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Tarves Community Council

Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 21st December 2004

In Tarves School at 7.00pm


Members Present:

Bob Davidson (Chair), Dick Reville (Treasurer), John Thomson, Keith Crichton, Colin Taylor.

Non Members Present:

Councillor Paul Johnston, Emma Cameron (Minute Secretary). 


Linda Mackie (Secretary), Sam Andrew, Jim Mennie (Barthol Chapel Representative), Ian Massie, David Leslie, Gordon Brown.  Belated apologies were also received for Keith Crichton for November’s meeting.


Minutes of Previous Meeting (26th October 2004)

Minutes were proposed by John and seconded by Dick, with all members in agreement.


Matters arising (from minutes)

  1. Christmas Lights – Thanks was extended to all who had assisted with the erection of the Christmas Lights.

  2. Recycle Site – Tarves has been awarded £460, to be reimbursed with receipts, for screening of the recycle site.

  3. Street Lights – The lights appear to be working normally.

  4. Code of Conduct - Linda sent response to Keith Newton with inclusions for Draft Code of Conduct.

  5. Dog Warden – John dealing with it.


Police Matters (no police present)

  1. The Community Council had received a letter back in January ‘04 from Inspector Steve Pratt confirming his desire for Police attendance at C.C. meetings.  It was agreed that Bob should write back including a list of meeting dates for 2005 and suggest attendance at every other meeting.


Barthol Chapel Matters

  1. Viewfield Planning Application – No more details received.

  2. Bridge – The inspection has been done and it will be the first repair to be carried out in the New Year.  They do not anticipate closing the road.


Councillor’s Report

  1. Skate Park – A meeting is to be held in January.  There is a problem with the site as a mains sewer drain runs directly under the site.  Talks to establish if the sewer could be directed away from the site are in progress; however, January’s meeting may determine the future of the Skate Board Park.

  2. Fence – Sam spoke to Graham Waters regarding the fence and a possible gate.  Reference was also made to have the grass area on the roadside of the fence tarred and something to stop children from running out straight on to the road. Paul confirmed that if the budget was available the area from Stuart Crescent down to Gordon Place would be made a pavement.  However, there was no consideration for having a gate at the top end of the fence.  This would require a new path across the grass and it is not budgeted for.  There is some consideration being given to the possibility of a tarred road across the grass for access purposes.

  3. One bench missing in the square.  Dick confirmed this will be back in due course.

  4. Village Approach from the South, shrubs etc. has been cleared.  Paul asked Graham Waters to contact Amenities Group regarding the new planting.  In addition to taking down some large branches at the War Memorial, Sam and Dick suggested planting various heathers in the nearby flower beds.

  5. 20 mph limit (part time) at the Primary School was promised before Christmas.  The poles are in and wiring in place. 

  6. 20mph for Braiklay Avenue was also discussed.  Paul advised that 20mph can not be enforced without some other kind of traffic calming in place.  Paul will investigate other forms of calming that do not have restrictions on width.  Paul suggested inviting Bill Lennox to the February meeting to discuss what is available.

  7. Buses –There has been discussion with the Public Transport Unit re the use of double decker Buses.  The routes stipulate a minimum number of seats not a maximum.  Outside of peak loading times the Stand Manager will endeavour not to send out double decker Buses.  Alan Bain at Stagecoach advised that this was unavoidable at peak times.

  8. Bus Lay-by – Need to convince Bill Lennox that this is what is needed and happy with the double decker bus issue.  Paul to progress this.

  9. Speed of Traffic – Manse Brae, if Roads Department feel there is a problem they may paint SLOW on the road.

  10. Concern has been expresses on the closing of roads for roadworks and the need for clearer diversion signs and more advanced warning to help tourists etc.


Committee Reports

  1. Community Council Forum – A talk was given by Stuart Robertson, Planning Gain Co-ordinator, on Developer contributions etc. Robert Gray also gave a presentation on the Planning Online System; unfortunately he was unable to do the full demonstration due to some technical problems.  Dick felt that it would be beneficial to invite him to one of the TCC meetings to give a demonstration to all members.  It was suggested a separate meeting be arranged for this in the Heritage Centre in February.  Bob to contact him to organise a date.  Dick gave an informative talk on the affordable housing.  Meldrum CC have written to planning without response and raised concerns over this.


Roads, Paths and Signs

  1. Tree Road – This has been completed.  John has received complaints from residents concerning parking on the pavement.  John and Dick to see if neighbours can be approached tactfully.

  2. Braiklay Cross Roads – Sign is in the programme.  Still a problem with cars coming down to the cross roads from Craigdam without stopping.  Suggest start reporting to the Council Roads Department.  Bob to mention to Inspector Pratt and Ian Rendall at the Council.



  1. A letter was received from Linda Mackie indicating her intention to resign from the Community Council with immediate effect due to personal commitments.  Bob and Dick will collect and sort the mail.  This leaves 2 vacancies on the Committee.  Members to spread the word and Bob to put up an advert on the Notice Boards and speak to Keith Newton to advertise in the New Year.


Planning Matters

  1. Bakery – Heritage have written to A.C. regarding the way in which the bakery planning application was approved.  John suggested the CC should do the same. This was agreed. Bob confirmed need to go through formal complaints procedure and then go to Chief Executive, new Director of Planning, MSP’s etc.

  2. General. There is general concern about planning applications in that agents and applicants appear not to have access to, or pay heed to the Guidelines for Applicants, hence the frequency of applications being submitted that are not complete. The Planning Service are to look into this as part of a scrutiny and Audit investigation.

  3. 1 Craigdam Cottages – application for extension to dwellinghouse, no concerns.

  4. Old Aberdeen Road – (at rear of the Aberdeen Arms) application for new house in the existing car park of the Aberdeen Arms and demolition of garage. Verbal objections from residents nearby already received by C.C. The loss of parking may be detrimental to the livelihood of the Hotel. Many of the relevant details required in the application form have not been submitted to date, some of these e.g. drainage details, external finish colours and materials etc. may require consultation with a suitably qualified tradesperson in order to provide an accurate response. Previous examples in Tarves using wet harl have had fairly obtrusive results. Further details have been requested, delegated to sub-committee on the assumption that necessary details will be received in due course.

  5. Correspondence-To be reviewed at January’s Meeting.



Non urgent correspondence to be dealt with at next meting.



The Next Meeting will be held on Tuesday 18th January 2005 at 7.00pm in Tarves School.  Community Council meetings are always open to the public.