Tarves Development Trust

The TDT logo is only interim but is meant to represent the role of being connected, at the centre of a picture that allows the community to see the way ahead.

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Tarves Development Trust was set up by Tarves Community Council as a community led vehicle to develop social enterprise and community activities including acquiring community assets in and around Tarves and Barthol Chapel.

Members of Tarves Community Council agreed to set up a company with  community interest in its articles, which will act as the development trust.  Two members, David Hekelaar and Fiona Smith worked with DTAS (The Development Trust Association Scotland) to establish the right formation documents.

A community meeting was held in early 2016, where people attending gave  information and consider joining and participating in the work of the trust.

This meeting was the first Annual General Meeting and there was opportunity to appoint members of the Tarves community as directors.  These  people have a strong commitment to the community and many have individual skills to help develop the activities of the trust.

Following the formation of the community company as the development trust, charitable status will be considered and the need for operating subsidiary organisations.

Consideration is being given to raising significant capital through a community shares offer.

What inspired Tarves community council to set up a community trust?

It was the suggestion of local resident and Councillor Paul Johnston that in order to take advantage of local social enterprise opportunities they should speak to DTAS.  The video below tells the story of Comrie Development Trust and is part of the inspiration that has sent Tarves along this road.

DTA Scotland : Inspiring Change from DTA Scotland on Vimeo.

At the beginning, there were two major activities the community trust are proposing to be involved with.

  1. The setting up of a social enterprise to work with a landowner involved in landscape maintenance.  This is under negotiation and further investigation.
  2. The acquisition of the former Doctor’s surgery in Tarves Square as a community business opportunity.  More about this here: