougall (Minutes Secretary), and 3 members of the public (Mr and Mrs Jones and their architect).



K. Crichton, David Leslie, Gordon Brown, Inspector Pratt and AC Councillor P Johnston, for Late Arrival - Ian Massie

Member Co-option – deferred to next meeting.

Presentation by local architect/Pre-application Discussion:

The architect, on behalf of Mr and Mrs Jones, wished to consult with CC members with regard to building a house on a brownfield site, at Redford, Tarves. Mr Jones runs a long established plant hire business on site. However, it was found that the site was within the boundaries of Udny CC (although close to Tarves). It was appreciated that Pre-application discussions were considered and members present did not object to the principle of this development.


  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting (18th September 2007):

Minutes were proposed by John and seconded by Sam, with all members in agreement.

  1. Barthol Chapel Matters

  1. Village Enhancement Grant – A grant has been approved for £300 – plants and bulbs being bought for school.

  2. BCCA Minutes – Copy not yet received by TCC – Bob has asked J Boughey to e-mail minutes, including last AGM.
  3. AGM J Boughey reported – although AGM held, no office bearers have been nominated – existing office bearers will remain until this has happened. Road repairs are now currently being done, and trees being trimmed.
  4. School Jon also reported that a small fire was started outside the school (in evening). The thought is that kids are using the area to ‘hang-out’ – bad damage was not caused and it has been reported to the police as a ‘crime report’.
  5. The school has also had to close the football pitch until the end of term, due to dog fouling. The CA are trying to see if they can get CCTV installed. Bob is e-mailing Jon with Inspector Pratt’s details to see if he can assist.
  6. The wind turbines in the area were approved last week – villagers were not happy about this – Jon is checking with planning for reasons and Committee reports.


  1. Matters Arising from Minutes

  1. Mackie Ave. Affordable Housing – There is to be a meeting before the final submission – date and time to be advised.

  2. Bakery – Ref. Lane at the back – still waiting on response from AC Law and Admin.
  3. Car Parking Opposite School – Support expressed for this from locals including school bus operator. CC has sent letter of support.
  4. Leask House – Committee of locals now taking over this task.
  5. All Weather Court – 2 lights now ok, 2 still to be seen to – Colin to see electrician.
  6. Community Newsletter (TBC News) – Next deadline Friday 23rd November 2007. - articles, etc. to be sent to Moira Allan, 36 Bede Way, Tarves, or
  7. The Hut (Zone 98) – Confirmation of insurance arrangements awaited from Neil. Colin to pursue this and grant applications from Area Top-Up. Progressing.
  8. School Extension – AC local members to lobby for this to be prioritised as a matter of urgency, due to the condition of the Horsa hut building. No Progress. CC, Councillors, Mike Porter (Council Property Services) and Head Teacher Marek Gorski, are trying to arrange a meeting regarding this issue. Bob to try to speed up meeting.
  9. The Hut Representation at CC - This is thought possible, Colin to confirm. To do.

  10. Recycling and Waste Issues – Guides and information – Dick to post in noticeboard. To do.

  11. Christmas Lights – Sponsors appeal to be placed in TBC – any donations contact CC.
  12. Haddo CPR – Consultations meeting to be held on Thursday 15th November 2007, at 7.30pm in the Melvin Hall, members of the public are invited to attend.
  13. School Nursery – Storage container now in place. Extra costs incurred due to the ramp, Councillor P. Johnston is monitoring this.
  14. Courtstone Wind Turbine - Now approved. Members agreed CC should contact Planning Gain officer to reiterate original request and indicate that contributions should be on an annual basis to be reviewed every 5 years. Action – Chair.
  15. Aberdeen Scotch Meat Factory No Response from Stewart Stevenson MSP.
  16. Tarves Website Currently being updated. Anyone who wishes an item to be included on website, particularly forthcoming events etc should contact Paul


  1. Local Member’s Report via E-Mail

  1. Wind Turbines – Sites approved at Courtstone, Denhill and Haddo – ISC approved

  2. Aberdeen Scotch Meat Factory – Planning appeal allowed by Reporter. No action from AC. Reporter has issued final decision notice for outline permission for 18 houses. B999 Route Action – We have been informed that there are no protocols in place for diversions, when required. Councillor P. Johnston is going to make enquiries with I Gabriel (Roads Dept.) to see what can be actioned on this.
  3. Western Peripheral Route – Public Meeting has been advertised in Newmachar on 26.10.07. We advise as many members of the public to attend.
  4. Land to South of Duthie Rd. Application would have been rejected by FAC if developer had not already appealed for non determination.
  5. New Road Signs There is a programme of sign replacement ongoing to include Braiklay Ave sign.
  6. Headmaster It is hoped Tarves Headmaster Marek Gorski will be well enough to return after break and a meeting can be arranged re School extension.
  1. Matters Outstanding

