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Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 20th July 2004

In The Tarves Heritage Centre at 7.30pm


Members Present

Bob Davidson (Chair), John Thomson (Vice Chair), Gordon Brown, Keith Crichton, Sam Andrew, Ian Massie, Colin Taylor.

Non Members present

Councillor Paul Johnston, Emma Cameron (Minute Secretary), Morag Shaw (Reporter - Ellon Times).



Dick Reville, David Leslie, Linda Mackie (Secretary), Jim Mennie (Barthol Chapel Rep).


Minutes of Previous Meeting ( 15th June 2004 )

Item 1, under Councillors report, (all weather court) should indicate that care and maintenance by Landscape Services was a temporary arrangement.

Minutes were proposed for approval subject to the above amendment, by Gordon and seconded by Sam, with all members in agreement.


Matters Arising

  1. Christmas Lights – Still awaiting formal hand over of the lights, Dick to speak to David Presley.  Formartine setting up a lights swapping option for villages, John to pursue.

  2. Recycle Site – Continue to look for funding.

  3. Scotia Homes – Aberdeenshire Council has adopted maintenance for Oakwood Park ’s open and landscaped areas. It was noted that it has taken Scotia ten years to reach an agreement. 

  4. Rural Development – No confirmation of response received.

  5. Dog Bins – no up date, Tree Road seems reasonable.

  6. Dog Walk – In hand.  Thanks to Mr Cook for topping the Dog Walk.

  7. Braiklay Crossroads – There was an accident at Braiklay Crossroads on 12th June 04, however, it was not possible to get a copy of the accident report.  The only detail available was that the driver failed to stop.  Paul to continue to follow up.

  8. Bakery – The owner is currently in discussions with Planning Services.  It was suggested that the current owner should contact the Heritage Group for photographs of how the Bakery used to look.  The Chimney Cans on the Bakery have been removed and the owner does not know by whom.  Paul to find out if any essential repairs were requested by Aberdeenshire.

  9. Street Lights – Bob has been in contact with the lighting department.  The lights outside the school are on a timer which has a fault.

  10.  Skate Park – No update.

  11. Rights of Appeal – Bob drafted a response, pass to Sub-committee, need to be submitted by end of the month.

  12. Kirk Brae – There is a possibility that a further application will be lodged for a dwellinghouse on this site.


Police Matters (no police present)

  1. Vans parked in Square - Police do not have any interest as the owner claims the vans are awaiting repair and they are taxed and MOT’d Bob has drafted a letter to the occupier at the former Watson’s garage on Tree road who is responsible for the vans currently parked permanently in the square to ask him to find alternative parking for them.  The content was agreed by the other members.  .


Barthol Chapel Matters

  1.  In Jim’s absence it was reported that the verges on approaches and sign areas had been cut.  On the approach from St Katherines the signs are now visible


Councillor’s Report

  1. All weather court – It has been agreed that until the matter is resolved over responsibility of the court, Landscape Services will carry out essential maintenance in the interim.  Repairs to the wire have been carried out and the gates are back on.  Flood lights are a separate issue.

  2. Bus Shelter – Paul circulated drawings, 3 parking spaces from the Square would be lost.  Bob asked Paul if he would enquire whether Double Decker Buses were essential on the 290/291 route.  Paul advised that there were concerns over overcrowding on the buses coming out of Aberdeen at peak times.  Where the bus waits if ahead of time was also an issue and concern for residents was also expressed. Bob to find out from adjacent property owners if they would object to single deck buses using a new stop opposite the Aberdeen Arms with the proviso that waiting time would be limited to 10 minutes max.

  3. 20mph – This is on schedule for outside the school. 

  4. Rename Rural Roads – To be discussed at the next meeting.  Suggest Tarves Heritage Group have input in this.  Agenda item for next meeting.

  5. Housing Project – was reported in the Press.


Committee Reports

  1. Code of Conduct – All Committee Members to read through this for next meeting.

  2. Community Safety – Next meeting 25/8/04 .

  3. Formartine Partnership held at Kingscliff, John unable to attend.

  4. Community Council Forum – Meeting will be held in Tarves on 8/9/04 , venue not yet known.

  5. Local Planning Meeting - Community Council s, Councillors and other interested parties to be held in early September. No details yet.


