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Tarves Community Council

Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 26th October 2004

In Tarves School at 7.00pm


Members Present:

Bob Davidson (Chair), Gordon Brown , Dick Reville (Treasurer), Linda Mackie (Secretary), Sam Andrew , David Leslie , Keith Crichton , John Thomson (Vice Chair), 

Non Members Present:

Councillor Paul Johnston , Emma Cameron (Minute Secretary), 2 members of the public.           


Ian Massie . Colin Taylor and Jim Mennie (Barthol Chapel Representative) for late arrival


Minutes of Previous Meeting ( 21st September 2004 )

Minutes were proposed by Linda and seconded by John , with all members in agreement.


Matters Arising

  1. Christmas Lights – A letter has been received from David Presley confirming the hand over of the Christmas Lights to the TCC.

  2. Recycle Site – Officers from the Recycling Team had indicated to the CC and Keith Newton almost a year ago that funding was not available from their budget for screen fencing around the site. Keith has only now concluded that this is the case. This project could, however, be eligible for funding from the Formartine top up grant.  The TCC would need to apply and should get initial costing for the job to see whether full funding can be achieved.  Linda to investigate the collection of glass etc.

  3. Bakery – The owners confirmed that a Slater they had employed to secure the roof deemed the chimney cans to be a danger and took them down and smashed them.

  4. Street Lights – Bob has spoken to the lighting department and is awaiting a response.

  5. Vans – Now parked outside the School House.

  6. Bus Stop/Lay-by – Bob to speak to residents.  Paul has written and requested a meeting with the Bus Company and Public Transport Unit.

  7. 20mph – There is a problem with the siting of one of the signs.  This is in hand and Bill Lennox is dealing with it.

  8. Heritage Group – The subject of Renaming Rural Roads will be discussed at their next meeting.

  9. Code of Conduct:   Linda has been in correspondence with the Association of Community Council s which has pointed out that the Draft Code of Conduct does not address certain issues.

  10. Formartine Area Meeting – Discussion on sign posting for Tourist Attractions.  A number of new brown tourist signs can be seen in the area. The Heritage Group can seek funding with Formartine Group Tourist Budget as there is money for Tourist Grants.



Police Matters (no police present)


Barthol Chapel Matters

  1. Viewfield Planning Application – The Planning Service have written to the applicant for more information and so far there has been no response. The TCC are awaiting further details also before they can make a response. The response from B.C. Association has been received, indicating their concerns.

  2. The Bridge down from the school was damaged 7/8 weeks ago by a car accident.  Council workers put up barriers but no further action has been taken.  Paul to follow this up.


Councillor’s Report

  1. New housing figures now published on Councillors Web Site.

  2. Boundary for Wards -  Tarves will be placed in a 4 member ward, this to include Tarves, Methlick, Udny, Oldmeldrum, Daviot etc making up the 4 members.  Ward to be published in the Spring.

  3. Village Orderly – Raymond Reid apologised for the mistake with the split of the Orderly’s hours.  Will ensure the split for next year is correct.  He agreed greater supervision was needed this year.

  4. Presentations – Paul suggested that some form of recognition award could possibly be introduced for members of the community for work they have done for the Community.  The village is experiencing a decline in individuals helping in the community and it was raised as to whether this would encourage more volunteers.  It was felt by the majority that the recognition was already there. 

  5. Skate Park – Derek Davidson , Ian Thompson and Ian Rennie are working on plans. Ongoing.

  6. All Weather Court – Responses need to be back to Paul to gauge level of usage.  Leisure and Recreation are keen for the court to be more regularly used.  There are issues of equipment storage

  7. Play Area – The fence for the play area is on the programme.

  8. Housing Project – This is on the agenda for the next Committee Meeting on 16th November 2004 .


Committee Reports

  1. Community Safety Meeting 27/10/04 – Keith unable to attend this meeting.  At the last meeting the following issues were discussed; Youth Justice and unsocial behaviour; Park and Ride Roundabout at Peterhead cut back to improve visibility; Car skid training for 17 year olds; Practical Water Safety advice for P7 pupils, this to be progressed by Karen Westlands, Community Schools; Lack of safety clothing worn by motorcyclists; No Officers available at Turriff due to other duties.

