About this website

This Website has been constructed on the suggestion of local Councillor Paul Johnston and with the patient help of Innes Stephen, former chairman of Tarves Community Council, and Glenison Foster-Axten, the former secretary.

Thanks should go to John Picken formerly of Aberdeenshire Council for his help and encouragement through the Formartine Partnership.

The whole site was done by teaching ourselves. It is a community effort and we hope it will grow and evolve in time as our knowledge grows and new people bring new ideas.

If you ave any comments, please mail the WEBMASTER

The principle of this site is to make it:

  • Quick to download
  • Simple to navigate without frames
  • Fixed URLs
  • Simple construction for use by amateurs and volunteers

Links are provided to other web sites that have a specific relevance to Tarves or helpful to visitors.  We do not accept responsibility for their content, but merely allow you to follow the link if you wish. They are identified as LINKS as opposed to our own site PAGES