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Tarves Community Council

Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 11th December 2007

In Tarves School at 7.00pm.


  1. Members Present:

R. Davidson (Chair), G. Brown, C. Taylor, and latterly Leslie and I Massie

  1. Non-Members Present:

Inspector S Pratt, Sergeant Lynn Brown, ‘A’ Councillor P Johnston, Norma Dougall (Minutes Secretary) and latterly‘A’ Councillor J Gifford,

  1. Apologies:

John Thomson (Vice Chair), S Andrew, J Boughey, B McPetrie and D Reville.

Member Co-option – deferred to next meeting.

  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting (20th November 2007)

Minutes proposed by Gordon and seconded by Colin, with all members in agreement.

  1. Police Report: 

Inspector Pratt stated that since his last attendance there were no problems to report. He informed us that he had met with all the Councillors in his catchment area after the elections and intended to do so on a six monthly basis so that any queries could hopefully be resolved before they became problems.

  1. Barthol Chapel Matters - Road repairs are not being done.

Some issues still to be discussed between new BCCA officials and TCC.

  1. A.C.Local Members Report

Paul Johnston said he has had ‘Roads Dept’ out regarding Barthol Chapel; however they couldn’t find any significant problem – Paul to press to have channels dug. Paul also stated he would arrange a meeting regarding the School as soon as the Headmaster returns (off sick at moment)

Reporting on ISC meeting re Trump application, it had gone initially for a deferral 9-5 favouring this, however it then went to a vote ‘Motion for deferral against rejection’ casting vote was made by Chair. Scottish Government have now called in application even though decision had already been taken.

In Ellon they have had a Planning Model by the Princes Trust (on behalf of Scotia Homes) this can be seen in a shop window in Neil Ross Square – it shows Houses- Dev Land- Hotels etc – the way forward to show Local people what can be done in their area.

  1. Matters Arising from Minutes

    1. Mackie Ave. Affordable Housing – There is to be a meeting before the final submission – meeting is trying to be arranged for 13 December 07.

    2. Car Parking Opposite School – Work to be completed before end of Feb 08.
    3. All Weather Court – 2 lights now ok, 2 still to be seen to – Colin has seen electrician, work to be done soon
    4. Community Newsletter (TBC News) –Next deadline. Friday 17th February 2008 - articles, etc. to be sent to Moira Allan, 36 Bede Way, Tarves, or

    5. The Hut (Zone 98) – Confirmation of insurance arrangements awaited, also grant applications from Area Top-Up. Arranging for Neil Ironside to attend future meeting to update. C.T
    6. School Extension – AC local members to lobby for this to be prioritised as a matter of urgency, due to the condition of the Horsa hut building. No Progress reportedfrom Cllrs Gifford, Hendry and Loveday. Johnstonhas requested action from Director of Education.

    7. School Nursery – Storage container now in place. Extra costs incurred due to the ramp, Councillor P. Johnston is monitoring this.
  2. Matters Outstanding

    1. Noticeboards – Braiklay Ave Recently vandalised - Glass replaced with perspex. which recent high wind has affected.

    2. Melvin Hall - to be completed soon Action DR, IM.
    3. Tarves Website – Being updated – contact Paul Johnston.
  3. Mid Formartine Members Outstanding business - Ythsie, School Extension, Roads Repairs, Signs, Prop. Updates required monthly.


  1. Committee Reports

    1. CDG- Colin Taylor had a meeting with Beth (she deals with children up to age of 5 years and is also involved with lone parent families) She reported that there is a waiting list in Meldrum for places , she is trying to get placements in surrounding areas (2-3 at a time) so that the families would stay. He also reported that two of the helpers Amanda Elrick and Iona Geddes (originally Youth Worker in Meldrum Academy) have been nominated to attend ‘Aberdeenshire Young Quality Scot 2008’ We send them our heartiest congratulations on the nomination.

