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Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 15th June 2004  

In Tarves School at 7.30pm


Members Present

Bob Davidson (Chair), Linda Mackie (Sec.), Gordon Brown, Keith Crichton, Sam Andrew, Ian Massie, David Leslie, Colin Taylor, Jim Mennie (Barthol Chapel).



John Thomson, Dick Reville, Emma Cameron, Councillor Paul Johnston for arriving late.


Minutes of Previous Meeting ( 18th May 2004 )

Under matters arising – Dog Walk, the area for the gate to be sited is beside the Old Manse/Glebe entrance, not “opposite the Kirk”.

Minutes were then proposed for approval (subject to the above amendment) by Colin and seconded by Keith, with all members in agreement.


Matters Arising

  1. Christmas Lights – The formal hand over of the lights has not yet been confirmed.

  2. Recycle Site – No further funding for screening.

  3. Scotia Homes – Landscape services close to achieving an agreement with Scotia Homes for adopting the maintenance of the open areas at Oakwood Park .

  4. Rural Development – Bob circulated response submitted to S.E...

  5. Local Plan – Timetable for Inquiry has now arrived.

  6. Dog Bins – no further developments but also no big improvement, Gordon to continue to monitor Tree Road .

  7. Dog Walk – Ian to take care of the fencing, material is available and the fence will be erected as soon as.

  8. Braiklay Crossroads – there was an accident reported at the Braiklay Crossroads.  A report should be sent to the Road Accident Unit at Aberdeenshire Council.  Bob to ask for copy of the report.  The crossroads is still requiring additional road markings and signs, members suggested a bigger keep left sign on the island.  Councillor Paul Johnston has expressed concerns about the situation.

  9. Bakery – windows have been boarded up, however the chimney cans have been removed.  There is concern about the fact these are missing and it is hoped they will be returned soon.

  10. Street Lights – lights in the square are still intermittent.  Council workers could not trace a fault.  Bob to try and contact relevant person again.

  11. Skate Park – went to council for estimate and was in touch with Ellon Plant. It has now been passed on and put out for tender.

  12. Railings at the Sonach bridge on approach to Tarves have been replaced.

  13. Rights of Appeal – subcommittee met and discussed the matter.  Bob will draft a response and report back to the subcommittee.

  14. David Murray, Architect – a meeting was held with members of the Community Council discussing housing requirements in Tarves.

  15. Kirk Brae – Outline application for a house within the Conservation Area and village boundary has been turned down.  This was partly due to a perceived drainage constraint, lack of design detail in the plans which did not prove the site could accommodate a house and not be prominent. Also concerns about road access and the removal of existing natural landscape features.


Police Matters (no police present)

  1. Vans awaiting repair are still being parked long term in The Square.  Residents have been complaining to various members.  Police are not keen to pursue this and have been contacted on many occasions.  Local authority has few powers to deal with this.  It was suggested that a letter could be sent to the owner of the garage to try and resolve the situation.  


Barthol Chapel Matters

  1. Still awaiting response on the positioning of the new village signs. Paul to ask.

  2. There is a meeting on Thursday 24th June to discuss the way forward for using the church as a multi-purpose facility.

  3. Work has been started on the new bus shelter, with foundations now in place.

  4. The length of the grass at the side of the roads is getting quite bad.  Councillor Paul Johnston to give contact number to Jim Mennie.


Councillor’s Report

  1. All weather court – care and maintenance agreed to be done by Landscape Services.  There is a problem with the number of these courts outside the recreation areas, a funding implementation.  Surrounding fence to be dealt with and flood lights will be dealt with later in the year.

  2. Bus Shelter – council officer has not been out to measure possible turning points in the square.  Stagecoach have also been contacted to try and get their buses to adhere to traffic regulations and to stop at approved bus stops and not go round the square in the wrong direction.  A bus stop in the square for both directions could solve this problem.

  3. Duthie Road (20mph signs) – signs will be put up from the original order before beginning of next term.

  4. Potholes on various roads have been patched, but are not permanent.  Will be resurfaced this summer.

  5. Councillor Paul Johnston asked the Community Council to consider the possibility of naming its rural roads.

Committee Reports

  1. Community Safety – meeting attended by Keith.  Office bearers were re-elected.  Keith will also attend the next meeting on 25th August in Turriff.

  2. Formartine Community Council Forum – meeting was attended by Bob.  Few Community Councils were represented therefore no chairperson was elected.

  3. Community Council Forum are looking for responses to the Formartine Area Plan and feedback on training needs for Community Councils.

  4. Code of Conduct for all Community Councils was put out for consultation.  Members to read and feedback to be given at next meeting.


Roads, Paths and Signs

  1. Weeds at the side of roads are now needing sprayed.  Bob to try and contact the relevant person at A.C.

  2. Tolquhon Castle road – pothole remains at the bottom of the road.  Bob contacted Bill Lennox who was keen to help out with the issue of passing places.  Bob to contact the member of the public to try and establish the best position for these.

Matters Outstanding

  1. Thanks to Paul for his part in providing a new litter bin in the Square and the Sonach bridge railings.

  2. Noticeboard – Bob to ask Sandy , if not successful Colin will try other joiners.  Keith will supply the hardwood.


Planning Matters

  1. Application submitted for a conversion at East Auchedly steading.

  2. Application to link a steading with the house at Burnside of Keillyford, there were no comments.  



  1. Local Government in Scotland Act 2003

  2. Controlled Activities Regulations, Scottish Executive Environmental Group

  3. Official opening of the Scottish Parliament building – invite for someone to attend

  4. Association of Community Councils

  5. New Opportunities Fund Home front Recall Program – fact sheet

  6. Timetable for Finalised Aberdeenshire Local Plan enquiry

  7. Community Planning in Aberdeenshire

  8. Postwatch Scotland – newsletter

  9. Association of Community Councils -  national survey



  1. apologies from Linda for missing next meeting

  2. Bob contacted Bill Lennox regarding the state of the pavement outside the heritage project to ensure it will be brought up to standard ASAP.

  3. Trees in Mackie Crescent are dying out.  Bob to check with Mark Andrew of feasibility of residents planting more trees.

  4. Villagers have queried members as to whether the new signs at the Globe Inn along with the positioning of a container in the car park required planning permission and if so whether this had been granted. A.C. to be asked.


Date of Next Meeting is Tuesday 20th July 2004 at 7.30pm in the Tarves Heritage Centre.  Community Council meetings are always open to the public.