    1. Noticeboards – Braiklay Ave Recently vandalised - Glass is now to be replaced with Perspex. To do.

    2. Melvin Hall - Dick coating with preservative and Ian has brackets. To do.

    3. Tarves Website – Being updated – contact Paul Johnston.

    4. Glebe Field – Bob still to speak to farmer re. Moving gate. To do.
  2. Committee Reports

    1. Haddo Country Park –

Public Meeting at Methlick on 14/11/07 and Tarves on 15/11/07, both at7.30pm. Posters will advertise full details – Members of the C.C. are going – we urge all to attend if possible to help with ideas for this project

  1. C.D.G. Meeting

Colin spoke to Cathy Yates re trying to organise leaving children in the school holidays – starting Easter Time if possible – children would be left in the morning – collected in the afternoon – there would be activities organised for them etc

There will be meetings organised to see what can be arranged – cost – and staffing.

We will keep you informed

Also Cathy is trying to have parents with young children help with playing with them at home – the idea is to provide sport kit bags on loan ( to include skipping ropes – bean bags – balls etc) they can them be swapped with different types of bags as they get older. A request has been put in for money for this kit – meetings to also be arranged to try and take this idea further.

  1. Correspondence

  1. Aberdeen Scotch Meat Factory Chair has written to Alex Salmond MSP who has passed it to Stewart Stevenson – no reply. It could be too late for action now. Cllr Hendry to pursue a response.

  2. Community Care info. AC Insurance for CC’s info. – Paul to review and report.
  3. Tarves School – Chair has contacted all mid-Formartine members that they discuss the issue of the school extension as a matter of urgency. No progress as yet.
  4. Ythsie/B999 junction – Roads are to request landscaping and consider pushing for a layby for safety to improve 2-way traffic – no progress.
  5. Community Planning – David to review P. Johnston also spoke about community profiles – Colin Taylor to arrange meeting.
  6. Aberdeen Arms House in Car Park – (amendments to conditions re. External material) monocouche and galv. Rainwater goods – appeal to DPEA
  7. Letter from Scottish Water – Bob to write to
  8. Alex Salmond MSP response regarding Aberdeen Scotch meat – delegated to the Planning Minister.
  9. An invitation to a meeting in Edinburgh on 25/10/07has been received from the media dept for ‘A Culture of Openness’
  10. Also received Aberdeenshire Council Strategy Project Bulletin – Sam going to check
  11. Also Grampian Health Plan 2007/2008 – Colin going to check
  12. Western Peripheral Route Bob is writing to director of roads with concerns on how traffic is going to access from the B999.
  1. Roads, Paths and Signs

  1. Smiddyhill/Cairnbrogie crossroads – Sign needed to depict Oldmeldrum and signs for Tarves from Oldmeldrum incl. By-pass – Graeme Steel looking into.

  2. Disabled spaces in Square – Roads dept. are assessing provision currently.
  3. Potholes in Square etc – NO PROGRESS.
  4. Streetlights to be repaired – Mackie Crescent, Tree Road and the Bakery.
  1. Planning Matters

  1. Maryville – Decision deferred for site visit at 9.30am on 13th November 2007.

  2. It was noted that all letters of objection had been omitted from FAC papers. This was the second time the CC response had been omitted.
  3. Bothy Shethin – Approved but with use of downtakings and revisit drainage ideas.
  4. Raxton Lodge, Tarves – Listed building consent requested for replacement windows. CC support application – including double glazing.
  5. The Old Hall, Barthol Chapel – Alterations and extension. May include solar panels and wind turbine – CC have concerns over height, the lack of uniformity in design, also types of materials to be used and the noise from the wind turbine – not in keeping with the rest of the village and lack of pre-application discussions with locals.
  6. Auchnieve, Oldmeldrum – Conversion of steading to 4 dwelling houses and 1 business unit. CC have no concerns – send standard steadings response.
  1. AOCB

  1. Prop of Ythsie – Maintenance – NO PROGRESS

  2. Little Park Goalposts – have been removed – Paul to progress return

  3. Village enhancement grant – Dick/Sam to apply for this for Village gateway signs.
  4. FAC Meetings Sam made the point to Councillors present that at the last meeting he attended – it would be a good idea for the Council to invest in some form of microphones or sound system as the Speakers could not be heard. Councillors A Hendry and J Gifford duly noted his comments
  5. Grit Box - Dick has asked if it would be possible to try and have a grit box put half way up Haddo lane for the winter. – Bob asked if the owner would be happy if the box was placed at Beechlea – Dick said this would be fine – Bob is going to put in request to Roads Dept.
  6. Bob is also to request developers contribution for road in area of wind turbine at Courtstone – looking into annual amount – with a five year review.
  7. Tree Road - CC have had brought to their attention about cars parking on the pavement – please try and park responsibly, remembering safety and passage for pedestrians.
  8. Last but not least, dog fouling – PLEASE clear up after your dog.


Next Meeting on Tuesday 20th November 2007 in Tarves School, at 7.00pm.

Community Council Meetings are always open to the public.



Robert P. Davidson



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