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Tarves Community Council


Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 15th January 2008

In Tarves School at 7.00pm.

  1. Members Present:

R. Davidson (Chair), John Thomson (Vice Chair), D Reville (Treasurer), B McPetrie, D Leslie, D Beattie, I Massie and latterly Boughey

  1. Non-Members Present:

Councillors J Gifford, A Hendry, J Loveday and Norma Dougall (Minutes Secretary)

  1. Apologies:

S Andrew, G Brown, C Taylor, Inspector Pratt and Councillor P Johnston

  1. Member co-option – D.Beattie was welcomed as a new member of the C.C.
  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting (11th December 2007)

Minutes proposed by David Leslie and seconded by Ian, with all members in agreement.

  1. Barthol Chapel Matters – stated they now have new chair, still to appoint Secretary. Still problems with roads – in response to letter written – Stewart McFarlane has replied re-surfacing and kerbs to be done by March. Water pouring downhill still to be resolved

  2. A.C.Local Members Report –

Application for wind turbines at Methlick – site visit to be arranged. In response to letter sent regarding Polling Places – this is to be raised at next Council meeting – we will be kept updated

  1. Matters Arising from Minutes

  1. Mackie Ave. Affordable Housing – There is to be a meeting before the final submission – this has been finalised – we will be updated soon

  1. Car Parking Opposite School – Work to be completed before end of Feb 08. (Weather has delayed work)
  1. All Weather Court – 2 lights now ok, 2 still to be seen to – Colin has seen electrician, work to be done soon – still to do
  2. Community Newsletter (TBC News) –Next deadline. Friday 17th February 2008 - articles, etc. to be sent to Moira Allan, 36 Bede Way, Tarves, or
  3. The Hut (Zone 98) – Confirmation of insurance arrangements awaited, also grant applications from Area Top-Up. Arranging for Neil Ironside to attend future meeting to update. C.T

  4. School Extension – AC local members to lobby for this to be prioritised as a matter of urgency, due to the condition of the Horsa hut building. No Progress reportedfrom Cllrs Gifford, Hendry and Loveday. Johnstonhas requested action from Director of Education – Councillors at meeting are aware of situation – this is still with Property and we have asked if they could push on.

  5. School Nursery – Storage container now in place. Extra costs incurred due to the ramp, Councillor P. Johnston is monitoring this.
  1. Matters Outstanding

  1. Noticeboards – Braiklay Ave Recently vandalised - Glass replaced with perspex. which recent high wind has affected. – This work is now imminent.

  2. Melvin Hall - to be completed soon Action DR, IM.
  3. Tarves Website – Being updated – contact Paul Johnston.
  4. Mid Formartine Members Outstanding business –

  1. Ythsie, 

  2. School Extension, 

  3. Roads Repairs, 

  4. Signs, 

  5. Prop. 

Updates required monthly.

  1. Roads, Paths and Signs

  1. Shethin Area – Concern re road edges becoming unsafe, partly due to regular Quarry traffic from/to Ardlethen. Also reports of speeding tipper lorries on this road.

  2. Road Diversions protocol (Following RTA) Chair has written to Inspector Mike McDonald and also Traffic Dept to see if traffic could be diverted to better roads especially regarding B999 and A947. Also mention dangerous state of roundabouts that use lockblock such as Meldrum.
  3. Smiddyhill/Cairnbrogie crossroads – Sign will be erected here to depict Oldmeldrum, but no signs for Tarves from Oldmeldrum incl. Response stated no sign for Tarves at Chain Lodge as road doesn’t lead direct to Tarves.
  4. Disabled spaces in Square – Roads dept. are assessing provision currently.-still waiting to hear.
  5. Potholes in Square etc – Chair to write to AC Chief Executive.
  6. Streetlights still to be repaired – Tree Road.- E-mail received works order has been raised – Bob now getting in touch re 1 Tolquhon Avenue
  7. S.Gov. Consultations on Planning, Enforcement and Development Management - Bob drafting response

  1. Correspondence

  1. Aberdeen Scotch Meat Factory Planning Appeal. – Decision - Chair to respond querying the method of action by the Reporter and the inaccuracies in his report. Copy concerns to Alex Salmond and register CC’s disappointment at the lack of a timeous response. Bob to write to Stewart Stevenson.

  2. Ythsie/B999 junction – Chair requested Mid Formartine members to progress this and other issues at Ythsie – Action from Johnston and Hendry, Gifford in agreement with this, Councillors asked to chase up
  3. AC Insurance for CC’s info. – Paul to review and report.
  4. Scottish Water – Bob contacted SW re green pumping station. This is not yet adopted. Agreed to request screening and mention road flooding. Action – Chair.
  5. Western Peripheral Route/B999. Reply received to Public question – Didn’t answer the question asked. Comprehensive answer from FAC awaited
  6. Access Forum – making roads etc
  7. Leaflet from Richard Baker MSP on congestion
  8. Aberdeenshire Public Performance Report – (B McPetrie reviewing)
  9. Scottish Water – leaflet – lagging pipes
  10. Seminars in Edinburgh – 21/01/08 E-Democracy for Scotland and Building Affordable Homes.
  1. Planning Matters (1)

  1. Bede House - David Beattie declared an interest in this application which was clear and substantial. In line with normal CC procedure it was agreed to deal with this item after he had left the meeting.

  2. Den Of Keithfield – New Plans being sent with more info.
  3. Aberdeen Arms House in Car Park –- Reporter stated Dry Dash to be used – also confirmed that the yellow Monocouche render should not be used in Tarves CA.
  4. Mains of Tolquhon Steading –Councillors had reminded Planners at FAC of the need for 2 lay-bys – awaiting decision.
  5. The Old Hall, Barthol Chapel, AC web site stated no representation from CC – yet we have reply from Planning confirming receipt.
  6. 5 Bede Way, Tarves – Alt and Ext – no comment
  7. Steading, Craigdam –outline permission for dwelling house – although against policy, members did not object, subject to a safe access being provided.
  8. North Flobbets – amended design to dwelling house – no comment
  9. Crinan. 13 Duthie Road, Tarves – Sun Lounge – no comment
  10. Mosshead Steading – Planners recommended refusal – approved by FAC with conditions on traditional materials to be used in extension.
  1. AOCB

  1. Prop of Ythsie – Maintenance – NO PROGRESS Request Mid Formartine members to take action. _ Chair asked Councillors to investigate repairs budget.

  2. Village enhancement grant – Dick/Sam to apply for this.
  3. South Ythsie Landraise - Concern re method of working – no area appears to be being completed – - Bob writing to Ellon Plant.
  4. Recycling Centre- rubbish being left in bags (household) – phone waste awareness to have removed – please note if traceable – fines will be incurred
  5.  Last but not least, dog fouling – it has been brought to the C.C. attention that this is on the increase – Dog Wardens Number –Maureen Adam – 01467-628683 Mobile – 07771 941982. Again as in the last item if you can be identified –‘YOU WILL BE REPORTED and a fine will be incurred.

David Beattie then left the meeting

  1. Planning Matters 2

Bede House, replace roof in slate to match existing – no comment.


The above minutes were approved at TCC meeting on Tuesday 12th February 2008 in Tarves School.

Robert P. Davidson.




Community Council Meetings are always open to the Public.


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