Unfortunately The Hut are losing Community Worker Euan Lashmar, we would like to thank him for all his assistance and hard work and wish him all the best in the future. The post has been advertised, with interviews taking place in December, hopefully starting new person in January 08.

  1. Roads, Paths and Signs

    1. Shethin Area – Concern re road edges becoming unsafe, partly due to regular Quarry traffic from/to Ardlethen. Also reports of speeding tipper lorries on this road – Chair spoke to Inspector Pratt who suggested we write to lorry company involved and also Inspector Mike McDonald (his dept) Bob writing also regarding B999 and roundabouts at Meldrum – re – using lockblock

    2. Smiddyhill/Cairnbrogie crossroads – Sign will be erected here to depict Oldmeldrum, but no signs for Tarves from Oldmeldrum incl. By-pass - Chair to query. - Councillors present have been asked to push for this. PJ & JG
    3. Disabled spaces in Square – Roads dept. are assessing provision currently.
    4. Potholes in Square etc – Chair to write to AC Chief Executive.
    5. Streetlights still to be repaired – Tree Road.
    6. White Lines – Councillor Gifford explained these issues and also different proposals were in front of Council still had to be discussed – He would keep us informed.


  2. Correspondence

    1. Aberdeen Scotch Meat Factory Planning Appeal. – Decision - Chair to respond querying the method of action by the Reporter and the inaccuracies in his report. Copy concerns to Alex Salmond and register CC’s disappointment at the lack of a timeous response. Bob to write to Stewart Stevenson.

    2. Ythsie/B999 junction – Chair requested Mid Formartine members to progress this and other issues at Ythsie – Action from Johnston and Hendry, Gifford in agreement with this, No Response from Loveday. More action needed PJ, JG, AH.
    3. AC Insurance for CC’s info. – Paul to review and report.
    4. Community Planning – David to review
    5. Scottish Water – Bob contacted SW re green pumping station. This is not yet adopted. Agreed to request screening and mention road flooding. Action – Chair.
    6. Western Peripheral Route/B999. Response awaited.
    7. Bob wrote to Alan Bell re- polling places - response would be received in due course.

    8. Questionnaire from the Chief Fire Officer – Chief Officer Dalziel

    9. The Scottish Government – Seminar on Planning Modernisation – Mon 15 Jan – Tues 18 Feb 08 at Victoria Quay
    10. E- Democracy Scotland – Conference at Holyrood
    11. Aberdeenshire Council – E,L&L re (Harmonies of Charges for Facilities) letter arrived too late for Nov consultations (dated 20.11.07)
    12. Bob writing to try and have Barthol Chapel made an exception for charges.
    13. Keith Crichton – Letter of resignation- Chair to write thanking him for service over the last few years. It is hoped that he will continue to keep us up to date with Craigdam matters.


  3. Planning Matters

    1. Den Of Keithfield – No More info

    2. Aberdeen Arms House in Car Park –- awaiting report
    3. Blacksmith Yard, Tarves – Granted- Surface water to sewer instead of soakaways.
    4. 16 Mackie Crescent, Tarves –Full Planning permission for Conservatory – no comments
    5. Raxton Farm, Tarves –Installation of Container housing Biomass Boiler and Woodstore and Enclosure Fencing – no comments
    6. Mains of Tolquhon Steading – plans going to committee with one lay-by – requiring two lay-bys and turning point – awaiting decision.


  1. AOCB

    1. Prop of Ythsie – Maintenance – NO PROGRESS Request Mid Formartine members to take action. _ Chair asked Councillors to investigate repairs.

    2. Village enhancement grant – Dick/Sam to apply for this.
    3. South Ythsie Landraise - Concern re method of working – no area appears to be being completed – - Bob writing to Ellon Plant.
    4. Last but not least, dog fouling – PLEASE clear up after your dog.

Next Meeting on Tuesday 15th January 2008 in Tarves School, at 7.00pm.


Community Council Meetings are always open to the public.


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