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Tarves Community Council

Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 18th January 2005

In Tarves School at 7.00pm



Members Present:

Bob Davidson (Chair), Dick Reville (Treasurer), John Thomson , Keith Crichton , Ian Massie , Colin Taylor , Jim Mennie (Barthol Chapel Representative), David Leslie , Gordon Brown .

Non Members Present:

Councillor Paul Johnston , Mark Mitchell and Linda Dawson , 2 members of the public


Sam Andrew , Emma Cameron , Bob Davidson (for late arrival).


Presentation by Mark Mitchell and Linda Dawson – Dialogue Youth Workers

A presentation was given to members to give them an insight into Dialogue Youth.  The presentation outlined the target groups and the reasons behind the scheme.  It also highlighted the key areas and what has happened in the Formartine Area.  The presentation then went on to outline the proposed future developments and gave a list of contact details.


Minutes of the Previous Meeting ( 21st December 2004 )

Minutes were proposed for approval by John and seconded by Colin , with all members in agreement.


Matters arising (from minutes)

  1. Recycling Site – Tarves had been awarded £460 for screening of the site and a meeting was set up in order to progress to the next stage.  Bob , Dick and Ian to attend meeting on Saturday 22nd at 1.00pm .

  2. Dog Warden – no real update, John still dealing with it.


Police Matters (no police present)

  1. A draft response from the Community Council to Inspector Steve Pratt about police attendance at C.C. meetings was circulated for members approval. This was approved. Members were advised that it looks like progress was being made.


Barthol Chapel Matters

  1. Viewfield Planning Application – no more details received.

  2. Bridge – the work required on the bridge was still not completed.

  3. Bus Shelter – they are now waiting for the rest of the bus shelter to be completed.


Councillors Report

  1. Skate Park – a meeting was held in January.  It was decided to go ahead and put down the flat surface and then to report back with further developments.

  2. Braiklay Ave. Fence – there was no update regarding the gate and the possible inclusion of a pavement.  The matter was being dealt with.

  3. 20 mph limit at Primary School – Poles are in and wiring in place.  There was no further update.

  4. 20 mph for Braiklay Avenue – no further update.  Paul to speak with Graham Steel , who has taken over from Bill Lennox , to see what kind of traffic calming is available that doesn’t involve reducing the road width.

  5. Bus Lay-By – Paul progressed this and is still waiting a reply.

  6. Speed of Traffic – Roads Department confirmed SLOW will be painted on Manse Brae, after concerns about traffic leaving the village speeding.

  7. Housing Project – Paul gave members an update on the proposed new houses in Tarves and confirmed that the grant application had been successful.


Committee Reports

  1. Bob was still waiting for a reply from Robert Gray on the possibility of giving a presentation to TCC members on viewing planning applications etc. on line.

  2. Community Safety – Keith advised members that he was unable to attend the last meeting (as it clashed with TCC date) but would try to make the next one.

  3. Formartine Area Committee – Paul advised that at today’s meeting the application for a steading conversion at  Aulton of Fochel had been deferred for discussions with the applicant and owner.  Also the application at Maryville had been deferred for a site visit which would be on the morning of Tuesday 8th February.


Roads, Paths and Signs

  1. Tree Road – complaints have been received concerning parking on the pavement.  Need to approach residents tactfully to try and get them to avoid parking on the pavement.  John advised that a sewage drain had collapsed on Tree Road after the recent pavement improvements and that he was dealing with the matter.

  2. Braiklay Crossroads – still no progress but sign is in the programme.

  3. Potholes – there are a number of problems with potholes.  Paul advised people to contact the council direct for the problem to be dealt with (01467 620981). If there is still no progress then contact the Community Council.

  4. Road Closures – Jim Mennie advised that when Fyvie to Oldmeldrum road was closed, traffic were ignoring diversions and going through Barthol Chapel.  He advised that the police were contacted but have done nothing about it.  Jim to give Paul details so he can follow up.

Matters Outstanding

  1. Members were advised that there are 2 vacancies on the TCC Committee.  Members were to spread the word and an advert has been put up on the notice boards.  Bob to ask Keith Newton to be returning officer and also to place an advert in the paper.

  2. Prop of Ythsie improvements. - It was agreed that Roy Henderson of Little Ythsie would be a co-opted non voting temporary member until this project is completed.  If the application for funding from Forward Scotland is successful he will co-ordinate the project for landscaping, new railings, bench, door and flagpole. Colin Miller (A.C.) has supported the project and it is assumed he will ensure that all the relevant people are aware of the proposals. The project bid also includes new signs and it is hoped the application will be in on time for the deadline at the beginning of February.



Planning Matters

  1. Bakery – members were advised that a decision notice had not yet been issued therefore it was unsure what had been passed.  Bob contacted Historic Scotland for their formal view and is still awaiting a response and was still to contact the Chief Executive.  Paul to check the minutes of the last FAC meeting.  It was agreed that there was a need to consult as many people as possible due to the level of concern expressed by locals.

  2. Old Aberdeen Road (proposed new house at rear of Aberdeen Arms) – no real update from last meeting, still no indication of colour for material finishes etc. or  details of drainage arrangements.

  3. South Ythsie - Application to raise the level of the ground to improve the agriculture land (in field opposite Dinneswood).  There were no objections in principle, however Bob to make a response regarding direction of vehicular access/egress, to avoid more traffic on the Ythsie/Douglashead road.

  4. Haddo Quarry – Application to extend planning permission for extraction of sand/gravel from Haddo Quarry.  Bob to respond, to request that a voluntary agreement is entered into to ensure vehicles do not use the Craigie Brae/ Raxton road, having had complaints in the past about traffic from another quarry using this road.  There were no objections in principle.



  1. Use of Wind Energy in Aberdeenshire – David to read.

  2. Letter of interest for name to be put down for new affordable housing – respond noting interest, Dick to draft standard letter.

  3. 2005 Energy Efficiency calendar from SCARF

  4. Scottish Water poster – to be put on notice board

  5. Budget Briefing Paper – Dick to read

  6. NHS Scotland newsletter

  7. NHS 24 – invitation to visit North contact place in Aberdeen – Colin possibly attend

  8. Various correspondence from Planning.


  1. Paul advised on a project undertaken by a village that was featured on Radio 4.  The project involved getting a number of people together to purchase heating fuel.  The greater number of fuel purchased the better discount there would be and a small amount would be given to the Community for future projects.  Put something in Parish magazine to see if people are interested to try something in Tarves.


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 15th February 2005 at 7.00pm in Tarves Heritage Centre.  Community Council meetings are always open to the public.