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Tarves Community Council
Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 22nd July 2008 
In Melvin Hall at 7.30pm.

  1. Members Present:
    R Davidson (Chair), D Leslie, R Reville, C Taylor and J Thomson.

  2. Also Present: AC Councillors, A Hendry, P Johnston.

  3. Apologies:
    G Brown, D Beattie, J. Boughey, I Massie, B McPetrie, S Andrew, Norma Dougall (Minutes Secretary), J Gifford, J. Benton and Inspector Pratt.

  4. Minutes of Previous Meeting (17th June 2008)
    Minutes proposed by John Thomson and seconded by David Leslie, with all members in agreement.


  5. Barthol Chapel Matters.

    1. Bob reported that the roadside grass was badly in need of cutting around Barthol Chapel, particularly the Balgove junction and corner. Chair to contact AC.

  6. Matters Arising from Minutes

    1. Bakery - Chair met with Mr. Reid AC Planning re numerous issues and changes to original plans. He will respond in due course, however the initial response indicated that he considers the Planning service can permit changes to planning applications in CAs without public or neighbour consultation.

    2. AC Insurance for CC’s – A report is to go to FAC following investigation of the issues surrounding the mass resignation of Belhelvie CC. Following this there should be discussion at CC Forum. It is disappointing that AC has to date given no assurance that CCs are protected from the threat of legal action over Planning app. responses.

      1. All Weather Court — 2 lights now ok, 2 still to be seen to - Colin to progress.

    3. Community Newsletter (TBC News) - articles, etc. to be sent to Moira Allan, 36 Bede Way, Tarves, or email
      School Extension :- Still waiting update

  7. Matters Outstanding

    1. Prop of Ythsie – Info received via Shaun Norman indicating that AC do not consider the work required to repoint the Prop as a priority, despite being over a year since being initially reported. Chair to contact H. S.

    2. Noticeboards - Braiklay Ave vandalised - Material has now been sourced - this work is now imminent.
      Western Peripheral Route/B999 link. Comprehensive answer from FAC awaited.

  8. Roads. Paths and Signs

    1. Replacement of Lights in Square: - It was agreed to use Village enhancement grant towards replacing lights in Square. Despite requesting the Area manager to seek Area top up funding back in May, no report has gone to FAC to date.

    2. Tree Road potholes – repairs need to be completed, some areas not been looked at.

    3. Disabled spaces in Square - Roads dept. have redone markings in Square and made a new space on B999 beside shop. Unfortunately the workmen burnt some of the roses in the Square when removing the old lines.

    4. Chair to ask Shaun Norman AC to find out about repairing the walls around the Square which remain in a poor state.

  9. Correspondence

    1. Donation from Ellon Rotary – Dick to give thanks.

    2. Aberdeen University- Consultation on E-Coli risks – Barbara to review.

    3. Aberdeenshire Council – Data Protection Act – Chair written to Malcolm Bruce MP regarding annual costs

    4. Assoc. of C Councils – Consultation Draft of New Constitution – S Andrew to respond

    5. Aberdeenshire Council – Area Manager/FAC – Chair has e-mailed Mr. Newton and asked him to clarify the proceedings/outcome of negotiations re Mains of Tolquhon lay bys. – No response.

    6. AC - info on Developer contributions for Tarves CC area – discuss at next meeting.

  10. Planning Matters

    1. Maryville - Reporter dismissed appeal – Chair to contact Director of Planning to seek her views on decision and ask how the Planning service gave wrong advice to applicant.

    2. Duthie Road – OPP for 15 dwellinghouses and 4 Affordable houses, Business Centre, Care Home etc and parking. Deemed Major App and as such Developer should have had Pre App consultations. Members discussed at length the proposals - general agreement that the allocated Employment site to the North of Duthie road was the place for the Business and Care home elements. No support for residential element at this time as a similar app had recently been rejected by DPEA Reporter, the CC having already objected to the same. Concern at the lack of progress to develop the corner site which has permission and still no full application for affordable housing on this site. Chair to draft response, and depending on timescale permitted by Planning, defer to next meeting.

    3. Auchnieve Steading FPP for amendment to existing permission - conversion to 2 dwellinghouses, erection of garage – acceptable with use of traditional matching materials.

    4. Interim apps. Dealt with by sub committee;-

    5. Cairdseat Cottage – FPP for Replacement dwellinghouse – acceptable if existing stonework is used in new house.

  11. Decision notices (approval) - Muiryfold, Auquhorthies Cottar house, Den of Keithfield, Hospital House.

  12. AOCB 

    1. Youth Hall there is to be an event to celebrate anniversary.

    2. Oral history project to continue with small committee.

    3. Web site/TCC mail -Paul is to facilitate addresses for CC members and a central mail box. Costs for changeover and new ISP £56 agreed.

    4. Housing Land Audit Consultation – Chair has asked if factory site included in figures when Tarves amount counted – no response to date

    5. Government Draft CC Scheme – Sam, Dick and Bob to review and respond.

    6. Mackie Avenue Housing – Tarves Affordable Housing –

    7. Paul reported that forming a Trust would be a way of avoiding any concerns that had been expressed. A meeting with Rural Housing Enabler is being organised.

    8. Dog Warden (Maureen Adam) – 01467 628683 Mobile — 07771 941982


Next meeting Tuesday 19th August in Tarves School at 7.30pm.


Community Council Meetings are always open to the Public.



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