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Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 20th April 2004

In Tarves School at 7.30pm


Members Present

Bob Davidson (Chair), Linda Mackie (Sec.), John Thomson , Gordon Brown , Keith Crichton , Sam Andrew , Ian Massie , David Leslie , Colin Taylor .

Non-Members present

Emma Cameron (minutes sec), Councillor Paul Johnston , Mackie Bruce (Barthol Chapel).


Dick Reville , Jim Mennie , and Councillor Paul Johnston for having to leave early.

Minutes of Previous Meeting ( 16th March 2004 )

Minutes were proposed for approval by Sam and seconded by John , with all members in agreement.


Matters Arising

  1. Christmas Lights – Waiting on a formal response from D Presly regarding the handing over of the Christmas Lights.

  2. Still waiting for funding for the screening fence around the recycle bin site.

  3. Scotia Homes – Landscape services near to agreement with Scotia Homes re. honouring their agreement to bring Oakwood Park open areas up to standard for them to adopt.  Bob has had no direct response from Scotia Homes to date.

  4. Rural Development. -  Formartine Partnership held a meeting and have submitted comments. Community Council s to submit responses by 21st April 04.  Bob to submit comments asap.

  5. Finalised Local Plan Advertised 6 weeks for objections.  TCC put in regular objections.  Bob suggested putting in objections formally regarding Conservation Area guidelines etc. and drainage in settlements via soakaways. All agreed – Bob to submit response. 

  6. Dog Bins – Gordon requested a Dog Bin for Tree Road .  Gordon to follow up in a month.

  7. Concern was raised over buses being parked at the corner of Tree Road .

  8. Dog Walk – Linda to follow up on this.


Police Matters

  1. It was not clear if the broken windows at the Bakery had been reported to the Police.  Bob will follow this up with the Police.  No Police present at the meeting.


Barthol Chapel Matters

  1. Barthol Chapel – thanks to Paul as signs are now in place.

  2. A successful consultation meeting was held concerning the change of use for the Kirk to multi-purpose hall. 

  3. Plans for flowers for tubs are in hand, a request for further tubs was also made.

  4. Community Association have drafted a letter concerning Bruntstane planning application.  Not yet received by the TCC.


Councillor’s Report

  1. Paul confirmed that Braiklay Crossroads would be completed, the stop line had now been repainted and signs had also been replaced.  Paul advised that a junction should only have either 2 stops, 2 give ways or 1 of each.  With Braiklay Crossroads it has 3 variations on a stop and this is not ideal.  If the junction does not appear to be working following these alterations an option to re-align Boolroad will be considered.  Paul also confirmed that an agreement to purchase part of the garden of the property on the corner of this junction was in place if necessary to assist with junction alterations.  Concern was expressed that the Keep Left sign coming up to the junction from Methlick was not clear enough.  Cars had been seen using old road layout.

  2. There had been widespread confusion with motorists and Council officials due to the Stop lines being burnt off and the signs removed by AC staff. This took around two weeks to be rectified, thankfully none of the incidents caused as a result of these mistakes led to any accidents.

  3. All Weather Court – Jim Stevenson , Manager Outdoor Services, hopes to find money for the repairs in this financial year.  He has agreed to sort out with Recreation where the budget to maintain the court will come from.

  4. Rights of Appeal Planning Consultation Documentation received. This document seeks to give individuals the right to appeal against Planning Applications already granted. Members to consider and report to next meeting.

  5. Housing Land Audit – Currently in the middle of a housing land review, which may consider housing earmarked for 2006 and 2010 be made available for development immediately. Tarves would need to decide if it would be happy to bring forward development of 15 houses, some affordable, next to Braiklay Croft/Mackie Avenue .   Consider Village Plan for Tarves.

  6. Bus Shelter – Nothing back, Bob inquired to Neil Stewart with no response.

  7. Litter Bin lid still required for Bin in Square, Paul to ask again!

  8. Bakery – More broken windows.  A letter has been sent to Mr Thain regarding the safety of the property.

  9. Street Lights in Square – Working intermittently.  Paul suggested that if this is noticed to report directly to the council.  It is easier for Paul to follow this up if the lights are then not fixed.