Roads, Paths and Signs

  1.  Weeds at the side of roads have now been sprayed. 

  2. Tolquhon Castle road – pothole has now been filled in and tree growth trimmed.  Bob to follow up on the issue of passing places.

  3. Road Closed – Blair Smiddy to Cairnbrogie for 2 weeks 9/8/04 – 25/8/04, John to post up notice in hall.

  4. Duthie Road resurfaced. Tree Road pavement in budget for next year.

  5. Burst water main at Braiklay Cross Roads, Scottish Water did respond promptly.


Matters Outstanding

  1. Noticeboard – Bob to follow up.

  2. Bob Contacted M Andrew via Email regarding the dead trees in Mackie Crescent , Awaiting response.

  3. Globe Inn - The issue was raised as to whether the Banners put up by the pub required planning permission.  It is understood that this has already been reported to the Planning Authority.


Planning Matters

  1. Roselea, 8 Kirk Brae – Planning application to erect a fence and shed.  No CC comments.

  2. Hillhead of Tulloford, Oldmeldrum – Planning application for an extension/alteration to dwelling house.  No CC comments.

  3. 6 Old Aberdeen Road – Planning application for extension/alteration to dwelling house.  No CC Comments.

  4. 10 Old Aberdeen Road – Planning application for extension/alteration to dwelling house.  No CC comments.

  5. South Auquorthies , Oldmeldrum – Planning application for replacement of Old Dutch Barn.  No CC comments.



  1. Literature from Nuaire Home Ventilation Solar Gain Roof Tiles.

  2. Third Party Appeal – Draft letter read out by Bob.  TPRA may be dropped and be replaced with a more thorough review of the process of planning applications. Letter to be submitted by end of month.

  3. Notice of Local Plan inquiry.

  4. Grampian Police Annual Report.

  5. Leaflets on Anti-Social Behaviour.

  6. Brochure for Christmas Lights.

  7. Invite to the opening of the new Scottish Parliament – Bob to check dates.

  8. Linda to complete the Association of Community Council Survey.

  9. Scotia Homes – Letter confirming Local Authority adopting Oakwood Park area from 12/7/04 .

  10. Smoking in Public Places – Scottish Executive holding Regional Seminars.  Aberdeen seminar will be held on 26/8/04 .  CC will discuss at next meeting and any member of the public wishing to comment should contact a CC member or are welcome to attend.

  11. Sports Council Newsletter – passed to Ian.

  12. Formartine Partnership Town and Village Enhancement Grant Scheme – Dick considering.

  13. Aberdeenshire Council Public Performance Report 2002/2003.

  14. Aberdeenshire Council Draft Housing Land Audit – currently not critical.  CC will have to discuss whether land should be considered in Tarves and how many houses.  How much of the land surrounding the village that residents would like to see developed.

  15. Out of Hours Medical Services in Grampian, Information and Consultation Process.  Linda to speak to John regarding petition concerning G Docs.  Agreed that CC should respond along the same lines as Ellon CC, to express concerns.  Bob to follow up.

  16. Aberdeenshire Community Learning and Development Strategy – Keith to have quick review and pass to Bob.

  17. Local Plan Timetables.




  1. An idea to put railings around the Prop was discussed.  Currently there is a wire fence which is not ideal; however, there is a possibility of funding through Aggregates Levy.  Currently hedges have been planted and if landscaped could fall under the remit of the local Authority.  A new period door is also needed. Flood lighting would be difficult due to power not available and the possibility of light pollution being caused.  A flag pole was also suggested as there had been one there previously.  Any improvements to the Prop were viewed as a good idea.

  2. The Trees in Pringle Avenue are being suffocated by the Ivy and this needs to be addressed. Paul will liaise with Aberdeenshire.

  3. The Judges from Scotland in bloom have not yet been in touch which suggests that Tarves is not moving on to the next stage of the competition.  Thanks goes to Jon Davidson who helped out on the judging day by providing shelter and towels.

  4. Concerns were expressed on the effectiveness of the current Village Orderly.  Bob to contact Raymond Reid.

  5. The Councils latest weed killing activity saw a number of residents plants suffering from the weed killer drifting into their gardens. Bob to contact Graham Waters.



Date of Next Meeting is Tuesday 17th August 2004 at 7.30pm in Tarves School .  Community Council meetings are always open to the public.