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Meeting held on Tuesday 15th February 2005 at 7.00pm in Tarves Heritage Centre.  Community Council meetings are always open to the public.



Members Present:

Bob Davidson (Chair), Dick Reville (Treasurer), John Thomson , Keith Crichton , Ian Massie , Colin Taylor , Jim Mennie (Barthol Chapel Representative), David Leslie , Gordon Brown .

Non Members Present:

Emma Cameron (minutes secretary), Councillor Paul Johnston , Mark Andrew (Haddo Factor), Constable George Hall and 2 members of the public.


Sam Andrew


Minutes of the Previous Meeting ( 18th January 2005 )

The January 2005 minutes stated that “the grant application for affordable housing had been approved”.  This should have read “a verbal indication that the grant was successful was given, awaiting written confirmation”. Minutes were proposed for approval by John and seconded by Jim , (subject to the above amendment) with all members in agreement.  Amendments to previous minutes, the December minutes had a typing error and read October minutes approved instead of November minutes approved. Members agreed to amend their copies accordingly.


Police Matters

  1. The TCC welcomed Constable George Hall back to the beat in Tarves.  George reported that there were no major issues outstanding in Tarves but that his Email address, can be used by members of the public to report issues.  Jim raised concern over recent road closures, due to an accident, which saw diverted traffic using the Barthol Chapel road.  George to look into this and report back to a future meeting.


Kirk Lane

  1. Mark Andrews , Haddo Factor, provided copies of plans for a proposed new house in Kirk Lane .  He invited the TCC to make comment prior to a Planning Application being made. Members were supportive of the traditional materials proposed and agreed to respond to Mark with any further comments on the design and layout.


Matters arising (from minutes)

  1. Recycling Site – There are broken slabs and general improvements are needed.  Proposed to remove slabs and tar the area to form a parking space and move fence to create space for extra bins.  Hope to get the materials for this from the council.

  2. Dog Warden – John to action will also advertise the Dog Wardens Mobile Number.  Paul also confirmed that the Dog Warden had been in the village particularly Mackie Avenue and the lane that links to Duthie Road .  The signs have been renewed.  The Dog Warden is empowered to fine offenders.  The pavement out from Tarves to Braiklay Cross Roads is particularly bad.    


Barthol Chapel Matters

  1. Viewfield Planning Application – no more details received, however work is on-going with the existing hedging being taken down and road widening.  The TCC understands that the Planning Enforcement Officer is aware of the situation.

  2. Bridge – the work has been completed.

  3. Church Project moving slowly, 3 Architects have been invited to tender for feasibility study, response still awaited.

  4. Bus Shelter – Jim will bring updated plans to the next meeting.


Councillors Report

  1. Bus Lay-by – Paul contacted Public Transport Unit.  Should have update at next meeting.

  2. Braiklay Avenue Gate in Fence – The council is not considering this as it will cause people to walk across the grass.  Paul to find out if they would consider extending fence round the corner. They do plan to put swing gates at the other exit.

  3. Skate Park – Scottish Water required Architect drawings so that they could assess whether a Mains sewer pipe needed to be diverted.  Scottish Water agreed to a site visit, however was unable to locate the manhole as it had been turfed over.  Lindsay Cook is waiting to hear back.  A large part of the funding for the Skate Park must be allocated before the end of March.

  4. Traffic Calming – It was suggested that a representative from the Traffic Department come to a TCC meeting to show the different types of calming and how decisions are made on which to implement.  Paul has been approached again about the speed of cars in Braiklay Avenue .

  5. Quarry – Ian Rendall will revisit the issue of access to this with Jim Binnie .

  6. 20mph Craigdam – So far the Council has not accepted through roads for 20 mph limits.  Craigdam is classed as a C Road , with no pavement but has street lights.  Residents are concerned about the speed of traffic.  Paul to put in bid.

  7. Affordable Housing – Greg Munro (architect) to contact Paul , hopefully before the next meeting.


Committee Reports

  1. Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy – Thursday 24/2/05 .  Keith to put in apologies.

  2. CC Forum Meeting – Paul to Attend.

  3. Electronic (online) Planning Application Demo by Robert Gray still to be confirmed. Bob has contacted him on a number of occasions, no response to date.


Roads, Paths and Signs

  1. Pot holes have been filled in; however, a note was made of further pot holes at Braiklay Avenue . 

  2. Pavement at Heritage Centre still needs to be fixed.  Bob to follow up.


Matters Outstanding

  1. Sewage drain problem in Tree Road .  John to follow up.


Planning Matters

  1. South Ythsie - Application to raise the level of the ground to improve the agriculture land (in field opposite Dinneswood).  There were no objections in principle, however Bob to make a response regarding direction of vehicular access/egress, to avoid more traffic on the Ythsie/Douglashead road.  Paul confirmed Ian Rendall looking at it.  An angled access will be considerably cheaper for the applicant than an industrial tarred and kerbed access.  Bob to write to planning confirming the TCC is happy to accept the decision of the Local member in conjunction with the Roads Department’s Ian Rendall .

  2. Prop of Ythsie Improvements – Funding application sent in by 2/2/05 .

  3. Bakery – Bob has written to MSP’s Nora Radcliffe and Nannette Milne .  No response from Nanette so far.  Not yet written to chief executive as no decision notice yet received.

  4. Old Aberdeen Road – No further response.  Scottish Water agreed to take foul water away but not surface water. Planning officer will send details when in.

  5. Haddo Quarry – Response put in, nothing yet received.

  6. 1 Balgove Cottage – Planning application for extension to garage. Jim Mennie declared a direct interest as applicant, it was agreed that this item would be dealt with at the end of business, thus allowing Jim to leave the meeting prior to discussion.

  7. Maryville Cottage – application for new house refused by FAC after site visit. 



  1. Community Council received a copy of a letter of complaint from the applicants at Maryville, via Keith Newton . This raised concern about how the application was dealt with by members and the CC letter of representation.  Keith has responded and asks for the CC to answer points and respond. Bob to draft a response and submit once approved.

  2. Aberdeenshire Sports Council Sports Award – Nominations sought.

  3. Review of Marches and Parades in Scotland. – No response deemed necessary.

  4. Community Development Groups – passed to Colin .

  5. Scottish Land Policy – passed to Bob .

  6. Local Government Finance Review – questionnaire Local Taxation, to be back by 16/3/05 passed to Dick for initial review.



  1. It was agreed that an additional Bank Account should be opened for the TCC specifically for monies received for grant funded projects that require larger sums of money.  Dick was asked to make the arrangements.


Planning Application

  1. 1 Balgove Cottages.In Jim ’s absence the remaining members discussed the proposal for extension to garage etc. There were no concerns raised and it was commented that there was more relevant information in this application than we have had for some new houses.



The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 15th March 2005 at 7.00pm in Tarves School.  Community Council meetings are always open to the public.