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Tarves Community Council Meeting

Tuesday 20th January 2004 at 7pm in Tarves School



Bob Davidson (Chair), John Thomson (Vice), Dick Reville (Treas), Gordon Brown, Sam Andrew, Jim Mennie (arr 7.15pm), Keith Crichton, Ian Massie, Colin Taylor, Linda Mackie (Minutes)

Also present

Sgt Fiona Barron, David Leslie


1.     Apologies

Councillor Paul Johnston


2.     Police Matters

  1. Sgt Barron reported that there had only been one call to them from a Tarves resident since the beginning of December 2003 which suggests to them that there are no problems in Tarves.  It was pointed out that the length of time it takes for a phone call to the police to be connected to the Ellon office (up to 45 minutes) might be putting people off, thus contributing to what appears to be a low number of calls.

  2. Sgt Barron spoke to Inspector Wallace about goods vehicles using the Deer Dyke road.  It was pointed out that this is not an offence, but there had previously been an unwritten agreement that use of the road by quarry traffic would be kept to a minimum.  Goods vehicles are using the road on a more regular basis again.  It was agreed that TCC should write to the quarry operator to encourage them to use the main roads whenever possible.

  3. P.C. Jurgen Wahle is to contact Mr Tawse at the Bourrachie about his concerns regarding speeding traffic at his corner and towards Wedderlairs.

  4. Sgt Barron to check on ownership of the blue van parked outside the surgery as it appears to have been abandoned.

  5. Sgt Barron to provide the CC with cards giving details of the contact new Police telephone number


  (0845 600 5 700).


3.     Minutes of December Meeting

Were proposed by Sam and seconded by Gordon.


4.Matters Arising

  1. Constitution amendments are on hold.

  2. Dick to investigate the dog walk.

  3. Bob has written to Maureen Corley asking for feedback following her visit to Tarves but no response as yet.

  4. The new Christmas lights will be handed over to the Community Council – Dick/John to ask David Presly to put this in writing.  It was noted that our insurance does not cover us for equipment damage.  The lights are currently being stored in the loft at the Melvin Hall.

  5. There has been nothing conclusive as to whether money is available from the MRC upgrade budget for fencing at the village recycling centre.


5.       Barthol Chapel Matters

  1. Jim reported that the new Barthol Chapel signs had not yet arrived but a note from Paul mentioned that the signs have been agreed and that the 30mph sign will be incorporated into the village sign.

  2. A Burns Supper has been organised by the BC Community Association on Friday 30th January.


6.       Councillor’s Report

In Paul’s absence Bob read out his report.

  1. No more information on Mackie Avenue site.

  2. There has been no progress with the bus shelter in the square.

  3. There has been a complaint about double decker buses parking in and around the square and this is being dealt with.

  4. Haddo Estate is in the process of doing a planning brief for their proposed development at the site on the right as you leave the village heading towards Braiklay Crossroads.

  5. ‘Tarves Skaters’ have received a grant of £2500 from Formartine Area Committee.  The skateboarders are to go ahead with their consultation with the residents who live near the proposed skatepark site.  The skateboarders have asked if they can do a 5 minute presentation at the next CC meeting and this was agreed upon.  Linda to contact Linda Dawson to arrange and to ask the group to present the results of their consultation. 

  6. Following a visit by the ‘Scrutiny Committee’ to the Tarves school kitchens recently Paul was misquoted in the press and he pointed out that all the kitchen equipment meets all health standards.  Paul is hoping that the kitchens will be upgraded but the Committee has not reported on their findings.

  7. Paul is dealing with requests to improve drainage on the Raxton/Sonach road.

  8. There has been a request for ALL accidents on the B999 to be reported to the police.

  9. Paul intends meeting with Rod Stone (Education) to discuss the all-weather court.  Colin to let Paul know that there is only one light working at the all-weather court.


