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Tarves Community Council
Minutes of meeting
held on Tuesday 15th December 2009
In Tarves School at 7.00pm.

Members Present:
R Davidson (Chair), I Massie, R Massie, N Marr, B McPetrie, R Reville, C Taylor and J Thomson.

Also Present:

AC Councillors A Hendry, P Johnston.

Apologies: S Andrew, D Beattie, D Leslie, N Dougall, Inspector Pratt and AC Councillors Gifford, Loveday.

Police Report

Inspector Pratt, had e-mailed CC reporting that speed surveys were ongoing on B999 Duthie road. Awaiting info on Braiklay crossroads monitoring.

Minutes of Previous Meeting on 10th November 2009
Minutes proposed for approval by C Taylor
and seconded by R Davidson.

Barthol Chapel Matters.

Planning applications for new house and Agricultural shed refused at FAC.

Flooding issues at Nether Kirkton – pot holes at Balgove up towards Barthol Chapel and towards St Katherines. Keillyford – road surface to be repaired

Matters Arising (from Minutes)

Conservation Area Boundary– Fairly poor response received from AC Chief Executive.

Conservation Area Review – Tarves Heritage are meeting soon and sub committee will be established along with CC members – to be discussed at next CC meeting. Removing the areas that AC have allowed non traditional development on and concentrating on the core older parts of the village was suggested as an amendment to the CA;- members to seek public views on this and report back to a future meeting.

Bede Way Possible allotments – Letter of objection received from neighbouring resident, concerned at possible loss of play area. Chair to respond and highlight that this is not a CC project. No feedback to date from Tarves resident who is consulting with neighbours.

A947 Average Speed Cameras’ trial; - Chair has written to NESCAMP, confirmation of receipt of letter now arrived. Had to be sent via Inspector Pratt; - NESCAMP has poor communication systems and responses. Copy sent to Ian Gabriel AC response awaited.

Proposed Pharmacy at 8 Duthie Road – Chair written with views of the Community’s objections. Chair attended Hearing on 7thDecember along with neighbouring CC reps and Paul Johnston. CC will be notified of decision.

Matters Outstanding

Prop of Ythsie – Repointing has been agreed by AC to be done via an external body who will manage tendering and works etc. Still some confusion re finance as the Prop is an asset due tom its long term lease (more than 20 years).

Roads, Paths and Signs

Walls around Square – C Taylor spoke to Contractor interested in the repair work and they are submitting price to CC

Tree Road – Pot Holes -nothing done, also Tolquhon Ave, Mackie Ave. Kirk brae – pavement breaking up – Nothing done. P Johnston reported work to be done by end of year. - he is also going to ask about the ‘Cottage’ side to be repaired as well

Tillycairn, Methlick side still require grass cutting. J Gifford had agreed to contact appropriate department (6th October) to see what can be done. Still no progress.

Craigdam – Road through Ladyleys to Aquhorthies to be repaired. Problems with mud on roads in and around Craigdam. Neil liaising with Roads/Police – will contact Insp Pratt. 30mph sign still obscured, some repairs been done to drainage.

Light – at Doctors Surgery to be repaired

Mackie Avenue – to check that there will be a Street Light at New Houses car park -awaiting response.

Committee Reports

Formartine Partnership – Talks by Forestry Commission, info on Halls - eco heating.

Formartine in Bloom – Review meeting, numerous proposals for changes to criteria however status quo agreed. No commercial planting to be permitted. Schools category to proceed next year.

CC Forum Presentation on new Planning Acts etc – written info to be sent out to CCs.

A.C. Local Member’s Report

  • Braiklay Park - now on list for drainage improvements.

  • Mackie Ave/Duthie Webster Rd – Paul to find out re Play park possibility.

  • Tarves School Extension – Contract agreed, work to start early 2010.

  • Haddo Country Park - Decision on Grant funding app imminent.


Planning Matters Applications -

Mackie Avenue – affordable Housing - Chair has asked Area Manager to find out about play area.

Decision notices – 

  • Approved 22 Murray Ave. Old Manse.

  • Refused – Shed and House at Barthol Chapel. 

  • Appeal against Refusal - Mains of Cairnbrogie Wind Turbines. (no further correspondence deemed necessary from CC)

Osprey Homes Site - no response from AC re Affordable housing progress.

Planning Regulations

Officer from AC now working to correct the misinformation re consultation time periods that has been circulated by Formartine Area Chair. Document to be produced with correct info. It is not the validation date of an application that determines the consultation period starting.


Bede Way letter from resident objecting to possible allotments and loss of play area. Numerous Letters –of objection to Proposed Pharmacy

Shop at 8 Duthie Road CC – have been approached whether a Take-away would be suitable in these premises – Please contact CC with views

AC Fair Share Campaign response from MSPs Maureen Watt and Alex Salmond. A947 - Grampian Police to make formal report to AC next year.

NHS info on Key Priorities. Northern Community Justice Authority info. City and Shire – Structure Plan now approved


Police Service Centre Text No. 07739 93 44 44 44 for information

Dog Warden (Maureen Adam) – 01467 628683 Mobile — 07771 941982

Next meeting – Tuesday 19th January 2010 in Tarves at 7.00pm School

Community Council Meetings are always open to the Public.




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