FW: Public Transport issues

In response to communication from Tarves Community Council to our local councillors and the PTU the following email has been received today from Aberdeenshire Councils Public Transport Unit. To: tcc.chairman@tarves.org.uk
Hello Bob
Thank you for your email and I am sorry for the late response.

We have been monitoring the corridor over the last 3 months, and our surveyor has undertaken checks on the service, in particular the early am buses, including last week with the non-operation of the 0724 hours ex Methlick to Aberdeen on Monday 1 April 2019, which has been dealt with through the Council’s Contract Performance and Monitoring system (CPMS).

I am currently in contact with Stagecoach Bluebird management regarding the volume of breakdowns and reliability on the corridor, with any issues dealt with through the CPMS, as the volume of issues over the last few months are unacceptable to passengers and the Council. I have asked the company for confirmation as to how they will rectify these issues in the short and long term, in particular, an improvement to their maintenance programme carried out on these vehicles, which is the main issue. I am organising a meeting with Stagecoach management within the next two weeks, to discuss these issues further. I will update you once this has taken place but in the mean-time, please be assured that we are dealing with these issues with the up most urgency, and will continue to monitor the service, with any issues dealt with through the Council’s CPMS.

I am in contact with some passengers and following an email last week, listing times and dates of various issues over the last 3 months, I have asked Stagecoach Bluebird for an explanation on each of these. As you appreciate, for the Council to investigate any issues, it is essential that we receive specific times and dates as soon as the incident occurs, so that they can be dealt with through the Council’s CPMS where appropriate, as without this information, it would take my colleague a considerable amount of time to go through every journey over a period of time through the system. I have asked these passengers to email me as soon as there is an issue on the corridor, so they can be investigated.

Thank you

Senior Transport Officer (Local Bus Service)
Passenger Transport Unit Infrastructure Services
Aberdeenshire Council

From: TCC Chairman [ mailto:tcc.chairman@tarves.org.uk] Sent: 03 April 2019 01:11 To: Cllr Karen Adam < <mailto:cllr.k.adam@aberdeenshire.gov.uk> cllr.k.adam@aberdeenshire.gov.uk>; Cllr James N. Gifford < <mailto:cllr.j.gifford@aberdeenshire.gov.uk> cllr.j.gifford@aberdeenshire.gov.uk>; Cllr Andrew Hassan < <mailto:cllr.a.hassan@aberdeenshire.gov.uk> cllr.a.hassan@aberdeenshire.gov.uk>; Cllr Paul Johnston < <mailto:cllr.p.johnston@aberdeenshire.gov.uk> cllr.p.johnston@aberdeenshire.gov.uk> Cc: < mailto:tcc.secretary@tarves.org.uk> tcc.secretary@tarves.org.uk; Aberdeenshire PTU Subject: Public Transport issues

Dear All
As most of you will be aware there have been ongoing problems with the bus service to and from Tarves/Methlick / Aberdeen for some time.
There have been numerous undertakings from the operator to improve the reliability of this service however the situation continues with occasions this week where the bus just doesn’t turn up due to breakdowns. There appear to be more breakdowns on this route than any other.
If it hasn’t already, can this be discussed at a Ward meeting and some priority be given to pressing the Operator to properly address the situation and restore the service.
The PTU are fully aware of the situation and have been trying unsuccessfully to get the Operator to sort this out.
Thanks and Regards
Bob Davidson for Tarves CC