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Tarves Community Council
Minutes of meeting
held on Tuesday 20th January 2009
In Tarves School at 7.00pm.


Members Present:
R Davidson (Chair), J Thomson, and D Reville, S Andrew, I Massie, C Taylor,

B McPetrie and D Leslie

Also Present:

AC Councillors P Johnston, J Gifford and J Loveday. J Boughey, Martin Sisley,

N Dougall (Minutes) and eight Members of Public

Apologies: D Beattie, Inspector Pratt and AC Councillor A Hendry.


Minutes of Previous Meeting (16th December 2008)
Minutes proposed by S Andrew and seconded J Thomson.

Mains of Cairnbrogie Wind Turbines

Neil Marr – representing the Craigdam Area Residents – said that the Community was taken by surprise as this Project just came to their attention at the beginning of this year

after hearing from their Local Councillor. After speaking to Planning they have been advised that they will take representation for a longer period.

The main problems seemed to be with the proximity of the Wind Turbines to Craigdam,

They had also visited another Site and were quite perturbed about the ‘Flicker Element’

And the noise created. It was also pointed out they had been canvassing for support in the Local Area and the residents were also unaware of the project and had been greatly concerned. Chair advised going to meeting that was to be held in Melvin Hall on 21st January 09 and to put their concerns in writing to CC and also send to Planning.

Residents are also putting forward Representatives for CC – so Craigdam can be better aware of what is going on in area and make contribution.

Barthol Chapel Matters.

CC had received details of a Development bid for land at Barthol Chapel which included a football pitch opposite the Kirk. It was agreed to seek feedback from residents and BCCA. It was noted that opinion was still in favour of retaining the view of the Kirk from the East and that the protected area should be extended to include the land at the rear of the Kirk. Drain near Balgove junction only partly repaired, verge past Tulloford still needs filled in/repaired. J Boughey voiced concerns regarding the Head Teacher at the School doing part-time roll and also working at Fyvie – Hopefully this will be temporary

Problem – there is to be a meeting early February to discuss this situation.

Local Plan – the overall view seemed to be that they don’t want more development in area but don’t mind organic growth.

Matters Arising (from Minutes)

CC Nominations We have had 1 more nomination, none from Barthol Chapel. David Beattie is now a member again. David Leslie had already been suggested for co-option -David was duly co-opted as Data Controller.

Bakery – Response received – see correspondence

AC Insurance for CC’s – There has still been no proper explanation

All Weather Court — 3 lights now ok, 1 still to be seen to - Work order to be issued.

Community Newsletter (TBC News) - articles, etc. to be sent to Moira Allan, 36 Bede Way, Tarves, or email

Matters Arising

Local Plan Development Bids. Link on AC website now working – Plans received

and being displayed in Melvin Hall

Denis Scott AC Insurance officer has advised that TCC should respond directly to Peterkins – delegated to Chair.

Tarves School – Head teacher has now decided to refuse the CC permission to use photocopier at any time. There was a formal agreement with the previous Headteacher which allowed this - no problems arose in these 10 + years. Chair to ask Area Manager to

rectify this decision. There have also been difficulties in gaining agreement for all CC meeting dates that we had last year. Chair to enquire with Barthol Chapel School.

Matters Outstanding

Prop of Ythsie – Chair writing to Robert Gray regarding how it is to be maintained as no funding has been allocated – also regarding state of Car Park - Chair writing

Seat in Square – been replaced, old one was scrapped.

Roads. Paths and Signs

Walls around Square - Ian to liaise with local tradesman to see if he would wish to do repairs and get suggestions for improvements. Graeme Steel AC is seeking feedback from TCC. Ian/Paul to liaise.

Shethin – Potholes – being looked into – some have already been seen to.

Kirk brae – pavement breaking up – works being considered.



Grid Project - Letter to Doctor’s Surgery’s to take part in Project (depending on illness Doctor can pass on details for Patient to get Emergency Help) - C Taylor dealing with.

Pamphlet on Regulation of Bus Service Bill & Questionnaire

Aberdeenshire Council – Grant received – to be put towards New Lights in Square

Scottish Sports Council – Nomination Form for Awards

Viewpoint - Brochure on Local News, Livewire Brochure– Playground Equipment

Aberdeenshire Council – Information for Various Licences and Parent Council also

Chair had reply to various issues raised – it was decided to discuss at next meeting.

Forestry Commission – Form for Leasing Ground – D Reville replying

Local Plan (Piers Blaxter) seeking feedback on dev. bids – extended to February.

Area Manager – response re Mains of Tolquhon which contradicted reports by Local Councillors. – Query next meeting.


Planning Matters

Applications –

Mains of Auchedly- Conversion of Steading to 5 dwelling houses – acceptable.

The Globe Inn – Change of use to dwellinghouse and separate app for 2 new houses in grounds. – Went to Committee – deferred for more information – CC still of same opinion. Clearly because of the parking facilities and B999 access, The Globe is better placed to lend itself to numerous business related uses compared to any other property in Tarves.

Roselea Steading, Tarves – Approved – Planners decide where CA boundaries are irrespective of the approved and adopted Local Plan. Chair to query this.

Planning Sub Committee - Councillors Davidson, Massie, Reville (Chair) and Taylor Sam proposed that the current set up continue and that powers remain delegated to this committee to respond to Planning applications that can not wait until a full meeting. Members present agreed to this.


Local Members Report:-

The Light Replacement Work still out-standing at Braiklay Avenue and Stuart Crescent will be done – on-going programme.



Formartine Partnership – AGM John Thomson reported that a final draft of project will be done – there is to be a Smart Meter Scheme tried in Udny and Pitmedden Area

Also ‘Friends of Haddo’are having a meeting for Fund raising ideas

Complaints about the state of grass in Cemetery – Graham Waters monitoring this

Mackie Ave Housing - Still no progress or help from AC – Members agreed land should be considered for inclusion with the neighbouring Affordable Housing development.

Car park at the Prop – complaints regarding saturated condition of path and dog fouling and car park. – CC writing to Environmental Planners.

Standards Commission Report. (Councillor Johnston) It was noted that the Standards Commissioner had exonerated Paul Johnston after he was accused by the Council Leader of Breaching the Code of Conduct. There had also been letters in the Press seeking an apology to be given to Councillor Johnston by Aberdeenshire Council.

Also Dog – fouling in Children’s Play Area to be reported and acted on.


Dog Warden (Maureen Adam) – 01467 628683 Mobile — 07771 941982


The above minutes were approved at TCC meeting on Tuesday 17th February 09 in Tarves School.

Robert P. Davidson





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