  10. Skatepark – Planning permission granted.  A formal objection was made by Environmental Health on perceived noise and suggested a fence to reduce noise to residents.  Planners may agree to banking of topsoil around the site.   Bob to check that banking will be covered with turf.


Committee Reports

  1. Formartine Community Safety meeting 31/3/04 .  Concern was expressed over young drivers.  Alistair Strachan particularly worried about young drivers driving around Turriff.   The Police were in attendance at this meeting.  Concern was also expressed over the number of signs at the edge of roads advertising events.  The “Pass Plus” driving test which allows youngsters to further there driving skills is now subsidised by the council up to £40.  Youngsters achieving this can obtain reduced insurance costs.  The council is taking out radio advertising advising drivers when to use lights.  Keith raised the issue of Braiklay Crossroads, Keith Newton expressed concern.  AGM of Formartine Community Safety is on 26/5/04 at 7.30 pm in Tarves School .   

  2. - April Meldrum Network Development Meeting – Colin unable to attend.


Roads, Paths and Signs

  1. Duthie Road 20mph limit will come before Committee as a formal objection was made December 03.

  2. The repairs to the road around the square are being carried out but not to a very high standard.


Planning Matters

  1. Viewfield – No news, coming to Committee, a number of objections to date.

  2. Mackie Avenue Site – Little information available.  No indication of design.  The TCC cannot make comment until the design is made available, this should be on 11/5/04 .

  3. Kirk Lane – Requested details of drainage as no details in the plans.  The site is not immediately adjacent to the public sewage system and a request for the relevant information has already been made to planners. AC have advised that this info. will not be available to the public or the CC. Due to the prominence of the site and the unwillingness to supply basic details, letter of representation has been submitted from CC. In addition there are concerns from the immediate neighbours regarding access and the removal of trees/hedging.  Up at Committee next week.

  4. Viewfield/Bruntstane, Barthol Chapel – Awaiting more information.

  5. Rights of Appeal in Planning Consultation allows for a 3rd party appeal once planning permission has been granted.  This could cause delay in the planning system, however, could ensure that planning is granted with greater care.  Written responses are required by 30th July 04, decide at next meeting.


  1. Calor Scottish Community of the year 2004 – Passed to Linda for attention.

  2. Association of Scottish Community Council s – Survey on Community Planning, is Community Planning working in your area, - Passed to Linda for attention.

  3. Planning Application Dunardy, Craigdam. Plans circulated, no comments made.

  4. Planning Application Hill Cottage, Balgove Oldmeldrum . Plans circulated, no

  5. comments made.

  6. Letter to Amenities Group – John Scott , 7 Gordon Place , concerning use of Old Aberdeen Road and possibility of damage to the old bridge.  A tractor is regularly being driven along Old Aberdeen Road which is churning up the track.  He has agreed to use a quad bike instead until he gets his licence in approximately 2 months. The Bridge dates back to 16th Century and should be protected.  Keith to approach Sandy Sleigh (owner of adjacent land) to ascertain if he could supply stones to provide support for bridge approaches.

  7. Planning application, Tanglewood, Craigdam – No comments made.

  8. Confirmation receipt over response Kirk Brae.

  9. Planning for Rural Development Consultation draft – passed to John , Bob to respond.

  10. Royal Mail – moving to single deliveries.

  11. McInnes Report – passed to Linda

  12. Changes to Mobile Library times.

  13. Flyer - Individuals 60 and over may qualify for assistance with heating installation or heating upgrade depending on circumstances.



  1. Formartine Partnership meeting on Thursday 23rd April 2004 .  John to attend.  Ask about possible funding for bridge at Old Aberdeen Road .


Date of next meeting is Tuesday 18th May 2004 at 7.30 pm in Tarves School .


Community Council meetings are always open to the public.