Tarves Square and the main road through the village lit up this weekend as the Christmas lights went up. Ian Massie and a big team of volunteers, put up the massive lighting display, including sets of new lights from generous donations this year.

David Hekelaar of Tarves Community Council offered a big thanks to all those who have donated their time, loaned lifting and other gear.

“What a fantastic Christmas lights display for us all to enjoy, definitely the best in Formartine if not Aberdeenshire. We must give a VERY BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE TEAM involved for giving up their time and providing equipment to put up the lights and to Haddo Estates for providing the tree.”

Liz Hamilton of Tarves Heritage project also said: “Thank you to the volunteers who have been busy all weekend putting up the Christmas lights. We really appreciate all their hard work and contribution to the village.”

lights-20161128Local Councillor Paul Johnston praised the lights again as being the best in the area, outshining most of the towns in their impact.  “When Dick Reville, started with the strings of lights, he revitalised the community pride in having a great Christmas atmosphere with the lights each year. Ian and the team keep up the fantastic work. Its better than ever. The lights are also all LED type only now, and we use less electricity now than we did fifteen years ago!”




  1. Tarves looks truly magical at Christmas, with white lights strung between trees and outlining the buildings. A resounding ‘thank you’ to all who helped put up the lights. Our village looks beautiful.

  2. Brings back so many memories I spent with my auntie Flo and uncle Frank Beedie , lovely to see this special village and with Christmas cheer as well A Happy Christmas to you all and a Happy Healthy New Year .

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