Haddo House & Country Park – May Newsletter


May at Haddo House & Country Park

We have been holding a series of wildfowl awareness events down by the lake. During these events we hand out bags of birdseed and inform people about the importance of feeding waterfowl the correct food and being cautious around nests, especially at this time of year!

There are leaflets available in the visitor centre providing information on what you can feed birds at Haddo – such as oats, seeds, halved grapes, sweetcorn, rice (cooked or uncooked), peas and lettuce. Something that you shouldn’t feed them is bread, as it gives them digestive problems, bone defects and destroys their natural food source by encouraging excessive algae in the water. There are also maps of nesting sites on the leaflets so you’ll know where they are and when you should put dogs on leads. When there is someone in the visitor centre office you can ask to borrow a spare lead should you need one.

Wedding Fever at Haddo

Haddo House hosts a royal afternoon tea…

As I am sure you are aware, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are to be married on Saturday the 19th of May.  Traditionally, royal weddings are held on Fridays, however, this unconventional couple stated from the very start they would do things their own way.

Here at Haddo House and Country Park we invite you to join us to watch the coverage of the wedding of the year in our prestigious library, a fitting venue for such a special occasion.  The event will run from 11am to 3pm and will include live screening of the wedding, entertainment and an elegant afternoon tea.  We would encourage those attending to dress to impress; a prize will be awarded for best dressed guest.

Built in 1732, Haddo House has many years of history, grandeur and royal connections, all of which can be viewed during a special house tour for those who would like to learn about Haddo in more depth.  The regular weekend tours will also still be available for those not attending the event.

Come and make history here at Haddo House and enjoy the celebration of a royal wedding in an Aberdeenshire mansion – not often can you say that!  Tickets cost £20 per person.  These can be purchsed online using the following link:  https://nts.cloudvenue.co.uk/haddosroyalwedding

We look forward to your arrival and company.

Making Haddo Accessible to All

You spoke, we listened…

The Heritage Lottery Fund project saw a whole, new, accessible path system installed throughout the country park.  This has opened up the park to so many more people, and is designed to be as easy as possible for people with mobility issues, or parents with buggies.

To add to this we have been listening to visitor feedback and there have been some great suggestions.  The two that really stuck out were the availability of wheelchairs to borrow and the addition of more benches scattered around the popular walking routes, thus allowing people to walk a little, sit, and then walk some more.  I’m very pleased to say that both will be available very soon, and thank you all for such valuable feedback.

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