PropTarves Community Council

Every three years all the members of Tarves Community Council must seek reelection from the community.  The Community Council acts as the community’s voice to Aberdeenshire Council, NHS Grampian and many other statutory bodies.

The community council are not an executive body that runs services, but rather a representative body to ensure that the larger statutory organisations are aware of the local concerns and needs as part of the process of government.  They are encouraged to take a leadership and facilitating role in the community.

The elections for Tarves Community Council for 2016 have sufficent nominations to complete the numbers but there were no surplus nominations to require an election. Aberdeenshire Council have issed the following notice:


Eleven nomination forms were received to fill the vacancies that had arisen within Tarves Community Council. The nominations were properly proposed and assented to and have been checked against the electoral register and conform to the requirements.

  1. Mrs Gladys Allan 8 Duthie Webster Road, Tarves
  2. Ms Emma-Jane Cameron 3 Duthie Road, Tarves
  3. Mr Robert Davidson Tillyhilt, Nethermill, Tarves
  4. Mr David Hekelaar Gatehouse, Tolquhon, Tarves
  5. Mr Ian Massie 3 Mackie Crescent, Tarves
  6. Mrs Wendy Middleton 14 Duthie Webster Road, Tarves
  7. Ms Fiona Smith Braiklay Farmhouse, Tarves
  8. Mr Colin Taylor 14 Braiklay Avenue, Tarves
  9. Mr John Thomson 1 Tree Road, Tarves
  10. Mr Andrew Webster Warldsend Steading, Tarves
  11. Mr James McWilliam Craigie Croft, Tarves

The above mentioned candidates are declared elected, unopposed.
Elaine Brown

Formartine Area Manager & Returning Officer

12 April 2016


Members of the public can write to Tarves Community Council members by using the e-mail address format four any member: firstname.Lastname@tarves.org.uk

You can write to the Chair of Community Council at:

You can contact the secretary at: