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Tarves Community Council

Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 17th August 2004

In The Queens Room, Melvin Hall at 7.30pm


Members Present

Bob Davidson (Chair), John Thomson (Vice Chair), Linda Mackie (Secretary), Gordon Brown , Keith Crichton , Sam Andrew , Ian Massie , Colin Taylor , Jim Mennie , David Leslie .

Non Members present

Councillor Paul Johnston , Emma Cameron (Minute Secretary), Morag Shaw (Reporter - Ellon Times) and 1 member of the public.


Dick Reville , Councillor Paul Johnson for late arrival.


Minutes of Previous Meeting ( 20th July 2004 )

Minutes were read. Because the school was unavailable not all members had copies of the minutes. Proposed to formally approve at next meeting to allow all members time to peruse.


Matters Arising

  1. Christmas Lights – No update.

  2. Recycle Site – Looking for funding.

  3. Oakwood Park – Landscape Services have adopted this area.

  4. Rural Development – Confirmation from S.Executive that they have received TCC input.

  5. Dog Walk – In hand, Ian , Linda and Lindsay to liaise.

  6. Bakery – No Update.  With regard to the missing chimney cans it is believed that the contractors boarding up the windows took them down.  Colin to inform the current owner if possible.

  7. Street Lights – Still have a few intermittent lights coming on at inappropriate times.  Lights are checked in the autumn.  Sam advised that they were out checking the lights on 16/8/04 .

  8. Skate Park – Meeting is being held tomorrow night, update at next TCC meeting.  In the meantime, Paul is pressing to have all skate parks covered by the Council Insurance.

  9. Rights of Appeal – Response sent to S.E. and a confirmation received.


Police Matters (no police present)

  1. Bob sent an Email to Keith Newton regarding the vans in the square stating that the oil leak from one of them is still to be dealt with and should this now be classed as an environmental issue.  A letter was also sent from the TCC to the owner and so far no response has been received.  Paul also sent a response to Keith Newton .  Paul stated that Aberdeenshire Council should approach the garage owner on behalf of the Community. It was noted that Mr. Newton considered the tone of Bob ’s email to be “not helpful”.


Barthol Chapel Matters

  1. Work has started on the Bus Shelter and good progress is being made.  

  2. Now that the village signs on the St Katherine's side have been combined with the speed limit they have had to be placed at the speed limit position. 

  3. The grass verges need cut again at Barthol Chapel junction, Tillycairn and Balgove junctions.

Councillor’s Report

  1. All weather court – Report next meeting.

  2. Bus Shelter – Bob has not yet spoken to the proprietor of the Aberdeen Arms or nearby residents to ask if they have any objections to the formation of a bus lay-by adjacent to their properties, the proviso being that the bus contractor to agree only to use Single Decker buses and to limit their standing time.  Paul advised that Stagecoach had agreed not to use double decker buses on the route; however, over the busy Christmas period they wished to reserve the right to put on a double decker bus when demand required it.  Bob still to speak to residents. Paul also advised that there was a meeting being held on rural transport by Aberdeen University Geography Department.  Jim Mennie will raise the issue regarding a bus to Barthol Chapel. 

  3. 20mph limit at the B999 outside the school and Tolquhon Ave  – This is on its way.

  4. Rename Rural Roads – It was agreed that the Heritage Group should be asked for their input on this.  TCC to discuss again once feedback is received from the Heritage Group.

  5. Housing Project – Reported favourably in the local press.

  6. Play Area (at rear of School) - The TCC were made aware that the promised improvements to the play area have not been made.  Paul has written to follow this up and advised that the TCC should add weight to this by writing to Ian Gabriel , Director of Transport and Infrastructure.

  7. Graham Waters – has advised the weed killing spray recently used in the village is safe for both pets and humans. He will ask the contractor regarding spray drifting into private gardens.

  8. A meeting with Housing Services regarding the proposed Housing Development is being held at 3 pm on 27/8/04 at Woodhill House.  Ritchie Johnson of the Housing Service will be present to discuss how the Council will deal with each part of the proposal. It is hoped one or two members will attend.


Committee Reports

  1. Code of Conduct – Feedback needed by September.  Bob delegated to David , Linda and Keith to comment and get back to Bob by 30/8/04 .

