B999 closed between Tarves and Pitmedden


Aberdeenshire Council have advised that becasue water is not draining away as fast as expected from localised flooding, the B999 btween Tarves and Pitmedden at Dinneswood is CLOSED. 

The water depth is high and marginal for many cars to have problems, although it is possible to get through.  However, the risk remains for some vehicles and because of that, signs have been put up by Police Scotland to say the road is closed.

Police Scotland have said it is an offence to go through a road closed sign like this and you may void your insurance if you did and had a subsequent problem.

290Bus-TarvesThis is why the buses, despite running during the day yesterday ceased after dark. Stagecoach bluebird had previously gone through, but new rain last night and today means they will not ignore a closed sign.

Buses are running from Pitmedden to Aberdeen. 

Travel by Car

Access to Ellon is via Raxton crossroads to Auchterellon.

Access to Aberdeen is via Bool Road and Cairnbrogie Crossroads and back to the B999 at Pitmedden.

4 thoughts on “B999 closed between Tarves and Pitmedden

  1. Can’t the flood on the road between Pitemedden and Tarves be drained off? If the bus doesn’t run from Tarves it’s difficult for people without cars to get to work. They can’t walk to Pitmedden!!

    1. The Community has been told the drain is blocked. It cannot get away. The drain cannot be unblocked until some of it seeps away and the level driop. They are checking a couple of times a day we are told.

      1. The Councils roads engineers have provided an update. The drains were checked and not blocked. They just could not cope with the volume of water. The area concerned is the lowest point in a watershed area and is a ‘tank’ for the surrounding land. The tank filled up and it now has to go down.

        The Local Councioloor Paul Johnston was informed that the solutions are longer term and that the short term is to wait till levels go down as they are and then find drainage to prevent it re-occurring.

        The Community Council will be discussing this at their next meeting. Please Contact them if you want to be involved in any response to Aberdeenshire Council.

  2. Seems the authorities are more enthusiastic to close the road and charge those who drive through it than to clear the flooded section. Might it not be better if that enthusiasm was directed opening the road (Strange it’s OK for HGV’s) and other resources deployed on mitigating real crime.

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