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Tarves Community Council
Minutes of meeting
held on Tuesday 10th November 2009
In Tarves School at 7.00pm.


Members Present:
Davidson (Chair), J Thomson, S Andrew, C Taylor and I Massie.

Also Present:

AC Councillor P Johnston, N Dougall (Minutes) and one member of the public.

Apologies: D Beattie, D Leslie, B McPetrie, N Marr, R Massie, D. Reville, Inspector Pratt and AC Councillors J Gifford, J Loveday and A Hendry.

Police Report

Inspector Pratt had previously reported a check on speeding would be extended Formartine wide and CC had asked if he could check at Braiklay Crossroads with regard to how drivers are misusing the signs at Junction. Inspector Pratt had said he would ask Community Police Officer Clarke to check on this. – Chair to enquire on progress.

Minutes of Previous Meeting on 6th October 2009
Minutes proposed for approval by
and seconded by C Taylor.

Barthol Chapel Matters.

Planning application for new house and Agricultural shed not decided on to date.

Matters Arising (from Minutes)

Conservation Area Boundary - Chair has written to Chief Executive

Conservation Area Review – Tarves Heritage are meeting soon and sub committee will be established along with CC members – to be discussed at next CC meeting.

Bede Way Possible allotments– Keen Tarves resident is consulting with neighbours. P Johnston declared an interest as he is a Director of PUT in obtaining the ground that is lying vacant to have on the site.

A947 Average Speed Cameras’ trial; - Chair has written to NESCAMP and is still waiting on a reply – P Johnston suggested forwarding a Copy to Ian Gabriel

Proposed Pharmacy at 8 Duthie Road – New application by Semple and Semple - Chair writing with views of the Community.

Matters Outstanding

Prop of Ythsie – General lack of responsibility for maintenance or repairs. from anyone at Aberdeenshire Council (who are the leaseholders).

Dog – fouling in Braiklay Park children’s Play Area – signage not yet erected.

Councillor A Hendry chasing up – Chair asked Councillor Johnston attending meeting to check Legislation and come back to him. There is a sign already in Park ‘No Dogs Allowed’ which is situated where nobody sees it.

A.C. Local Member’s Report

Paul has arranged a meeting with Jim Stevenson – Landscape Services this week regarding the following – Drainage at the Park – complaints of use of track up to skate park by cars – CC suggested having a padlock fitted. He was also going to show him the ‘No Dogs Sign’ in regards to Legislation and the disrepair of the flower beds at Mackie Avenue etc –

Paul has been informed that Landscape Services are going through a Service Review – shortage of experienced staff – because of retirals – Take time to train up – there is money in the kitty to re-cinder the paths in the Kirk Yard and cut edges. Chair to invite Mr Stephenson after New Year to a CC Meeting to go over various points.

The Crossroads – to see if anything can be done to increase visibility because of all the near misses. P Johnston also said that Neil Ironside is pulling together all aspects for the Community Planning to report to CC

Roads, Paths and Signs

Walls around Square – C Taylor spoke to Contractors interested in the repair work and they are submitting price to CC

Tree Road – Pot Holes -nothing done. Kirk brae – pavement breaking up – Nothing done. P Johnston reported work to be done by end of year- he is also going to ask about the ‘Cottage’ side to be repaired as well

Braiklay Ave Park – Sign needed to encourage dog owners to be responsible. The current practice of signage on lampposts is ineffective.

Tillycairn, Methlick side stillrequire grass cutting. J Gifford had agreed to contact appropriate department to see what can be done. No progress.

Craigdam – N Marr has had complaints from Residents concerning the road through Ladyleys badly degrading, the road leading to the farm has bad pot holes, erosion of verges and kerbs required and drains needing seen to.

AC P Johnston said there should be money in next year’s financial budget for this.

Neil to contact Roads.

Light – at Doctors Surgery to be checked as it seems to be on a different Time switch

Mackie Avenue – to check that there will be a Street Light at New Houses at Walk Through

Flooding issues at Nether Kirkton – pot holes at Balgove up towards Barthol Chapel and Keillyford – road surface needs repaired

Planning Matters Applications -

North Flobbets Cottage – new field access - acceptable, Lismore House – extension/spa - acceptable, Northseat of Auchedly – conversion – acceptable as long as traditional materials used, 5 Murray Ave – garage - acceptable

Decision Notices – All Approved – With Conditions - Mackie Avenue – affordable Housing - 24 Marquis Cottage and 64 Pringle Ave.

Area Committee visited Barthol Chapel New House and Agricultural Shed today- still awaiting update on decision.

Osprey Homes – It was noted that a building warrant application had been lodged (15 Houses) – CC to enquire re Affordable housing with Keith Newton. Chair still to hear.

Planning Regulations

Chair had sent Councillor Loveday a link to the correct information regarding consultation time periods highlighting the fact that it was the Weekly List date that is the important date for CCs. A response was received suggesting that his original comments still stand and that there was a strategy being developed to try to finalise interpretation of new regulations. CC will proceed as normal as it would appear that officials and some Area Chairs have misinterpreted the new Regulations and then tried to pass this on to CCs, suggesting that it is the validation date that the consultation period commences.



Letter received from Chief Executive of AC regarding Redmoss-slightly confusing Breakdown concerning windows – they did admit not checking properly. Chair has had a reply to his letter – still not correct – Chair to write again

Numerous Letters –of objection to Proposed Pharmacy – sorry to many to list

Alison McInnes MSP Copy of response received from NHS Grampian confirming if Pharmacy opens – Dispensing facilities at Surgery’s would close.

Shop at 8 Duthie Road CC – have been approached whether a Take-away would be suitable in these premises – Please contact CC with views

Aberdeenshire Council Walking and CyclingPlan cycling

AC - Invitation to Meldrum Heritage Fair, Haddo House – 15 Nov 09

AC – Letter from Chief Executive regarding complaint about Conservation Area stating CC comments have been accepted and changes made. Chair still not satisfied and investigating further.

Aberdeen Sports Council – News Letter, Aberdeen City and Shire – Winter Festival Guide, Scottish National Heritage – Magazine



Amenities Group – CC members only covered to use machinery.

Possibility of separate Group insurance for path maintenance and other local works being looked into by Amenities member. Chair has asked Keith Newton to clarify.

The CC would like to take this opportunity to thank The Tarves People’s Party for the magnificent Fireworks Display and all the work that went into it. Most importantly arranging for THE RAIN TO STAY OFF !!!

Members Co – option members present agreed to motion to co-opt Rob Massie

Dog Warden (Maureen Adam) – 01467 628683 Mobile — 07771 941982


The above minutes were approved at TCC meeting on Tuesday 15th December 09 in Tarves School.


Robert P. Davidson



Community Council Meetings are always open to the Public.




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