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Just prior to this meeting below, was the AGM of the Community Council.  Please look [here] for the minutes of that meeting.


Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 15 August 2000


Present: Mr Innes Stephen (Chairman)

Mr John Thomson (Vice Chairman)

Mrs Glenison Foster-Axten (Secretary)

Mrs Ros Deane (Treasurer)

Mr Donnie Chisholm

Mr Barry Cook

Mr Jimmy Lynch

Mrs Linda Mackie

Mrs Jenny Wagstaff

Also Present: Cllr. Paul Johnston (Aberdeenshire Council)

P.C.George Hall (Grampian police)

Mrs Alison Leith (Ellon Times)

Apologies: None

1] Minute of Meeting on

18 July 2000: Additional Apologies to be added in respect of Chisholm; Cook; Hall; Leith. Approved.

2] Matters Arising: a) Aberdeenshire Council had written to the TCC requesting its ideas for the siting of the mini recycling centre.


Numerous ideas were forthcoming but no one place could be agreed on. It was decided that all suggestions be passed to Aberdeenshire Council who could then make the final decision. ++

b) Barthol Chapel old school site: The accumulated rubble etc was still on the site. Leith had contacted the developer, Mr McIntosh but he, in turn, had blamed the Hydro Board. Ewan Henderson of the Hydro Board will contact Alison Leith as soon as part of the work is done.

c) Linda Mackie had prepared an article for the parish magazine about the existence of the "Bus Forum".

d) Linda Mackie also suggested that every primary school pupil should be given a note about the imminent display of the ‘Local Plan’ in the Melvin Hall. She will arrange this.

e) The present appearance of the village has attracted unfavourable comments and it was felt that the TCC should be pressing for the immediate appointment of a ‘village orderly’. This scheme is presently on trial in several areas but it was claimed that the lack of cash precluded the experiment being extended. Cllr Johnston advised that there was no evidence to support the theory that appointing a village orderly would reduce administration costs.

It may be that to make the scheme viable here we would have to twin with one or more adjacent villages.

The results of the experiment, so far, indicate that a dedicated village orderly makes a considerable improvement in the appearance etc of the community. Braemar, for example, looks beautiful.

Aberdeenshire Council states that it costs slightly more to organise services in this way than under the existing contracts. Johnston advised that the matter had, on three occasions, been raised, unsuccessfully, at ‘Commercial Operations’ meetings but he would actively press for the scheme in the next financial year.

f) It was advised that Aberdeenshire Council must retain a 5 year supply of housing development areas. If this is not done, developers can appeal on the grounds that there is insufficient scope for expansion, resulting in uncontrolled development.

3] TCC Elections: Innes Stephen advised that although the new constitution would not come into force until 2001 the TCC should now be looking to holding an election. This was unanimously agreed.

Mr Keith Newton, the Formartine Area manager would be asked to at as ‘Returning Officer’. The nomination scheme would be advertised to give the greatest number of community members the chance to stand for election. If there were fewer than 13 nominations there would be no formal ballot and the first meeting after the nomination closing date would be to appoint office bearers.

The final date for entry of nominations would be Friday 15 September thus making the September meeting the last of the existing council’s.

Aberdeenshire Council is handling all aspects of the election including advertising but Alison Leith advised that she would arrange for an appropriate article to appear in the Ellon Times.

4] TCC Secretary: It was unanimously agreed that the position of TCC Secretary should be split into two separate areas, viz. minute taking and correspondence. The TCC considered that it would be appropriate to appoint someone from outwith the committee to take the minute for an annual honorarium of, say, £200 but agreed that the ‘correspondence Secretary’ would have to come from within the TCC. These matters will be referred to the new committee to finalise.

5] Notice Board: No response had been received from any of the contractors asked to tender for construction of the new notice board. Glenison Foster-Axten will issue reminders with a cut off date. ++


6] Local Plan: A supervision schedule for the Melvin Hall has been agreed. Barthol Chapel may be sharing this consultation. Any visitors will be invited to append their written comments to the plan and there will also be forms available for more detailed individual comment.

7] Traffic Calming: Aberdeenshire Council has suggested ‘20mph’ zones for the village and has asked for TCC comments. After some discussion it was agreed that a ’20 mph zone’ would be appropriate for the entire village and not just certain areas. It was also suggested that the 30mph zone be extended to the Braikley crossroads. This has been unsuccessfully requested before but will again be suggested. ‘Countdown’ notices were also suggested to run between the start of the 30mph zone and the start of the 20mph zone. This, too, will be notified to Aberdeenshire Council.

8] Youth Transport

Grants: A grant of £1000 is available for use by youth organisations to assist with transport costs. All appropriate groups should be encouraged to apply. Application forms will be available.

9] Health Care

Issues: There has been an offer to discuss with community members health care issues and how existing services can be developed to greater serve the needs of the community. Stephen mentioned that there may well be a new, expanded medical centre in Pitmedden.

This question will be referred to the new council.

10] Web Group: Mr Jim Bruce can provide a purpose built cabinet to house the ‘community computer’. The cabinet is lockable and seems ideal for the Melvin Hall. Mr Lindsay Cook of the ‘Hall’ committee has advised that having reconsidered the position, they would be prepared to consider any reasonable cabinet.

11] Police Report: PC Hall provided a crime update:

i} Bogus building contractors are in the area offering to damp proofing houses.

ii} Sneak thieves have been taking advantage of the fine weather where householders have left their doors open – PC Hall will be glad to supply safety advice on request.

iii} During July there was theft from a Tarves business, a report of hare-coursing at Ythsie, a tractor was badly vandalised at Cairnbrogie, vehicles were broken into with thefts ensuing at Raton and Tolquhon and thefts took place from several parked, insecure vehicles in Tarves.

iv} Grampian Police is keen to recruit more ‘Special Constables’ and anyone interested should contact PC Hall at Ellon Police Station.

v} During July in this area 22 people were reported for speeding offences; 12 motorists were ‘educated’ regarding motoring offences (includes 5 drink/drug drivers). 7 Fixed penalties and conditional offers were issued and 5 seat belt offences detected. There were no fatal accidents but there were 3 injury and 4 non-injury road accidents.


12] A.O.C.B.: a) Haddo Country Park: The plans to initiate a parking charge have been dropped.

b) Ros Deane asked if anyone knew anyone who would be prepared to cull the crows around her property at Barthol Chapel. No suggestions were forthcoming.


gfa 13/9/00

Just prior to this meeting, was the AGM of the Community Council.  Please look [here] for the minutes of that meeting.

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