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Tarves Community Council
Minutes of meeting
held on Tuesday 18th November 2008
In Tarves School at 7.00pm.


  1. Members Present:
    R Davidson (Chair), I Massie, J Thomson, S Andrew and C Taylor - Late Arrival – B McPetrie

    Also Present: AC Councillor P Johnston and J Loveday, N Dougall (Minutes Secretary) J Boughey, Sergeant Jim Hume and J Benton (left early)

    Apologies: AC Councillors A Hendry and J Gifford. D Beattie, D Leslie, D Reville and Inspector Pratt.

  2. Minutes of Previous Meeting (7th October 2008)
    Minutes proposed by I Massie and seconded R Davidson

  3. Police Report.

    Sergeant Hume said it has been relatively quiet in our area – our designated Officer is off sick at the moment and Ellon is covering our area. The Police are asking for the Public to take care on the roads – especially at this time of year and to check your lights etc and also your speed, especially going in and out of the village and to be aware of the Limits.

    He also read out a Standard Statement with reference to terrorism – as living in a rural area, thefts of fertilizer or anything suspicious to contact the Police.

  4. Barthol Chapel Matters.

    1. CC asked Local Councillor P Johnston to check on drain at verge – remainder of work seems to be complete. However in an accident a lorry came off the road which resulted in a chunk of the verge being removed resulting in a drop off the road at a blind corner.

    2. This has been reported to AC to repair as soon as possible especially with winter approaching. At the Local Planning meeting there was discussion for more development in the area. Half at the meeting were for and half against. Feed back is being sought for people’s reaction so a letter can be sent to the CC for them to follow up.

    3. Barthol Chapel also received Runner-up in the small community category in Formartine in Bloom. Congratulations.

  5. Matters Arising from Minutes

    1. CC Nominations We have had 7 nominations – We are re-advertising. Forms available from Area Manager’s office or Duthies.

    2. Bakery - Chair had reply from Planning Aid – they were surprised at what had been passed. Chair is writing again To Mr. Reid for clarification.

    3. AC Insurance for CC’s – There has still been no proper explanation forwarded for this and that CCs are protected from the threat of legal action over Planning app. responses.

    4. All Weather Court — 3 lights now ok, 1 still to be seen to - Colin to progress.

    5. Community Newsletter (TBC News) - articles, etc. to be sent to Moira Allan, 36 Bede Way, Tarves, or email

  6. Matters Outstanding

    1. Prop of Ythsie – Chair writing to Robert Gray regarding how it is to be maintained as no funding has been allocated – Chair writing

    2. Seat in Square – to be seen to and remainder checked

    3. Aberdeenshire Council – Area Manager/FAC – Chair has e-mailed Mr. Newton and asked him to clarify the proceedings/outcome of negotiations re Mains of Tolquhon lay bys. – No response.

  7. Roads. Paths and Signs

    1. Tree Road, Raxton junction potholes – repairs need to be completed, some areas not been looked at. - temporary repair meanwhile

    2. Walls around Square - Ian to liaise with local tradesman to see if he would wish to do repairs and get suggestions for improvements. Graeme Steel AC is seeking feedback from TCC. Ian/Paul to liaise.

    3. Shethin – Potholes – being looked into – meant to be a Team allocated to do this- to do

    4. Kirkbrae – pavement breaking up – looking into

    5. Barthol Chapel – drain and verge – being pursued

    6. The Square – Street Lights – on going - Bob to ask for progress report.

  8. Correspondence

    1. Requests for Funding – – all to be discussed by CC at next meeting

      Tarves Amenity Group – new hanging baskets

      TBC – News Letter

      Tarves Church – Youth Hall

    2. Aberdeenshire Council – Draft consultation for Road Casualty Reduction for NE Scotland – to be replied by 28/11/08 – B McPetrie dealing with

    3. Post Ballot for ASCC – Chair returning

    4. Aberdeenshire Council – reply from Raymond Reid to letter Chair wrote regarding the Installation of Water mains and Pumping Station Box – letter stated matter was closed.

  9. Aberdeenshire Council – Letter stating that at the development of Redmoss Cottage – variation of window decision, this has now been complied with, the Planning said if they replaced front windows and garage door – remainder could be done later, if this wasn’t complied with in the time scale as agreed it would have to revert to original planning.

    This hasn’t been done – Chair writing to ask Inspector to meet and visit site to discuss how this has been complied with.

  10. Letter received from J. Benton’s Solicitor, Peterkins, because of the lack of detail contained in letter, Chair checked that it had come from Peterkins. This was confirmed and they asked for the names and addresses of the people who had complained about the weeds on the site so they could send letters of apology. Chair to write to Aberdeenshire Council Insurance Officer enclosing copy of letter and seeking advice how to respond. An acknowledgement letter will be sent to Peterkins.


  2. Planning Matters

  3. Applications –

  4. Craigdam – replacement garage – no comment

  5. Roselea Steading, Tarves – CC raised concern about stainless steel flue, upvc guttering and exposed steel beam – Chair has checked and it is in Local Plan as in conservation area – formal objection to aforementioned, none to principal of extension..

  6. Plots 1-5 and 7-8 Ythsie, Tarves – Full planning permission for detached dwelling houses with integral garages and private garden ground.-Chair writing regarding path between Plots also concern regarding some of the turning areas and parking for vehicles – some specific sites to check if suitable for soakaways – also area used for storage of stone at moment to be re-instated as park land. – Commended use of granite.

  7. Decisions -

  8. Piketillum, Old Meldrum – FPP New House – Refused

  9. Lythe, 8 Tree Road, Tarves – Approved

  10. Refused -Maryville - dismissed appeal – Response from Christine Gore awaited.

  11. Local Members Report:-

  12. Paul Johnston has had no response yet regarding Affordable Housing from Alan Grant. P Johnston and D Reville had a talk with Braiklay Estate – The opinion was muted that if AC don’t progress – a mirror image in Mackie Ave. could be done–

  13. The Light Replacement Work still out-standing at Braiklay Avenue and Stewart Crescent will be done – to try and find out programme.

  14. Councillor J Loveday reported from FAC re charges at Barthol Chapel School – (following TCC letter seeking reduction) and was informed that there would be an appeal procedure that Councillors can take up – there was to be an element of discretion.

  15. AOCB

  16. Formartine Partnership - John Thomson reported there had been 10 suggestions so far for a new project – including Wind Turbines etc. Once suggestions are all collected they would be put to the CC to be discussed. It was also discussed at this meeting that Core paths – were a disappointment as it was thought it was quite disjointed.

  17. Complaints about the state of grass in Cemetery, plus damaged wall and also Mackie Avenue – being looked into

  18. Mackie Ave Housing - Still no progress or help from AC – Members agreed land should be considered for inclusion with the neighbouring Affordable Housing development if no progress on CC project is made by end of year.

  19. Formartine Partnership said a new project was to try – Smart Meter – to keep a check on your fuel costs.

  20. Car park at the Prop – complaints regarding saturated condition of path and dog fouling. – CC writing to Environmental Planners.

  21. Osprey Homes – 2 e-mails received from Mr Benton that a meeting he had held regarding his new development had received 100% support, they implied CC should withdraw our response – members agreed not to.

  22. CC agreed not to correspond with Mr. Benton until such times as we get advice from AC.

  23. Formartine-in Bloom – Tarves received Highly Commended in the Medium Category. Although it was noted we seem to be moving away from BLOOMS to re-cycling.

  24. Many thanks to the Amenities group for all their hard work.

  25. Dog Warden (Maureen Adam) – 01467 628683 Mobile — 07771 941982

  26. Community Council Meetings are always open to the Public.



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