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Tarves Community Council

Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 16th November 2004

In Tarves School at 7.00pm


Members Present:

Bob Davidson (Chair), Gordon Brown , Dick Reville (Treasurer), David Leslie , John Thomson (Vice Chair), Ian Massie .

Non Members Present:

Councillor Paul Johnston , Emma Cameron (Minute Secretary), Morag Shaw (Reporter Ellon Times), Mackie Bruce (Barthol Chapel Representative).          


Linda Mackie (Secretary), Sam Andrew , Jim Mennie (Barthol Chapel Representative) and Colin Taylor for late arrival.


Minutes of Previous Meeting ( 26th October 2004 )

In the Councillor’s report, Minutes 26/10/04 , it stated that the Boundary Wards would change to place Tarves in a 4 Member Ward .  This should have read that this was a proposal and yet to be agreed and confirmed. With this amendment Minutes were proposed by Dick and seconded by Ian , with all members in agreement.


Matters Arising

  1. Christmas Lights – Received confirmation of formal handover of Christmas Lights from Mr David Presley on behalf of Tarves Lang Syne Committee.

  2. Recycle Site – The cost to screen the recycle site has been estimated at £460 inc. VAT.  This has been forwarded to apply for funding from the Formartine Top Up Grant.  Linda investigated the collection of glass and a response back confirmed that the glass is collected in a multi-compartment vehicle.  They have assured us that collection of glass from Tarves is carried out correctly.

  3. Street Lights – No response, lights appear to be working better.

  4. Bus Stop/Lay-by – Bob spoke to the residents and they asked that buses should be only Single Decker and must not sit with engines idling for too long.  Paul to follow up.

  5. 20mph – The siting of the signs have now been moved and will be up and running imminently.

  6. Heritage Group – The subject of Renaming Rural Roads will be discussed at their next meeting.

  7. Code of Conduct - Linda to report at the next meeting.


Police Matters (no police present)


Barthol Chapel Matters

  1. Viewfield Planning Application – No more details received.

  2. Bridge – The Bridge is still awaiting repair, Paul to follow up.


Councillor’s Report

  1. Skate Park – Awaiting quotes from the Builders.  Mention was also made about additional road access across the park for emergency vehicles or heavy machinery.  This would become necessary for work to be carried out on the Skate park and if the all weather court needed resurfacing.

  2. Fence – It was suggested that a gate is required at the top end.  There is no pavement on the road side of the fence at present which causes people to walk in the road or on the muddy grass.  The fence is higher than the resident’s wall at the top end and concern that people will jump over the wall instead of walking down to the gap was also expressed.  Landscape services would consider planting at the top end on the inside of the fence; they will liaise with the Amenities Group.  Paul to follow up on the need for the pavement from Stuart Crescent down to Gordon Place .

  3. Viewfield - a very large access off the A947 has been constructed North of Viewfield with turning area adjacent to woodland at Bruntstane Farm.  Planning has sent an enforcement officer out as the size of access opening is an issue for the Planners.  Individuals who may be concerned must write directly to the Planning Department at Ellon.

  4. Housing - Housing Land Supply Figures – delay to next meeting. Nothing on the plans for Barthol Chapel at present.

  5. One bench missing in the square.  This will be back in due course.

  6. Leaf Sweeping – One of the machines used in Tarves broke down but is now back up and running.

  7. Village Approach from the South, shrubs etc. have been cleared.  Paul asked Graham Waters to contact Amenities Group re. new planting

  8. Tanglandford Bridge –There may be a delay on bridge repair.  A temporary bridge for foot traffic will be erected. Bridge is listed.


Committee Reports

  1. Community Council Forum – Dick and John attended this.  Examples of the documentation some of the Community Council s produce was given out.  This included a quarterly newsletter from Foveran Community Council and a Guide Book of local addresses from Udny Community Council .  Also discussed was the lack of Community Council representation at these meetings and lack of Community Council response to Planning Applications.

  2. Budget Briefing Meeting, Gordon House – Council Budget - David to attend if possible.

  3. Formartine Partnership Meeting – John expressed disappointment over the Scottish Tourist Board.  They charge groups a lot to be members.  The Heritage Centre would need to be graded and must reach at least a grade 3 to get a mention.

  4. Bus Forum Meeting – Paul to follow up issues.

  5. Aberdeenshire Local Outdoor Access Forum Introductory Public Meeting – 12 Candidates elected to represent outdoor users.  A cross section of land users.  John to continue to attend. 


Roads, Paths and Signs

  1. Braiklay Crossroads – Sign “Not Suitable for Long Vehicle” is still awaited.

  2. Heritage Centre – Pavement is in the programme.  No granite kerbs.  Agreed to look at Tree Road .  Paul to mention the surface water on the road.

  3. Pavement outside the school – Has been fixed.

  4. Anti Dog Fouling signs needed, John to contact Dog Warden.

  5. Tolquhon Road – On going. Drainage on the roadsides being examined.


Matters Outstanding

  1. Mackie Crescent Bob not getting a response from Bill Lennox .

  2. Notice Board – In hand.

  3. Smoking in Public Places – Linda to bring copy of response to next meeting.

  4. Enhancement Grant Dick has already applied for this. 

  5. Out of Hours Medical Services in Grampian and Consultation Process – Linda to bring to next meeting

  6. Mark Mitchell , Dialogue Youth Worker/Linda Dawson – Attending January’s meeting 18/1/05 .


Planning Matters

  1. From Monday 6/1/05 plans can be viewed through the Planning Web Site at.-

  1. Possible Sub-Committee to discuss not sending hard copy plans – View on Web Site.  It was felt that the Planning Service had a duty to send hard copies to the Community Council s.  Concern was expressed for more complicated plans.  Robert Gray from Planning Service has offered to give a demonstration on the new electronic system.  It was agreed to take up this offer and suggest meeting at the beginning of December.

  2. Maryville Cottage – Objection letters from neighbours objecting to the latest proposal have been received.  House has been turned to face the road.  Areas where concern has been expressed include; boundaries; plot ratios; parking area; access; surface water; soakaways and fencing.  The second objection from a neighbour expressed concern over the position of the house, the width of the lane, the parking area and the position of the soak away.  The third objection expressed concern over the new application with regard to parking, fencing shade, and size of the plot.  It was agreed that the TCC should raise these concerns formally as they had a duty to reflect the views of members and their electorate.   



  1. Northern Lights Tourism Awards – Heritage Centre was unsuccessful.

  2. Letter from Aberdeen and Grampian Tourist Board stating that our nomination of the Tarves Heritage Centre in the Northern Lights Tourism Awards had not been placed on the Shortlist on this occasion.

  3. Letter promoting the Petroleum Women’s Club of Scotland.

  4. Scottish Executive Summary of responses to draft SPP15: Planning for Rural Development.

  5. Various letters of objection to proposed development at Haddo Lane .

  6. Local Government Boundary Commission re. Review of Electoral Arrangements for Proportional Representation in our area.  Maps and other documents can be viewed at



  1. Dick to complete form for Christmas lights and return to A.C.

  2. Sub Committee had read two letters re application at Bakery, one from the Tarves Heritage Group which raised various relevant concerns, and one from an Architect/Agent supporting the controversial design.

  3. Non urgent correspondence to be dealt with at next meting.



The Next Meeting will be held on Tuesday 21st December 2004 at 7.00pm in Tarves School .  Community Council meetings are always open to the public.



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