7.       Committee Reports

  1. Meldrum Network Development Group

  2. Colin reported that Neil Ironside, the Senior Youth Worker, is liaising with Christian Robson, with the intention of encouraging Mother & Toddler and Playgroup parents, and those living in sheltered housing, to join IT courses.

  3. Inspector Steve Pratt was at the meeting.  He reported that there is a new shift pattern at Oldmeldrum as of January 12th.  There is now only one member of staff based at Oldmeldrum who will be out on the beat.  It is his intention that Ellon and Inverurie police offices should be manned 24 hours per day.

  4. Formartine Partnership - John to attend a meeting on 21st January.

  5. Tourist Group- John attended a Tourist Group meeting last week.  A representative from Aberdeenshire Tourist Board attended the meeting and explained that they are encouraging venues to be advertised under ‘Aberdeenshire’ rather than ‘Formartine’ as people tend not to know where Formartine is.  John has re-submitted the proposed walks in the Tarves area but did not include the proposed Heritage Walk around the village – this will be included at a later date.


8.       Roads, Paths and Signs

  1. Bob wrote to Bill Lennox (Roads) asking that the proposed 20mph zone be extended to encompass the regular crossing point near the Melvin Hall, and that signs be positioned where they will not be obstructed by parked vehicles.  He also asked that the Headmaster at Barthol Chapel School be fully consulted re the extent of the proposed zone.

  2. There are holes in the road at Duthies, the Old Inn, Braiklay Avenue, and in the pavement on Tree Road.  These will be reported.

  3. Plans of the proposed work at Braiklay Crossroads were handed round.  Work was to have started yesterday (Monday 19th January 2004).  Members were reasonably happy with the plans although concern was expressed about the angle the footpath from the village will take at the crossroads and the uneven and narrow verge at this point.


9.       There were no matters outstanding.


10.   Planning Matters

  1. The Local Plan team has indicated that they have been advised not to accept the original (1980) Conservation Area documents for the new Aberdeenshire Local Plan and will be including the 1995 draft despite our representations.

  2. The planning application submitted by Tarves Heritage Project detailing the proposed harling, the finish on the gable wall, the addition of a clock and amended window type was heard by Formartine Area Committee today.  The Committee decided to allow the clock and the amended window type to go ahead.  They deferred decision on the other items to allow a site visit and meeting to be arranged with themselves and representatives of the Tarves Heritage Group, Tarves Community Council, Planners and Heritage Officers to discuss the wider issue of the Tarves Conservation Area.  Bob to contact the Area Office to suggest a meeting on Tuesday 3rd February 2004 at 3pm.  Linda to book the school.  John, Bob, Linda, Ian, Dick, Colin, Sam and Keith willing to attend.

  3. The Local Plan process has been deferred again, due to errors in advertising.

  4. There has been no update on the Smiddy development.  Bob has written to Margaret Curran asking for clarification on the inconsistencies relating to this and other recent  applications in the Conservation Area.


11.   Correspondence

  1. Copy of letter sent by Scotia Homes to Aberdeenshire Council Landscape Services stating that in order for AC to adopt open space in a development at Insch, AC based the charge levied on Scotia Homes on a 10 year multiple.  Scotia Homes have requested that the same levy be charged for their work at the Oakwood Park site, rather than the 15 year multiplier which has been suggested.

  2. David Leslie of 13 Braiklay Avenue has been proposed for co-option onto the Tarves Community Council by Ian Massie and seconded by Linda Mackie.  Linda to contact Area Office for advice on procedure.  Dick to approach another possible member.


12.  AOCB

  1. It was reported that the Tarves Heritage Project has not applied for inclusion in the Public Internet Access Points initiative as the group have already been given a grant for the purchase of computers.

  2. Linda to contact AC regarding timing of visit by Design Awards 2004 jury and will complete application if proposed project suitable.

  3. Plans for the proposed extension to the house at 12 Pringle Avenue were discussed.  There were no objections.


13.  The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 17th February 2004 in Tarves School at 7pm.  Members of the public are welcome.