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Minute of meeting held on December 11, 2000 in Vestry at Tarves Kirk to discuss Zone 98.

Present: Kath Galbraith, Lucy Gray, Charlie Ligertwood, Ian Massie, Linda Mackie, Innes Stephen, Colin Taylor.

Apologies: Paul Johnston


  1. The new roof has been installed so that the portacabin is wind and water tight, with the exception of one panel, which will be covered. Paul Johnston had agreed to try to secure a dehumidifier, since Aberdeenshire Council had none available.
  2. Linda Mackie had inspected the mobile home on offer, and Wallace Caravans had agreed to carry out any necessary work and could probably move it to Tarves within two weeks.
  3. The meeting felt that if a dehumidifier were obtained quickly, heating could be restored to the cabin, and it would be possible for it to be brought back into use on the week beginning January 8. In view of that early date, it was decided that the offer of the caravan should be declined with thanks, and it was hoped the mobile home would still be available for youth groups in other neighbouring areas.
  4. Lucy Gray said that there would be a need for seating and Colin Taylor agreed to approach a possible source. Linda Mackie and Lucy are to investigate the possibility of tiling the area around the sink.
  5. It is hoped the youngsters themselves will move ahead with fund raising, and they are also to make an approach to the Network Development Group for cash aid.
  6. There had been no response from parents willing to join the management committee, so approaches are to be made to a number of people to discover if they would be willing to join.
  7. The next meeting is to be held on January 8, at Tarves Primary School.


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