  2. Community Council Forum – Dick to attend.


Roads, Paths and Signs

  1. Braiklay Crossroads – Sign “Not Suitable for Long Vehicle” has been chased.

  2. Heritage Centre – Re-surfacing of pavement outside Heritage Centre should be imminent.

  3. Pringle Avenue Sign – Paul has already contacted relevant department, Stuart MacFarlane .

  4. Pavement outside the school – Has a temporary surface on it until ground fully settles.

  5. Anti Dog Fouling signs needed, John to contact Dog Warden.

  6.   Tolquhon Road – Problems with the drain. Bob to report to Stuart Macfarlane .

  7. Auquorthies Corner – In progress.


Matters Outstanding

  1. Mackie Crescent – Trees to be removed.  Residents would prefer new trees to be planted.  Bill Lennox handling this, awaiting a response.

  2. Notice Board – In hand.

  3. Linda to bring copy of response to smoking in public places to next meeting.

  4. Enhancement Grant – Dick has already applied for this.  The seating area next to the Old Police Station is a possibility for next year’s project.  The Enhancement Grant can be applied for again in April .

  5. Out of Hours Medical Services in Grampian and Consultation Process – Linda has received a reply, this listed comments made, the majority of which were against the new system.  The new system stands.  It was agreed that the TCC should register their disappointment. - Linda to respond.

  6. Mark Mitchell , Dialogue Youth Worker – He could not make this meeting, Linda to contact with new dates.

  7. Old Aberdeen Road Bridge – Paul to follow up.  John spoke to Colin Miller who advised that only the Parapet was unsafe, should take land gatherings to support.  Should pursue funding route.


Planning Matters

  1. Bakery – Plans have been received for the bakery to become 1 dwelling house.  Plans include removing part of the gable end to create a court yard with the new gable end being finished in glass.  The plans also detail numerous velux windows along the line of the roof on the road side with the existing bakery door to become a glazed porch.  The bakery is the first building in the Conservation Area.  Paul will be attending the Committee and needs to know how the TCC feels with regard to these plans.  The TCC felt that it could be beneficial to distribute to Committee Members a copy of the 1980 Guidelines for the Conservation Area.  It was also felt that past applications should be considered and consistency applied.  It is obvious that a number of aspects of these plans do not comply with any of the relevant policies for Conservation Areas, for example the introduction of modern materials and design.  The TCC had been made aware of adverse comments from villagers regarding the glass gable end as this would be very prominent on the approach to the village.  It was generally felt that the guidelines should be applied to both the front and rear of the property and concern was expressed over the amount of glass being used on the rear elevation when viewed from Tolquhon/Mackie Avenue .  A new stainless steel heating flue is planned instead of using the existing chimney.  There were no concerns over access.  It was agreed that a letter in response from the TCC be sent outlining concerns and this be followed up with more specific concerns.  

  2. Aulton of Fochel, Barthol Chapel – Steading Conversion – No issues.

  3. Burnside of Auchedly, Tarves – Concern over application regarding large garden shed.  This is a stone built construction with tiled roof.  Linda read out a letter of objection from an immediate neighbour.  The TCC will write raising concerns regarding the size of the garden shed.  Defer to sub-committee.  

  4. Old School site Barthol Chapel – No drainage details have been supplied to date, Bob indicated that this was an important issue and these are now awaited.

  5. Globe Inn- No application received yet.

  6. Maryville Cottage, Haddo Lane – Awaiting drainage details.  Letters of objection from residents have been received.  New application has not yet been received.

  7. Redmoss Cottage, Oldmeldrum – Proposed replacement house not within the curtilage of existing dwelling. FAC recommendation for the outbuildings to be taken down. House must be within the existing curtilage.



  1. Northern Lights Tourism Awards – passed to Linda , nomination is the Heritage Centre.

  2. Aberdeenshire Local Outdoor Access Forum Introductory Public Meeting – Both John and Dick attended this.  6 candidates were elected to this as representatives including landowners, land users and individuals concerned with environmental issues.  Very informal meeting.  John to attend on a regular basis.

  3. Formartine Area Bus Forum – Concern has been raised about the Methlick, Tarves, Aberdeen Bus Route .  These have included the state of the bus as well as whether it is running on time.  In addition it has been raised that the very early bus drivers do not have any way of contacting their base as their buses are operating outside of office hours.  This was felt to have some safety issues.

  4. Remaining correspondence delegated to Planning Sub Committee due to lack of time at this meeting.



  1. The ivy at Pringle Avenue is still to be trimmed.

  2. The Amenities Group have decided not to compete in Beautiful Scotland in Bloom however, will continue to do planting.

  3. The issue over evening access to the Schools was raised.  Linda had contacted the schools as the TCC were locked out on two occasions.  She was assured that this would not happen again.  Concern was expressed over access to Barthol Chapel School and whether there was a key holder living in the village. Paul to query.


The Next Meeting will be held on Tuesday 16th November 2004 at 7.00pm in Tarves School .  Community Council meetings are always open to the public.


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