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Tarves Community Council

Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 6th October 2009

In Tarves School at 7.00pm.

Members Present:
R Davidson (Chair), C Taylor, D Reville, I Massie and N Marr

Also Present:

Inspector S Pratt, N Dougall and AC Councillors J Gifford, J Loveday, P Johnston and A Hendry and two members of the public.

Apologies: D Beattie, D Leslie, B McPetrie, S Andrew and J Thomson


Police Report

Inspector Pratt reported a check on speeding would be extended Formartine wide. CC asked if he could check at Braiklay Crossroads with regard to how drivers are misusing the signs at Junction. Inspector Pratt said he would ask Community Police Officer Clarke to check on this.


Minutes of Previous Meeting on 15th September 2009
Minutes proposed for approval by I Massie and seconded by N Marr.


Barthol Chapel Matters.

Planning application for new house and Agricultural shed not decided on to date.


Matters Arising (from Minutes)

Conservation Area Boundary - Chair has written to Chief Executive – still awaiting reply
Conservation Area Review – Tarves Heritage are meeting soon and sub committee will be established along with CC members – to be discussed at next CC meeting.
Landscaped Areas/Open Spaces – Chair still to write to Landscape Services – Mackie Ave has still not been maintained


Matters Outstanding

Prop of Ythsie – General lack of responsibility for maintenance or repairs. from anyone at Aberdeenshire Council (who are the leaseholders).

Dog – fouling in Braiklay Park children’s Play Area – signage not yet erected.
Councillor A Hendry chasing up – Chair asked Councillors attending meeting to check Legislation and come back to him.


Committee Reports

Formartine in Bloom – D Reville informed us that he had been informed that the Judges felt that the Planters were lacking in Colour Co-ordination – we will try better next year.

Next Year there is to be a separate competition for Primary Schools only to enter,

Chair passed on information to Tarves School, who were very interested and CC will keep them informed.


A.C. Local Member’s Report

John Loveday – in regards to repairs at the Prop – there have been changes in the way the budgets are being dealt with – a separate budget will now be used for spending on monuments etc. John Loveday trying to get courses organised re the new Planning Rules

P Johnston – requested CC agree to write asking for ‘Average Speed Cameras’ to be installed for a trial on the A947. They have been tried in Essex and the trials have shown a lot less accidents. This was agreed; - Chair to write to NESCAMP

P Johnston also said that Neil Ironside is pulling together all aspects for the Community Planning to report to CC.

A Hendry – said with regards to the Braiklay park signs he had received an email (14.09.09) stating old sign had been removed, however when they had gone to put up new sign the posts were a different size. This is being attended to and sign should be up soon.


Roads, Paths and Signs

Walls around Square – C Taylor spoke to Contractors interested in the repair work and they are submitting price to CC
Tree Road – Pot Holes -nothing done. Kirk brae – pavement breaking up – Nothing done. P Johnston reported work to be done by end of year- he is also going to ask about the ‘Cottage’ side to be repaired as well
Braiklay Ave Park – Sign needed to encourage dog owners to be responsible. The current practice of signage on lampposts is ineffective.
Tillycairn, Methlick side still require grass cutting. J Gifford to contact appropriate department to see what can be done
Craigdam – N Marr has had complaints from Residents concerning the road through Ladyleys badly degrading, the road leading to the farm has bad pot holes, erosion of verges and kerbs required and drains needing seen to.
AC P Johnston said there should be money in next year’s financial budget for this.

Neil to contact Roads.


Planning Matters

Planning Update

Councillor Loveday had e-mailed the Chair confirming that he was incorrect in some of the info provided at the previous meeting. There was discussion on the subject of interpretation by AC officers of the new Planning Legislation, particularly given the numerous local examples of misinterpretation. Councillor Loveday confirmed that PAN 47 stated that CCs have a minimumof 14 days to respond after receiving plans and info. CC members have known this for years, although the Planning Service may not have seen this part of the Planning Advice Note. There remains confusion re the date which the time period for consultation begins; - Chair stated it is the date of the Weekly List; however Councillor Loveday had been told it was the date the application was received by Planners. Chair to clarify.

Osprey Homes – It was noted that a building warrant application had been lodged (15 Houses) – CC to enquire re Affordable housing with Keith Newton



Mackie Avenue – FPP for 12 Dwellinghouses – Application approved at FAC - Issues identified by CC not all taken on board by Planners or Councillors. Not known if anything will be done re Play area or thinning trees. There is to be one extra parking space. Homezone to remain. Pre application discussions were merely a paper exercise.



Open Space Consultation – to be discussed further – numerous areas locally not included – Dog walk, Braiklay crossroads etc also no details for Barthol Chapel. – Chair requested Barthol Chapel to pass on any details required.

Scottish Ambulance Service – Survey – C Taylor dealing with.

NHS – letter regarding the application for the Pharmacy at 8 Duthie Road

Chair received letter from Mr. Milne (applicant’s husband) he said he had no issues with CC, but was not happy with questions asked at meeting.

Alison McInnes – CC received copy of letter that she sent, and also a reply from the NHS, she said that although a Pharmacy would be nice to have, not at the detriment of loosing surgeries, the reply from NHS regarding the proposed Pharmacy asked that all the Surgeries should get in touch and voice their objections to the Pharmacy practice Committee. We believe this has been done. CC still await outcome.

Letters also received from residents who have just found out – voicing concern.

Letter received from Chief Executive of AC regarding Redmoss-slightly confusing Breakdown concerning windows – they did admit not checking properly. Chair writing.
Aberdeenshire Council – Live Screen at 29/31 Bridge Street
CC – Forum – 7.10.09 with Isobel Page
Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership – Annual Report
Aberdeenshire Mediation Centre – Problems with neighbours etc
Richard Baker MSP – News Letter, Planning Aid – Leaflets
ASCC Report ballot to be returned for 31st October 09 – D Reville dealing with
Community Council - Magazines
Aberdeenshire Guide to Council Performance
Association of Protection for Rural Scotland – expert advice on line –



Amenities Group – CC members only covered to use machinery.

Possibility of separate Group insurance for path maintenance and other local works being looked into by Amenities member.

Dog Warden (Maureen Adam) – 01467 628683 Mobile — 07771 941982


Next monthly meeting will be held on Tuesday 10th November 2009 in Tarves School at 7.00pm


Community Council Meetings are always open to the Public.








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