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JOHN THOMSON (01651 851615)



Our happy band of walkers meet (usually) on the third Sunday of every month between April and November.

The walks we undertake are designed to suit all ages and all degrees of fitness. This is definitely not training for a marathon or Olympic medal. No-one gets left behind!

Each ramble ranges between 8 and 12 miles and includes a lunch break, numerous stops to view the magnificent scenery (or to let everyone catch up, if you prefer) and tea breaks.

We provide an ideal way of keeping fit while enjoying the beautiful countryside in splendid company. What more could one ask for?


Get your walking boots and enthusiasm looked out!  Yes its rambling time again.  “When a young and not so young man’s thoughts turn to wandering the hills and glens of our glorious countryside”, to misquote the poet.  Look out for local posters of times, dates, etc.  May I remind you, our walks are prepared with all ages, fitnesses, shape and sizes in mind.  No one need worry about being left behind.  Most walks are on reasonably flat going, no hill walking, so no need for calling out the Mountain Rescue.  (What a pity say the Kirk Guild!)

Looking forward to seeing you soon,   

John Thomson - Chairman  



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