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Tarves Community Council
Minutes of meeting
held on Tuesday 23rd February 2010
In Tarves School at 7.00pm.

Members Present:
Andrew, R Davidson (Chair), N Marr, I Massie, R Massie, B McPetrie, D Reville, C Taylor and J Thomson.

Also Present:

Police Officers Clark and Dimeola, N Dougall (Minutes) and two members of the Public

Apologies: D Leslie, D Beattie, Inspector Pratt and AC Councillors Gifford, Hendry, Johnston and J Loveday.

Police Report

All quite quiet at moment, Speed Watch Campaign was successful. Reported vandalism across Aberdeenshire is at 3 year low. Formartine at 1% - less than .1% recorded was to do with Youths. In Ellon – less then 5%.

Minutes of Previous Meeting on 19th January 2010
Minutes proposed for approval by C Taylorand seconded by N Marr.

Barthol Chapel Matters.

Flooding issues at Nether Kirkton – pot holes at Balgove up towards Barthol Chapel and towards St Katherines. Keillyford – road surface to be repaired

AC Johnston emailed Chair to say he has been chasing to have this work done.

R Massie – reported –that they wish to use Planning Gain Monies to replace cooker and units in Community Kitchen at Barthol Chapel School. Chair getting in touch with Area Manager to ensure no delays.

Matters Arising (from Minutes)

Conservation Area Review – Removing the areas that AC have allowed non traditional development on and concentrating on the core older parts of the village was suggested as an amendment to the CA;- members to seek public views on this and report back to a future meeting.- S Norman (AC) is requesting a meeting to review situation. Chair asked CC Members to get in touch who would like to attend – he is also asking Tarves Heritage – John Thomson arranging date for the Meeting.

Proposed Pharmacy at 8 Duthie Road – Pharmacy application has been refused – however has been appealed – still waiting to hear if Hearing will take place. A Meeting with the 3 CC and Haddo Group Practice to organise a Survey with the 3 Parishes on existing services – J Thomson to attend.

Roads, Paths and Signs

Walls around Square – C Taylor spoke to Contractor interested in the repair work and they are submitting price to CC- should be in for next CC meeting.P Johnston to seek visibility improvements on flashing 20mph sign opposite School Lane.

Tree Road – Pot Holes -nothing done, also Tolquhon Ave, Mackie Av.

Craigdam –30mph sign now visible, some repairs been done to drainage.

B999 – Pot-holes – Nethermill to Wedderlairs also on Raxton to Sonach road. Flooding – at Auchnieve – just past Smiddy. Pot hole between Craigdam and Auquhorthies. AC Councillors to check on contractors repairs on B9170. – getting back on to Contractors to rectify Chair chasing regarding drainage at Auquhorthies.

Committee Reports

CC Forum Presentation on new Planning Acts etc – written info to be sent out to CCs. - some info received – awaiting more

Maureen Corley – Development Control Manager – has been trying to clarify New Planning Regs – Planning must inform you of decision but doesn’t give you decision notice:- AC website shows Charter which states opposite – and will send decision notice.

CDG Meeting – C Taylor attended meeting – programme for the School Holidays was produced – including net ball, arts and crafts etc – all ½ day sessions-Information will be put up on Notice Board. Also five ladies have got together to try and raise money to purchase the equipment for the play Area at the Sports Park in Meldrum – they are hoping to raise between £80,000- £100,000 – trying for donations from Tesco, Lottery, Aberdeenshire Council etc.

The Crθche in Meldrum – are struggling at moment – CDG are helping to fund at moment

B Mc Petrie attended Meeting for modernising the Planning System and is attending the meeting in Kemnay on Community Safety.


A.C. Local Members Reports

Paul Johnston reported by e-mail;-

  • All Weather Court Improvements and upgrade being sought

  • Braiklay Park - now on list for drainage improvements.

  • Mackie Ave/Duthie Webster Rd – Paul to find out re Play park possibility.

  • – Council has asked for reports from the Public on Pot-Holes Road-Line Number Tel – 0845 608 1205. N.B. – on 1st visit pot-hole will only be in filled – logged and then assessed when it will be repaired properly

Allan Hendry reported by e-mail; - 

  • wrote to Maureen Allan concerning the ‘Dog Fouling Signs’ – that they could hung where seen.– email received – signs to be adjusted

Planning Matters Applications -

Little Ythsie – FPP Change of House Type – acceptable

Backgreens Farm House – FPP house ext – acceptable

Cairnhill Steading – FPP conversion of existing steading to 4 Holiday Let Houses – acceptable – seek developer contribution for Passing Places

Milton of Fochel – FPP conversion of steading to form dwellinghouse and business unit – acceptable.

Mains of Cairnbrogie - FPP for 3 Wind Turbines. N. Marr declared an interest and withdrew from the debate. It was noted that the overall heights were 1m less than previous. Objections had been received from residents. Members resolved to object to the application on numerous grounds including impact on amenity and landscape and proximity to dwellinghouses. to respond to aforementioned consultations.

Decision notices –Approved –Mill House Auchnieve, Old Meldrum

Declined – Letter from Scottish Government – declining Appeal re app for Wind Turbines at Mains of Cairnbrogie.

Mackie Avenue – affordable Housing - asked Area Manager to find out about play area.– reply received - area still to be adopted and will then be actioned.

Planning Regulations - Chair to follow up formal complaint about misleading information received re consultation time periods.


Common Purpose meeting is been held at Haddo on the 23 March 2010

D Reville is attending .ASCC – a Meeting on Planning Aid is being held on 6 March 2010, R Davidson and D Reville attending

NHS Pharmacy – letter received stating Semple & Semple have appealed against decision on Pharmacy – waiting to hear if there is to be a Hearing

National Heritage – Brochure, Play Ground Equipment Brochure

Sports Council – Magazine and requesting nominations for Individuals

Aberdeenshire Council – Information Pack

Trump International – Invitation to attend meeting at Udny Arms Hotel March 11 to see Masterplan & Championship Golf Course Exhibition.


D Reville – discussed the Hedge at the proposed playpark at Mackie Avenue - See if some of it can be kept and height etc adjusted – for windbreak and safety use.

Also the Contractor that was clearing the snow off the pavements was complaining about overhanging trees, bushes and how cars were parked.

Mackie Avenue. Chair to investigate use of spare ground for parking.


Police Service Centre Text No. 07739 93 44 44 44 to pass on information

Dog Warden (Maureen Adam) – 01467 628683 Mobile — 07771 941982


The above minutes were approved at TCC meeting on Tuesday 16th March ‘10 in Tarves School.


Robert P. Davidson




Community Council Meetings are always open to the Public.




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