  2. Local Planning Meeting – Formartine Area Committee – September 04

  3. No other meetings held due to the holidays.


Roads, Paths and Signs

  1. Tolquhon Castle road – pothole has now been filled in and tree growth trimmed.  The Farmer who owns the road side verges is prepared to consider Councils plans for passing places.  John Stone , a resident on the Tolquhon Castle Road will continue to pursue in writing to the Roads Department.

  2. Duthie Road – Members were very impressed with the resurfacing job recently carried out by Aberdeenshire.

  3. Braiklay Crossroads – Scottish Water have apologised for the disruption at the junction.  The leak had damaged a BT box and BT and Scottish Water need to liaise before the hole can be repaired.  The hole is very large and extremely dangerous as a result. In addition, Paul had not been made aware of the closure of Boolroad for BT maintenance.

  4. Works at Cairnbrogie – Traffic diverted to Auchenhuive junction causing difficult right turn.  Concern over larger vehicles using the Craigdam road if there were to be an accident on the A947.

  5. Corner Auquorthies - Urgent need to replace reflector signs and missing sign.  Concern over corner safety, however, Road Services stated that the corner meets requirements.  First few metres of new road need to be tarred.

  6. Tarves Square – Road Services to contact Heritage Group or TCC regarding the repair/replacement of Kerb stones.  They will also be asked to properly resurface the pavement and finish road repairs.

  7. Repairs to Roads – If any TCC member, or member of the public becomes aware of wrong material used to repair roads, they must inform Paul immediately.


Matters Outstanding

  1. Noticeboard – Bob to follow up.

  2. Trees Mackie Crescent – Response from Mark Andrews , is sure that Council own the trees.  Landscape Services will need to be contacted to come and look at the trees.

  3. Globe Inn – A new sign has been erected in the field just outside the village.  A Council Enforcement Officer has been out and some signs may need planning permission.  The large metal container in the car park may also need permission.

  4. Scottish Parliament Opening – Missed the date to nominate to attend.

  5. Linda to complete the Association of Community Council Survey.

  6. Smoking in Public Places – Linda to respond in favour of public buildings being no smoking areas.

  7. Enhancement Grant – In hand.

  8. Aberdeenshire Public Performance – Very honest document, Sam passed to Colin .

  9. Aberdeenshire Council Draft Housing Land Audit – Linda to put item into Kirk Magazine encouraging local residents to give this some thought – where housing could be built, how many, what type and when.

  10. Out of Hours Medical Services in Grampian, Information and Consultation Process.  Linda to respond to NHS along the same lines as Ellon CC, to express concerns.

  11. Aberdeenshire Community learning and Development Strategy – Keith advised no response required.


Planning Matters

  1. Viewfield – Coming up to Committee soon.  May need to draft a response before next meeting.  Sub-committee should look at this.


  1. Letter from Mark Mitchell , Dialogue Youth Worker, asking to attend a future meeting with Linda Dawson - to be invited to October meeting.

  2. Consultation Maintaining Homes, Preserving Homes – passed to Keith .

  3. Correspondence from David Davidson MSP on Out of Hours Medical Services in Grampian. No response required.



  1. Correspondence was received from Mr Keenan , a past resident of the village now living in Norway, who uses the Tarves Website to see TCC minutes.  As a point of reference, individuals requiring information posted on to the Tarves Website should contact Paul .

  2. A request was made that cars should not be parked on the pavement by the War memorial. It is hoped that residents and church attendees treat this area with respect.

Mackie Avenue -  Affordable housing.

  1. The area earmarked for housing has never been a play area, and with the future       new housing      to the west of this site, a play area will be created.  No existing play areas will be lost with this proposed development. There is a safe,       purpose built play area at Tolquhon Ave. , which is fenced, and is maintained      by Aberdeenshire Council.

  2. Old Aberdeen Road Bridge – Consider applying for grants.

  3. Village Orderly – Supervisor checked and was happy with what is being done.  The manager will be visiting Tarves. Both Bob and Sam have been in contact with Raymond Reid (who manages this service), following numerous complaints from members of the public regarding the level of service being provided this year. The length of time between pavement sweeps being a common complaint. Paul will check hours he is currently doing.  Hours should be split with Pitmedden 2/3 and 3/2 days alternate weeks.


The Next Meeting will be the AGM and will be held on Tuesday 21st September 2004 at 7.00pm in Barthol Chapel School.  This will be followed by our monthly meeting.  Community Council meetings are always open to the public.




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