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Minutes of the Tarves Community Council Meeting

Tuesday 17th February 2004 at 7.00 p.m.

Tarves School


Present:                 Bob Davidson (Chairman), Linda Mackie (Secretary), Ian Massie, Dick Reville (Treasurer), Colin Taylor, Emma Cameron (Minute Secretary), Sam Andrew, David Leslie, Gordon Brown, Mackie Bruce (Temporary Barthol Chapel Representative), John Thomson (Vice Chairman), Councillor Paul Johnston, Constable Colin Ritchie and a Member of the Public.

Apologies:              Jim Mennie, Paul Johnston (for arriving late).


Minutes of Previous Meeting – 20th January 2004

The minutes were proposed for adoption by Dick and seconded by Sam with all members in agreement.


Presentation by Tarves Skaters

A representative group from the Tarves Skaters presented a slide show to demonstrate their commitment to getting a Skate Park in Tarves.  They outlined why a Skate Park was needed, where it could be sited, what they had done to date and some of the funding and financial commitment they had already achieved.  The presenters of this talk were Adam Milne and Stuart Lawson, together with Linda Dawson.  They confirmed that a Planning Application had been submitted and this was due to be reviewed by Planning approximately 28/3/04.  They have already received £2500 with the offer of a further £7000 to be spent by the end of this Financial Year.  In addition the children have raised £700.  A quote of £15,000 from Aberdeenshire Transport and Infrastructure was received; however, alternatives will also be looked into.  There have been no proposals for lighting and the structure will be shorter than the current All Weather Court.  The TCC thanked the group for their presentation and congratulated them on there commitment and effort to date.


Police Matters: 

The abandoned van outside the Doctors has now been removed. Still a concern over lorries on the Deer Dyke Road, with issues over inconsiderate driving.  Dog fouling continues to be a problem, in particular at Mackie Ave and Duthie Rd.  An Open Day at Ellon Police on Saturday 21st/2/04.


Matters Arising

Christmas Lights:  Agreed with David Presley that Christmas Lights will be handed over to the TCC.  Dick and John to sort out formalities.

Recycle Bin Site:  Fencing issue ongoing.

Scotia Homes: (Oakwood Park site) Still no positive response, Scotia continuing to dispute the cost of handover to Aberdeenshire. Bob to write to them again.

Bus Shelter:  No intention of moving it from its current position (in the Square).  Still awaiting the measurements to see whether the Square can be utilised by buses in both directions.


Barthol Chapel Matters

Still waiting for the Village Signs.  The order is in; however, it is not uncommon to experience delays.

Burns Night was well supported from both Barthol Chapel and Tarves.  The evening raised £340 and this will be split between the Church Steeple and Bus Shelter.

The Bus Shelter project is currently being managed by Ian Bruce Gardener.

The Barthol Chapel Local Plan Settlement Boundary did not include the former Post Office/Shop. As a result of an objection the modified Plan will now include this property.


Councillors Report

Mackie Avenue Site:  Report Received.  Paul and additional TCC members to review and present to TCC and Community.  Proposal to use roof tiles that generate electricity and install heat exchanger together with an Automatic Wood Burning Stove.  These should attract 75% grant.  Paul and Bob to arrange brief meeting.  TCC delegated to planning sub-committee to deal with this.

Bus Shelter:  The full measurements have not been received, however, it has been indicated that 4 parking spaces may be lost.  It was suggested that by losing the shrubbery opposite the Hotel a further 2 or 3 parking spaces could be created.  Paul to follow up.

TRDA:  Officers now finalised – Andrew Brown – Turriff will look after village facilities.  There is no budget to cover the Tarves court.  When Mr Brown has a budget he will set up a meeting with Paul.  The aim will be to achieve acceptance of responsibility.

Committee Reports Formartine Partnership:  John attended.  Local Housing Strategy Questionnaire.  Rural Youth Transport Grant.  Local Community Planning – Survey on needs in the Community.

