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Tarves Community Council
Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 7th October 2008
In Tarves School at 7.00pm.



  1. Members Present:
    R Davidson (Chair), I Massie, D Leslie and D Beattie

    Also Present: AC Councillor P Johnston and N Dougall (Minutes Secretary)

    Apologies: J Thomson, S Andrew, J Boughey, A Hendry, J Gifford, J Loveday,

    B McPetrie, C Taylor, D Reville, and Inspector Pratt.

  2. Due to the low number of members present it was agreed to defer any important decisions until November meeting.

  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting (16th September 2008)
    Minutes proposed by I Massie and seconded by D Leslie.

  4. Barthol Chapel Matters.

    1. Balgove junction has been repaired, and kerbs installed. Unsure if drain half way up hill is still to be fixed. Chair has written re the costing for Barthol Chapel School to be treated as a special case for hire charges. – Report going to future FAC.

  5. Matters Arising from Minutes

    1. CC Nominations Period for nominations runs until end of October – Forms available from Area Manager’s office or Duthies.

    2. Bakery - Chair had reply from Planning Aid – they were surprised at what had been passed. Chair is writing again To Mr. Reid for clarification.

    3. AC Insurance for CC’s – There has still been no proper explanation forwarded for this and that CCs are protected from the threat of legal action over Planning app. responses.

    4. All Weather Court — 2 lights now ok, 2 still to be seen to - Colin to progress.

    5. Community Newsletter (TBC News) - articles, etc. to be sent to Moira Allan, 36 Bede Way, Tarves, or email

    6. Belhelvie CC TCC – Members expressed annoyance that the report to FAC had not reached a conclusion on whether or not the former BCC members were to be pursued by Legal Action. It appeared that the issue of lack of support from AC was not debated at FAC and as a result CCs are still in the dark in respect of available assistance from AC. This should be discussed at next CC Forum. - Report from Dick at next meeting.

  6. Matters Outstanding

    1. Prop of Ythsie – Chair writing to Robert Gray regarding how it is to be maintained as no funding has been allocated.

    2. Aberdeenshire Council – Area Manager/FAC – Chair has e-mailed Mr. Newton and asked him to clarify the proceedings/outcome of negotiations re Mains of Tolquhon lay bys. – No response.

  7. Roads. Paths and Signs

    1. Tree Road, Raxton junction potholes – repairs need to be completed, some areas not been looked at.

    2. Walls around Square - Shaun Norman AC finding out about repairing the walls around the Square which remain in a poor state.

    3. Shethin – Potholes – being looked into – meant to be a Team allocated to do this.

  8. Correspondence

    1. Assoc. of C Councils – Consultation Draft of New Constitution – no response required.

    2. AC - info on Developer contributions for Tarves CC area – More information required from AC.

    3. Digitaluk – letter inviting CC to presentation regarding switch over

    4. Extending Right to Information Conference – Dec 10 2008 at Sheraton Hotel

    5. Aberdeenshire Council – letter regarding funding for play areas etc. CC looking into.

    6. Letter from Mr Benton- Osprey Homes

    7. Aberdeenshire Council – Council Performance leaflets

    8. Post Watch - Update

    9. Viewpoint – Brochure on Anti –social behaviour

    10. Aberdeenshire Council – News Letter

    11. Gordon Brown – letter of resignation from CC – Chair writing to thank him for all his involvement.

  9. Requests for Funding – – all to be discussed by CC at next meeting

    1. Tarves Amenity Group – new hanging baskets

    2. TBC – News Letter

    3. Tarves Church – Youth Hall

  10. Planning Matters

    1. Applications –

      1. 13 Tree Road, Tarves – FPP Sun Lounge – CC will support if traditional materials used

      2. Piketillum, Old Meldrum – FPP New House – No justification and against Policy

      3. Lythe, 8 Tree Road, Tarves –New Windows – draft response from Chair circulated to CC- General support of Timber Windows.

    2. Decision Notice –

      1. Approved - Auchnieve, Old Meldrum

      2. Refused -Maryville - dismissed appeal – Response from Christine Gore awaited.

  11. Local Members Report:-

    1. Paul Johnston said there was a need for CC to look into local bids for community land for housing and re- development with reference to ‘Local Plan Scheme’

    2. Paul had spoken to Alan Grant, regarding Affordable Housing, he apologised for not responding to us so far, but he would come back to CC with hopefully other sources of funding

    3. Paul had also been at the Bus Forum Meeting – Stagecoach admitted they had had problems with the A90 route and also with the timing on Tarves routes and they would try to address these issues. The complaints about the double decker bus – seemingly the bus had broken down and as it was in ‘Peak Time’ there was no replacement available

    4. The Light Replacement Work still out-standing at Braiklay Avenue and Stewart Crescent will be done – it has been scheduled on a rolling type placement

  12. AOCB

    1. Fairtrade Event – Thanks for the Film and Wine tasting event of the 2 Oct – it would be good to have support to make Formartine a Fair Trade Area.

    2. Web site/TCC mail - addresses for CC members and a central mail box now operational.

    3. It was also reported about the seat in the square requiring repair – still to be seen to and also check remainder

    4. Also complaints about the state of grass in Cemetery and also Mackie Avenue – being looked into.

    5. Mackie Ave Housing - Still no progress or help from AC - Chair suggested land should be considered for inclusion with the neighbouring Affordable Housing development if no agreement for CC project is reached by end of year.


Dog Warden (Maureen Adam) – 01467 628683 Mobile — 07771 941982


The above minutes were approved at TCC meeting on Tuesday 18th November 2008 in Tarves School.


Robert P. Davidson





Community Council Meetings are always open to the Public.








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