20mph Orders should have been published this week.  Pot holes on Duthie Road have been repaired.  The pot holes on Tree Road need attention as do those at the end of Braiklay Ave.

Crossroads:  Work underway.

Recycle Bins:  A Recycle Bin for Plastics has been sited in Pitmedden.  A Cardboard Recycle Bin has been requested for Tarves and this may take a couple of months to arrive.



Kirk Lane: Application for Outline Planning Permission has been received for a house in Kirk Lane.  This may be considered a prominent site.  Concern over access.  Wait to see if drainage information is forthcoming.

Skate Park:  Plans received.  No residents have come forward to raise objections.  No comments.  Now applying for service equipment.  Suggest banking up at either end so that railings do not become a requirement.  Paul to suggest banking issues.

Raxton Steading:  Decision notice on Raxton Steading - officers took on board need for turning area at Farmhouse. Included along with Standard conditions.

Craigmuir House:  Extension and change of use to part of the house – Forestry Office.  Last application used various materials.  Large extension with granite bay window and block and harl tower. Concern voiced about the use of wet harl where the existing finish is dry dash.   Delegated to sub-committee to respond.


Heritage Project and Conservation Area Planning Issues

A meeting was held on 3rd February with members of Formartine Area Committee, TCC, A.C.Planners and the A.C. Built Heritage Officer. Samples of the proposed Kemnay dry dash finish at the Old School were viewed by all present along with the existing dry dash at the Old Post Office and the Schoolhouse. Sean Norman (A.C.Heritage Officer) claimed that the Traditional finish for Tarves was wet lime harl, however when asked to find an example of this “traditional finish” within the village he said that none could be found. Samples of butter pointing and key marking were viewed at Duthie Terrace. Those present also viewed the variety of shades in the pointing at the Melvin hall, which was the result of the Heritage Officer’s choice of mix. The merits of the external finish on the new houses on Duthie Road/Tolquhon Avenue site were also briefly discussed. After visiting the various sites a short discussion/hearing was held in the School where the merits of dry dash and wet harl were portrayed in order for the Area Committee to make an informed decision at their meeting on Feb 10th. One of the main concerns with the advice from the Heritage officer and Historic Scotland is that the same general advice is given for all settlements with a “one size fits all” blanket policy for the whole of Scotland. It is assumed that this is where the wet harl being traditional to Tarves idea came from.



-               Waste Away Survey Aberdeen

-               Andy Devine Promoting in Aberdeenshire

-               Community Safety Minority Ethnic Groups.

-               Consultation Draft on Rural Development, comments fed directly back to Local Councils.  Return by 21/4/04, Dick to review.

-               Community Safety Paper, Sam to review.  Aberdeenshire Safety Seminar 27/3/04 information to Keith.

-               Application for Shed at Bruntstane, St Katherines - Bob to inform Jim Mennie that it will be discussed at Planning Sub-committee.

-               Local Plan – Draft map of Tarves.  Should be clear division between Village and Industrial Park.  Bob to write to ensure no confusion.

-               Conservation area guidelines.  A.C. may be interested in doing another appraisal for Tarves. Bob to make a written objection to the use of the 95 guidelines in the Local Plan.  Write to Maureen Corley regarding Dry dash issues.

-               Joint Community Care Plan Review – David to review.

-               Article for Magazine – New Office Bearers, Sgt Barron attending last months meeting, Mackie Avenue Site, Tarves Skaters, and Braiklay Crossroads.



-               Mr Watson, Duthie Road, concerned over surface of road.  Due to Scottish Water maintenance the road will be repaired during the next financial year.

-               Old Aberdeen Road, Tractor is being used up and down and as a result the road is suffering.  It is not a maintained road, just for access.

-               Request for a Dog Bin and sign at the top of Tree Road – Gordon to contact A.C. at Inverurie.



The next meeting of the Tarves Community Council will be held in Tarves School on Tuesday 16th March 2004 at 7 pm.  Meetings are always open to the public. 

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